Those Huddled Masses Yearning For Free Stuff

Republicans like our own Rep. Diane Black might want to talk to some actual immigrants before putting their cockamamie notions about why people come to America into actual policy. Black wants to change the 14th Amendment, which has apparently been “misinterpreted for 145 years”:

“The current broad and misguided interpretation of birthright citizenship encourages chain migration and places an unfair financial strain on our social safety net,” Black said in a statement. “With record deficits and more than 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States, the last thing we need to be doing is incentivizing people to come to America for the sole purpose of giving birth in order to obtain automatic citizenship for their children, which qualifies them for taxpayer-funded programs.

What fantasy world do Republicans like Diane Black live in? Under this cracked worldview, our taxpayer-funded programs are apparently so incredibly generous, so luxurious, so gilded, that they serve as a magnet for the world’s huddled masses! Can you believe that?

Are you people kidding me? Since when does Diane Black even care about the social safety net in the first place? For crying out loud, conservatives have been trying to dismantle it for the past 50 years. Remember Ronald Reagan saying Medicare would lead to totalitarianism? Puh-leeze. So, now you guys care about the social safety net all of a sudden?! Really! You don’t say! Sorry if we hadn’t noticed.

You know what, Republicans? Please stop using the same social safety net you’re constantly trying to destroy as the convenient excuse to shred every other piece of American policy you don’t like, too. Really, you’re being a tad too transparent here.

The overwhelming stench of bullshit wafting over this argument is unbelievable. Diane Black actually thinks we’re that stupid.

It’s not about the benefits, you idiots. If immigrants just wanted free stuff they’d go to Canada, where they at least get some damn healthcare, not to mention a social safety net far more generous than ours. It’s about the opportunity. It’s about being free. It’s about a chance to create a life for yourself and your family. They come here to work and be united with family members who are already here. It’s all the stuff that the flag-wavers and patriots are constantly beating their breasts about: family, freedom, apple pie, the whole shebang. It’s not about the oh-so generous free stuff Uncle Sam hands out.

Furthermore, the entire premise that immigrants are a drain on America is 100% wrong. In fact, the whole “birth tourism” fearmongering Black has glommed on to is something exaggerated by the racist folks at FAIR, Numbers USA, the Center For Immigration Studies, and John Tanton’s other anti-immigrant front groups.

And finally, let me say: It is with tremendous irony that I read that conservatives claim the 14th Amendment has been misinterpreted for 145 years, but the Second Amendment (with all that stuff about a “well regulated Militia” which conservatives routinely ignore) has not.

Yes, Republicans. Do tell me about how you believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. I’m all ears.


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8 responses to “Those Huddled Masses Yearning For Free Stuff

  1. Mary Hackett Graham

    Diane Black whose parents lived in public housing? Diane Black who is building a multi-million dollar home on the lake? Diane Black the richest freshman in 2010? That Diane Black?

  2. greennotGreen

    If we squint our eyes when we read Section 2 about reducing the representation of states that abridge the right to vote, can we say that various states (North Carolina being in the news right now) that have taken legislative steps that result in reduced numbers of voters being able to cast votes should lose representation? I’d like to see that.

  3. I believe I might have said this before.
    You’re beautiful when you’re angry.


  4. Min

    Well, in her defense, Diane is dumb as coal bucket.

  5. democommie

    “It’s not about the benefits, you idiots. If immigrants just wanted free stuff they’d go to Canada, where they at least get some damn healthcare, not to mention a social safety net far more generous than ours.”

    Umm, not quite. Canada is SOCIALIST!! And it’s boring, too, also. No, the Illegagrants want to come here, ‘cuz they’s allathem virtuous white KKKristian women to deflower and, this is a little known fact, but you can’t listen to hip-hop anyplace but teh ghettoz, true story!


    Why do you hate coal buckets?

    Southern Beale:

    I did NOT receive that Faberge Easter Egg that I was ‘spectin’. How come?

    • Isn’t that Faberge Easter Egg a symbol of an imperialist regime that was overthrown by the proletariat? Since you’re a good 47%er you should know that all of the Faberge Easter Eggs have been hoarded by the makers, er I mean Job Creators.