First Draft Tuesday

Sandra Day O’Connor has some regrets. Welcome to our world.


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4 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. deep

    I dunno. You hear these stories about how people change their mind after they’ve retired. Case in point, I heard how Maggie Thatcher believed in Global Warming up until she found out it was a socialist conspiracy.

    • It’s not just that someone changed their mind. It’s that liberals have been beaten over the head about how we should just GET OVER IT and SHUT UP and SURRENDER GORE-OTHY and all that for fucking years. We were vindicated long ago. At this point, I don’t want to hear that “maybe we oughtn’t’ve done that.” That ship sailed LONG ago. I want a fucking apology.

      What’s that country song? “It’s a little too late to do the right thing now …”

      • democommie

        One of the possibilities that is talked about re: O’Connor’s going along with the rest of the Cooked Court is that she was distracted by her husband’s health problems (he had alzheimers) and that she wasn’t her “usual self”. Fuck that noise. When you own a small law firm and need to take time off to care for your loved ones, you make sure that everyone you’re currently working for is in good hands OR you simply fold the tent. When you’re on the SCotUS you make sure that your loved ones are in good hands and DO YOUR FUCKING JOB.

  2. Too late. But I think people have to know about this.