Wingnut Mashup

If we needed any further proof that the Republican Party has disintegrated into little more than a pile of amygdala-tweaking meme salad with the sole purpose being to separate the rubes from their paychecks, I bring you this latest grift from Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas:


All you have to do to get this awesome bumper sticker is send $10 to the Stockman campaign. Such a deal! And you know you want one, wingnuts, because Stockman says liberals hate it! Punch the hippie, just $10! Cue the calliope soundtrack.

Last month I wrote that your modern Republican Party is no longer a political entity, it’s a massive money-making scheme. Rep. Stockman is just the latest con man to put his hand in the grift machine.



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15 responses to “Wingnut Mashup

  1. PurpleGirl

    Yes, it’s idiotic and it’s also senseless. It makes no sense, it has no meaning. That’s probably why they love it.

  2. Mary Wilson

    But, uh oh, SB. One Senator, Bluementhal, who is supporting gun control, is being accused (probably false, even if his web site indicates it) of asking for CAMPAIGN donations because “he supports the families of Newtown…who are also accused of being pawns, being used when they went to the Capitol to demand action on the President’s bills…of course, some of these chicken shit Senators are sooooo worried about being re-elected, they would not/could not even meet these grieving families, face to face.
    Yeah, Stockman, just like our own slug, Campfield, are now losing support from their own ‘base’, the TEAs who keep electing them.
    Love it when a plan comes together!

  3. krissy

    Stockman might also be suggesting that if babies had guns more gun nuts would have them, for the free guns.

  4. Spaceman_spiff

    Stockman was my rep (sorry to admit) when I lived in the Houston area in the mid nineties. Business as usual for him, frankly.

  5. greennotGreen

    How about a bumper sticker with a picture of a dead woman, belly blown open, and a dead fetus with a big gun in its hand. Caption: Guns don’t kill people. Fetuses kill people.

  6. democommie

    Somebody needs to start sending these 2nd Amendment/Enforced Pregnancy To Term Regardless The Woman’s Wishes In The Matter some photos of actual, dead children, shot with semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Assholes.

  7. Mike G

    Hey rightards, Liberals hate it when you drink drain cleaner. Hate, hate, hate it.

  8. Very true points about (R)’s…
    Dunno much about Stockman…
    That bumper sticker is cool. Gonna have to research Stockman before I send him $10. If he is a fascist like Alexander and Corker, I’ll have to get this one some other way.

    Thanks for the heads-up, SB!

  9. democommie

    Usagi, do you have any fucking idea what the world is like outside of your bubble?

  10. Problem is, too many big babies do have guns.

  11. “If Babies Had Guns You’d Wonder How Those Guns Got Inside the Wombs.”

    • Think about it: fetus with a gun. Mother at the doctor’s, feet in stirrups. Doctor approaches .. fetus fires gun … mother dies, fetus dies. #youfaillogicforever my new favorite hashtag.