Why We Suck

There are no words.

In defense of some of the people in this video, many appear to be tourists from out of state. That’s what happens when you do “man on the street” interviews at a tourist attraction like the Tennesseee Aquarium, and the Chattanooga newspaper staff should have known better than to ask a “who’s the governor of Tennessee” question at a place with a high concentration of tourists. They should have taken this bit to Kroger.

But clearly not all of them are, especially the idiots who think Phil Bredesen is still governor. And to those people I say: if you can’t fucking pay attention, then you deserve all the wingnuttery you get.

You know who benefits from ignorance, complacency and disengagement? The status quo. The plutocracy. The powerful. The people in charge.


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11 responses to “Why We Suck

  1. Mary Wilson

    The ‘poll’….non-scientific, wrong questions for wrong audience. Waste of time. I would bet if the surveyors asked this question: “Who is Stacey Campfield and why does he hate children? that would have gotten at least 75% response.

  2. deep

    which is why the party who wins the election is the one who mobilizes the people, not the one who has the most convincing message.

    Whether it’s the Tea Party or a surge in the youth vote; THAT’S what wins elections.

  3. Ah, one of my greatest pet peeves, the news media doing features about how pig ignorant the masses are, implying if not saying it’s the laziness and stupidity of The People that is to blame. Well, those people spend hours and hours and hours of their lives WATCHING MEDIA. IF THE MEDIA DIDN’T MAINTAIN THEM IN IGNORANCE, IF THE MEDIA FULFILLED ITS RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM THE PEOPLE THEY WOULDN’T BE IGNORANT!

    It was the stupidest thing that the “founding fathers” did to go for 18th century poetry instead of more detailed prose but there was no other reason to install “freedom of the press” in the constitution than for it to accurately inform The People so we could effectively govern ourselves. A mass media freed of its responsibility to democracy will sell out democracy to the side that can pay the best. That’s what our media have done, the least they can do is to stop blaming The People who they’ve seduced and made stupid.

    • Yeah I hate it when Jay Leno does this, like it’s entertaining and fun to make fun of stupid Americans. But you’re right, at least Leno doesn’t have a responsibility to inform people.

      But on the other hand, it’s not like the Chattanooga papers have kept people in the dark about who our governor is. They haven’t. People just don’t care enough to pay attention. And the reason for that shows our democracy has failed more than anything else. People either think it doesn’t matter, they are powerless over what happens in government anyway, OR they are complacent because they are “fat and satisfied.” Nobody really feels that uncomfortable about anything so they won’t bother to pay attention.

  4. democommie

    There’s a saying in a number of 12 Step groups that runs along the lines of, “Being comfortable in our misery.”. It doesn’t mean we like it; it means we’re used to it and sorta understand it.”. That would seem, to me, to sum up the way a lot of people feel about politics after they have participated for a long time and seen no change that they like. That a lot of them NEVER gave a shit is a different issue.

  5. Min

    This might explain why Mae Beavers keeps getting reelected.

  6. I don’t know if it’s the media’s fault that Michelle Bachmann gets reelected.

  7. democommie

    I was talking to a guy last night who is pretty smart and a good, decent person. He said he watched FuckTheNew’sCorpse because they were the only ones who had REAL news. He must have a different tv than the ones I’ve watched.

  8. GregH

    WOW! That is a cosmic and kharmic question, isn’t it? Why DO we suck? I personally think “we” suck because, like Milton’s Satan, “we” Southerners think it “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” – by that I mean we cannot collectively, finally admit to ourselves and the whole world 1) that we lost the Civil War fair-n-square and that the North/Union was entirely right about slavery (and ALL humans *are* created equal) and 2) that the urban centers of the east and west coasts are right about a great number of things, especially about our provinciality and general bass-ackwardness. But “we” insist on maintaining Hell, because “we” get to run the show. True self-knowledge is usually bad news. Instead, “we” insist on keeping our static racial & class divides and our “us vs. them” &/or good-ole-boy politics and our backroom dealings in business and our regressive tax schemes and our generally poor and ignorant populace. “We” need desperately to grow up and open our minds.

    • But … but … but …. Rand Paul reminds me that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the founders of the KKK were Democrats! So that can’t be it!