Horrible Idea Du Jour

Today’s horrible idea comes courtesy of the floundering CNN, which hopes it can stage a ratings comeback by recycling a failed idea from the past. That’s right, CNN is supposedly bringing back the awful Crossfire this summer:

After the failed week long experiment of (Get To) The Point and the unsteady The Lead With Jake Tapper, Jeff Zucker is looking for a blast from the past to revive CNN. The ratings-struggling cable new network is bringing back Crossfire in June, network insiders tell me. No hosts have been chosen yet, the sources say. Nor is it clear if the show will definitely remain a half hour, as the original Crossfire was, or go longer. Right now it seems that Crossfire 2.0 is slated to have a variety of CNN personalities and contributors taking up the “left” and “right” roles on the new version of the political debate show. A CNN standard almost from the begining, Crossfire ran on the network in both daytime and primetime from 1982 until it was cancelled in 2005. Crossfire isn’t the first piece of CNN history Zucker has brought back since taking over in January. The former Today show producer reinstalled James Earl Jones’ traditional “This is CNN” promo voiceover in his first week in his new gig.

Oh, I know! Let’s get another one of those egofests where right and left shout talking points over one other, said nobody, ever. Jesus, but this is a terrible idea. Hey CNN, if you want to bring something back from the past, how about Style With Elsa Klensch? I adored that show, it was my Saturday morning staple. Elsa always asked the same three questions: “What colors are you using,” “What fabrics are you using,” and, “What about prints?” Really, if you’re doing fashion journalism, that’s all anyone needs to know.

Oh, CNN. Let’s go back to the day Jon Stewart stuck a pin in the Crossfire balloon and told Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala to stop hurting America. Neither Carlson nor Begala seemed to understand the different roles CNN and Comedy Central play; neither Crossfire host seemed to get that Stewart is an entertainer doing an entertainment show on an entertainment network, while they were supposed to be newsmen doing a news show on a news network. Stewart said the concept of Crossfire was a good one, but the execution was hurting American discourse. Crossfire got cancelled but CNN continued on its march toward absurd infotainment. I don’t harbor much hope that Crossfire 2.0 would be any better than it was the first time around.


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11 responses to “Horrible Idea Du Jour

  1. Mary Wilson

    I totally agree, SB! There are few real reporters or ‘news people’ with any credibility left…Some are on weekends. And Anderson Cooper is the only one who actually SEEKs the TRUTH before he produces his shows.
    Maybe they can convince Ted Turner to come back and take over…yeah, right!

  2. I remember snippets of the show. There was a guy who wore a bowtie. Didn’t they yell at each other?

    • Bowtie Guy = Tucker Carlson, now at the Daily Failure, er Caller. And yeah they yelled at each other and over each other. It was the kind of show you watched if you felt like your blood pressure wasn’t quite high enough.

  3. ThresherK

    I’m still convinced that CNN thought they were hiring Mo Rocca.

  4. greennotGreen

    I saw the original and I watched this clip again just to make sure I remembered it right. Notice that Paul Begala didn’t talk nearly as much as Tucker Carlson after it became clear that Jon Stewart wasn’t going to be their “monkey.” I think he got it, but I don’t think Carlson ever did…and has not gotten it to this day.

  5. democommie

    Tucker Carlson is the ne plus ultra example of what happens when nepotism allows idiots to have the jobs that belong to responsible people. If not for his father, Blowtie Boy would be working for some small market FuckTheNew’sCorpse affiliate.

    • His dad was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. You know, PBS? I don’t know how his dad raised this conservative nincompoop but I’m going to guess Mom being the Swanson’s heiress had something to do with it.

  6. satai

    I’d like to see a discussion show with intelligent discourse like Bill Buckley’s Firing Line,
    I rarely agreed with him, but at least it made me think instead of just get mad.

    • That was Up With Chris. I loved that show, sadly I discovered it too late because now Chris Hayes has a nightly MSNBC show and I just don’t see how he can pull that off every night. Fortunately Up With Chris is now Up With Steve, so the show is still there, don’t know how Steve Kornacki will do in Chris’ seat though.

  7. democommie

    Maybe they’ll be more accurate and call the show, “Crossfertilization” since both “hosts” will be full of shit and spewing it at lightspeed.