Tennessee Gun Report

It’s been a busy week for gun accidents in Tennessee. The most responsible gun owners ever have left a bloody trail over the past seven days, primarily in Middle Tennessee. They’ve left guns where children could access them, shot themselves while trying to intimidate a spouse, shot their family and friends while handling guns. They just can’t seem to control these things, can they? Some people have died, others have nearly died, and others were patched up at the hospital and sent home. Near as I can tell, no charges have been filed in any of these cases charges have been filed in just one incident.

And I’m sure we all feel safer knowing Tennessee gun loon James Yeager, who lost his carry permit after threatening on YouTube to “start killing people” if new gun control measures were passed, has his gun permit back.

A recap of the past week’s accidental shootings across Tennessee since last Monday:

• April 8, 2013:

4-year old grabs gun, accidentally kills wife of Tenn. deputy

LEBANON, TENN. — A 4-year-old who picked up a gun at a family cookout killed the wife of a Wilson County sheriff’s deputy, authorities said Monday.

Josephine G. Fanning, 48, died Saturday at her home about 7 miles south of Lebanon, according to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting occurred while her husband, Wilson County Deputy Daniel Fanning, 51, was with another relative looking at guns in a bedroom of their home, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The 4-year-old and Josephine Fanning walked into the bedroom where a loaded weapon was on top of the bed, TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm said. The boy, a relative of the couple, picked up the gun and fired one round that struck Josephine Fanning.

• April 8, 2013:

Woman Reportedly Shot by her 2-Year-Old

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn.- Carroll County Sheriff Deputies are investigating after a new mother was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to her stomach, Sunday.

Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the mother Rekia Kid, 22, was shot in the stomach by her 2-year-old son at her Lavinia home, Sunday. Investigators said the mother was sleeping with her three-week-old baby and toddler at the time of the shooting. Dickson said they believe the toddler accidentally shot his mother after finding a Glock 9 mm stored underneath Kid’s pillow.

• April 9, 2013:

Report: Man shot self in knee amid domestic dispute

A Columbia man accidentally shot himself in the knee while drawing a gun during a domestic dispute with his wife and was jailed four days later after being treated for the injury, according to an incident report.

Randall Floyd Lovett, 60, 694 Mt. Olivet Road, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault after things “went crazy” — his own words to deputies — while arguing with his wife shortly before midnight April 4.


“Mrs. Lovett says that Mr. Lovett reached across his body with his right hand and stuck it down into an armrest on his left side,” the report continued. “As he was pulling his hand out of the armrest, Mrs. Lovett saw the gun and it immediately discharged into his left knee.”

• April 11, 2013:

Woman Seriously Injured In Accidental Shooting At Home

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A woman was seriously injured after police said her future son-in-law accidentally shot her in the stomach.

Police said the 42-year-old woman was brought to Skyline Medical Center in a private vehicle around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday. She had suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen, and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center due to the life-threatening nature of the injury.

Can’t imagine why we’d want to stop any of this! And then we have an even longer list of people just being stupid with their guns, like this father-son duo who pulled a gun on a drive-thru window cashier because she accidentally left off an order of chicken wings. Or this woman who pistol-whipped another woman with a loaded gun over a downtown Memphis parking space. Or the Knoxville man who pulled a gun on police officers arresting his son for a road rage incident. That last one lost his life.



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16 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Joe

    Keeping banging this drum, SB. At the very least (and I’m mean the VERY least), they need to start filing charges. Period. The NRA and their disciples want free access to guns, then let them suffer the legal consequences of their recklessness and carelessness. Sorry for the tragedy that’s just befallen your family, but there is a legal price to pay for your actions. Wasn’t this what they were telling all us hippie types back in the 60’s and 70’s?

  2. Charles

    Think how many more accidents will happen when the poor people no longer can afford electricity because Obama privatized the TVA? He is proposing it in the budget along with cuts in SS and Medicare.

    • It will never happen but I’m glad you’re pointing out the incredible government largesse benefiting people in the Tennessee Valley for the past 80 years. Imagine where we’d be if we hadn’t had socialist President Roosevelt to electrify the south? I’m shocked the free hand of the market never stepped in to pull us out of the stone age and give us cheap electricity for generations.

      By the way, I worked for TVA when Reagan was president and again when Bush Sr. and Clinton were president. This idea of chucking TVA has been a mainstay of just about EVERY Administration and Republican in Congress. In fact, even the Libertarian Cato Institute is on board.

      So should I take your comment as indication of yet another Republican idea that conservatives are running away from now that a Democrat has suggested it? Along with Obamacare, cap-and-trade and all the rest of the Republican ideas they suddenly no longer like?

  3. democommie


    Thanks for your concern (trolling), now, fuck off.

  4. democommie

    I’m sure it’s just a couple hundred thousand statistical anomalies we’re talkin’bout here. Everbuddy knows that cars are way more dangerous than gunz but we let just anybody drive without they don’t got no license or inshoorence and…Oh, I’m sorrry, that’s incorrect. Well, nevahmine.

    If only the gunzmoronz would SHOOT THEMSELVES, fatally, the problem would solve itself.

  5. Charles

    I suppose it is another example of yet another Republican idea that conservatives are running away from now that a Democrat has suggested it. The problem isn’t that Republicans are childish and selfish, the problem is that Democrats are proposing Republican “solutions” for problems that don’t exist.

    • Oh, so we don’t have a healthcare problem? We don’t have a pollution problem? We don’t have to worry about the environment or climate change? The slaughter of innocent children in their elementary school classroom isn’t a problem?

      Good to know that’s the conservative position.

      • Charles

        We have all those problems, and Republicans/conservatives have no solutions to any of them other than to make them worse. So why would a Democrat propose a Republican “solution”? We need Democrats who stand up for the people who elected them and quite kowtowing to Republican know-nothings.

  6. Terry Massengill, thought he could waive his magic wand and get his way, just cause, that’s what guns are for. I’m glad to hear that it only took one shot from the deputy to drop him. This is another of the NRAs missing links: for all those gun toting citizens to be an effective militia, They’ll have to put in a lot of practice. A waived gun is not a magic shield; it is just an invitation to get shot.

  7. democommie

    “The problem isn’t that Republicans are childish and selfish, the problem is that Democrats are proposing Republican “solutions” for problems that don’t exist.”

    Chuckie; y’know, when I said “fuck off” earlier, I really did mean it. You add nothing to any intelligent conversation; So, really, just fuck off.

  8. democommie


    “suppose you think “fuck off” qualifies as intelligent conversation.”

    You might, I do not. I don’t see any upside in debating lying sacks of shit (hint: that be you)., hence no need to use intelligent conversation. Fuck off.

  9. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    In light of the two bombings, resulting in at least 3 deaths and scores of injuries, at the Boston Marathon don’t you agree that if everyone there had been armed a lot of those injuries might not have occurred? I mean that is the reason for the “good guys” carrying guns. Oh, wait, I’ve got that wrong. Good guys with guns only stop bad guys with GUNS. If you want to stop a bad guy with a bomb you gotz to have bombz! I’m so glad that I could think that through logically.

  10. democommie

    Update to the Boston bombings.

    The FBICIANCAA and other agencies say that they have no suspect in custody and that he is a Saudi national.

    GOD noticed and, in retalitation, he levelled a significant chunk of Iran with a magnitude 8 earthquake. So now we KNOW it was them!!