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Did you know that Tennessee has the sixth-highest rate of accidental shooting deaths in the country? I read that statistic buried deep in this story about parents and gun safety. You’d think a statistic like that might have been mentioned sooner amid all of the gun loonery foisted on us by the state legislature and their puppetmasters at the Tennessee Firearms Assn. Then again, maybe it was discussed and I just missed it.

With that in mind, I need to ask Greeneville, TN: WTF? This week’s gun report has two separate accidents from Greeneville, and some gun loonery that thankfully didn’t result in injury. Must be something in the water there.

Also, should we be worried that a TVA security officer patrolling outside Watts Bar Nuclear Plant was fired upon by an unknown person wearing a dark hoodie? The FBI is apparently investigating.

Meanwhile, our teen edition reports two Soddy Daisy (yes, that’s a real place) teenagers have been charged with felonies after firing on a group of people in a residential neighborhood, then embarking on a high-speed chase.

And here in Nashville at the upper-crust private school Christ Presbyterian Academy, a student was charged with bringing an AR-15 and ammo to school.

Without further ado, a run-down of recent gun accidents in Tennessee:

• April 9, 2013:

Man Accidentally Shoots Hand While Cleaning His .22 Rifle

A man accidentally shot himself through the right hand Monday afternoon while cleaning a .22 caliber rifle after target shooting, sheriff’s Deputy David Love said in a report.

Cameron Bolyard, 25, of 307 Horse Creek Road, said he was cleaning the rifle when it went off.

“He was on his back porch cleaning his .22 rifle. He said he was holding the rifle in an upright position with the butt resting on the floor and was holding the barrel end with his right hand palmed over the end,” the report said.

• April 15, 2013:

Man Shoots Self In Abdomen Attempting ‘Cross-Draw’ Move

An Oakmont Drive man required hospital treatment after accidentally shooting himself in the abdomen about 6:15 a.m. Sunday, sheriff’s Deputy Michael MacDonald said in a report.

Deputies responded to Takoma Regional Hospital on a report of an accidental gunshot wound.

They spoke with Timothy Gray, 44, who said “he was attempting to attach his gun and holster to his left hip in a cross-draw fashion, when he accidentally discharged the firearm,” the report said. Gray shot himself with a .410 double-barrel Derringer.

• April 16, 2013:

Supervisors probing after National Guard sergeant fires weapon in local hotel
No charges filed by city police

MURFREESBORO — No one was injured Friday at the Clarion Hotel on Old Fort Parkway when a Tennessee Army National Guard sergeant “accidentally discharged” a handgun owned by a fellow Guardsman inside a room, according to Murfreesboro Police.

The incident involving Sgt. Ryan Mitchell and Sgt. Matthew Wilson is being formally investigated by the Tennessee Army National Guard, according to Maj. Darrin Haas, deputy director of public affairs for the Guard.

Mitchell was “checking out” a gun owned by Wilson at the Clarion when it “accidentally” went off in Mitchell’s room, according to a Murfreesboro Police incident report filed by Officer Charles Owens.

The bullet from the unidentified handgun ricocheted off the wall, went through a sliding glass window and lodged in the tail light of a vehicle in the parking lot, Owens reported.

Be safe, people!


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12 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. deep

    What I don’t get is why people try all those fancy gun tricks with loaded guns. REALLY? REALLY?

    OH right, because guns aren’t dangerous, only the people who use them.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Yes, SB, and your list of gun handling idiocy does not include the descriptions of the ‘accidents’ where little children picked up loaded guns, thinking they were playing video games, pulled their pretend triggers and KILLED another person. The other persons ended up REALLY DEAD. Oh, but that was a PERSON using a gun, definitely NOT the gun’s fault!

  3. democommie

    “A man accidentally shot himself through the right hand Monday afternoon while cleaning a .22 caliber rifle after target shooting, sheriff’s Deputy David Love said in a report.”

    Right. I wonder what part of the gun could be cleaned while he was holding it in that fashion. I’m no armorer but I can’t conceive of any cleaning activity that would result from that.

  4. ThresherK

    As a Yankee from the suburbs, I want to know if population density plays into this at all.

    Because I can’t think of gun accidents without thinking about how bullets don’t just go where the good guys aim them. We’ve all read the classic tweet from “away” was “OMG if only those Boston liberals didn’t need to cower in their homes. If only they had AR-15s.”

    Yep. Guns will protect you from stray bullets!

    Or you can read Col. Bob Bateman for the primer:

    SO, the bottom line is this: If you are in a place where you hear steady, and sustained, and nearby (1/3 mile) gunfire, do these things:

    Go to your basement. You are cool there.
    If you don’t have a basement, go to the other side of the house from the firing, and leave, heading away from the firing. Do not stop for a mile.
    If you do not think that you can leave, get on the ground floor, as far from the firing as possible, and place something solid between you and the firing. Solid is something like a bathtub, a car (engine block), a couple of concrete walls.

    As a lifetime New England suburbanite, and a 10+ time volunteer at the Boston Marathon, I know who I’m believing.

  5. chautauqua

    If guns “don’t kill/injure, people do”, then why do these reports so frequently use the passive voice, which makes it sound like the guns just seem to go off all on their own?

  6. democommie


    “Was that a accidental discharge or is your gun just happy to see me?”.

  7. I think there’s something wrong with the CDC stats. They say about 600 people die each year from gun accidents. I forget the number for non-fatal injuries.

    It seems to me it must be higher than that. Right in your local news you find a bunch of stories. I read others every day from all over the country.

    Whatever the true numbers are, one thing that is crystal clear to me is that we don’t take gun negligence, which is what it always is, seriously enough. My opinion is that anybody who misuses a gun in any way should forfeit the right to own it. Due process can be followed, it’s just a matter of taking it more seriously than we currently do.

    • I think one reason the stats may look off is because until Obama repealed the directive post-Newtown, Congress had forbade government agencies and government money from studying gun issues. So the CDC wasn’t really looking at this issue closely. They were going by old data, relying on news reports and limited FBI data and whatnot. At least, that’s what I read somewhere, can’t remember where and don’t have time to look it up. But poke around and you’ll probably find it….

  8. The problem is that “pro-gun” arguments tend to not withstand any scrutiny–examine them too carefully and they fall apart.

    That’s why there has been a ban on public health gun violence research–the research that was coming out showed they were talking rubbish.

    Can’t have people thinking too hard because they might figure out the pro-gun side is talking nonsense.

    But, they should have been doing that from the get-go.