Most Responsible Ever, etc.

Saw this buried in a local news story out of Oklahoma, but this shit happens ALL THE DANG TIME, everywhere, including here, here, here, here… well, you get the picture:

Thefts From Unlocked Trucks In Durant Neighborhood

DURANT, OK — Vehicle burglaries in one neighborhood have residents there on alert tonight, after they say thousands of dollars in valuables were stolen.

Police say these thefts were all reported early Monday in the same area. It is a place where many people have felt secure enough to leave their cars unlocked, until now.


Other neighbors lost a pistol, a laptop, a purse, and tools. Nothing was taken from Smith’s car, but whoever was breaking in may have left something. “Went through the glove box and scattered all the insurance forms there and that sort of thing, actually left their flashlight in the front seat of the pickup, so we found that the next day and called the authorities and let them know what was going on,” says Smith.

A pistol? It’s bad enough that people are dumb enough to leave laptops, cameras, purses, cash, etc. in an unlocked vehicle. But hey, when that stuff gets stolen, the owner is the only one who suffers the consequences. But when you leave a damn gun in your unlocked truck and it gets stolen? That’s negligence that can cause some real harm to someone else down the road.


According to a police report, an officer checked with two pawn shops, but none of the items turned up there.

Where’s this person’s pistol? Who knows. Will this person have to pay any fine or suffer any consequences for being so negligent with their weapon? Something to perhaps deter them from behaving so irresponsibly in the future? Hell, no! How about an increase in their liability insurance rates? Oh wait, we don’t require gun owners to carry liability insurance the same way we do with cars, boats, and motorcycles. That would be wrong!

If there are no penalties for irresponsible behavior, then how can we encourage responsible behavior? This used to be a concept conservatives understood. Hell, wasn’t that the premise behind Stacey Campfield’s “starve the children” bill? Because Campfield and the rest of the meanies in the GOP equate poverty with being irresponsible? Indeed, that’s a core belief of modern conservatism: if you’re poor and need assistance, you’re lazy and irresponsible. Those of us who don’t lack that crucial empathy gene which makes human society possible know better, of course. That doesn’t mean we don’t understand the concept of encouraging responsible behavior, however. It just means we know that concept needs to be applied in its proper context. Poverty is not that context. Gun negligence is.

Conservatives seem to think true irresponsible behavior of the kind that endangers public safety has to be protected because FREEDOM and SHUT UP. I just don’t get it.


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  1. democommie

    Meanwhile, in case you had some idea that TN (or anyplace else) has a monopoly on teh gunz + teh burnin’stoopit:

    At least one gunzloon who is/was demonstrably full of shit.

  2. democommie

    A recently released study by Harvard’s School of Public Health (I could not find the link, but this is a place to start : have determined that states with higher rates of/numbers of gun owners are also states with higher numbers of suicides by gun.

    • deep

      Hey, it’s the party of death. If a person wants to kill himself he should have a right to do it by whatever means he chooses! Never mind the fact that a good many conservative R. Catholics oppose it.

  3. democommie

    “Never mind the fact that a good many conservative R. Catholics oppose it.”

    Well, yeah, there’s that. Of course they also want to make sure that whatever pain you were suffering that led to your taking your own life is continued–FOR FUCKING EVER.

    • Of course they also want to make sure that whatever pain you were suffering that led to your taking your own life is continued–FOR FUCKING EVER.

      Republicans are the party of privilege. They hide behind the F word — freedom — but they’re not protecting freedom. They’re protecting privilege. And every single thing they do needs to be looked at in that context.

  4. I’m a little tired of “My gun was stolen.”
    I thought guns were so precious that people would keep them locked up tighter than their daughter’s virginity?
    I think it is just an excuse to sell your gun to your irresponsible “friend” without taking responsibility.

  5. Democommie reminded me of your wonderful blog which I haven’t visited in a while.

    Leaving a gun in the car is always irresponsible, no question.