Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell: Asshole of the Day

Nate Bell, Republican from Arkansas:

Can't imagine why people think Republicans are mean-spirited, can you?

Can’t imagine why people think Republicans are mean-spirited, can you?

Bell has been summarily spanked on Twitter for this douchey Tweet, prompting him to Tweet about praying for families and re-Tweeting a “love your enemies” Bible verse. That’s right, hide behind religion when your fat yap opens and the stupid falls out, you sanctimonious shit.

(h/t, ThinkProgress)


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15 responses to “Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell: Asshole of the Day

  1. democommie

    Yeah, I can’t wait to hear how the suspects smuggled all of their weapons and bomb makins’ into the U.S. from some third world hellhole where gun owners are NOT responsible like the good ol’ boys here are.

  2. democommie

    Suffice to say, btw, that a whole bunch of citizens armed with AR-15’s with high capacity magazines in Watertown would have resulted in a lot of dead people.

  3. I saw someone else tweet about “oh what if I had a gun in Watertown” and I replied back “when you don’t have a gun you call 911 and get the F-CK out of the way.”

  4. Min

    Who needs a high capacity magazine, when you have heavily armed cops and national guardsman patroling your neighborhood?

    Only the bad guy.

  5. democommie

    What we will be hearing a lot of in the next few days is that the bombers didn’t have them no AK’s or AR’s or biggermorebullets “clips”* and did all of their damage with handguns and bombs. And when they say that be sure to mention that the cops and other people who actually apprehended the two suspects were quite keen on not having vigilantidiots goin’ all Rambo with their private weapons caches.

    * Yes, I do know that they’re “magazines” but that “clip” faux pas is one that the NRA-holes love to use when shouting down people who advocate sane regulation of firearms.

    • Yeah Mr. Beale and I were talking about this. He pointed out that with all of the months of planning and the effort and skill and information gathering required to make these bombs, they STILL only killed three people at the Marathon. If they’d had an AK-47 and sprayed the finish line with bullets there’d have been 20, 30, 50 or more dead. Sure they maimed a bunch of people, they caused mayhem, they grabbed headlines. But the death toll still pales in comparison to Adam Lanza or the Aurora shooting.

      • That is, of course, provided that they wanted to just kill people; bombs tend to do a better job of making a big, splashy public display and causing physical/mental trauma than your typical homicidal-loon-with-a-gun.

  6. democommie


    Well, if the state of Massachusetts didn’t have such namby-pamby gunzlawz they coulda had ’em some AR’s with extra capacity magazines, then they wouldn’d had to have used bombz. It’s the anti’s FAULT!!

  7. Roadmaster1968

    Twitter page down, but Facebook page still exists. The comments say it all.

  8. democommie


    Not anymore. Now the LACK of comments says it all.


    See, that’s the trouble with you goofy anti-gunz people. You want folks not to be able to defend themselves from people with gunz and bombz by havin’ bigger, faster, morebangier gunz.

    • …I know people out here that own army-surplus 105mm artillery pieces.
      Fully functional.
      And that’s just the start with some of these people.

      As ever, I am the square peg…


  9. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    Just a blog procedural question.

    If Nate Bell is the “Asshole of the day” but you don’t put up a new “Asshole of the day” may we continue to call him “Asshole of the day” until he’s replaced? I wouldn’t ask, except I’ve finished ironing my doily collection and I’m getting a little bored.

  10. What that doosh said was horrible. As expected from these dooshes.