Things That Make Me Go Hmmm….

So, I’m trolling the ‘web and come across this story about the ACLU and SPLC making some noise over wretched conditions at a private Mississippi prison, right? The story is in the Salt Lake Tribune because the prison operator is based out of Utah. So far, so good.

And I click on the linkie and see this picture:


And read this photo caption:

(Jane Marquardt, right, is vice chair of Management Training Corporation. She is seen here with her spouse Tami Marquardt. MTC operates a Mississippi prison the ACLU calls “barbaric.” Photo by Trent Nelson/The Salt Lake Tribune) ; 11/18/2003

I just found that kinda strange. That’s the picture you run with this story? The one that screams LESBIAN LESBIAN LESBIAN all over it? I find it odd. Especially since, as the story clearly states:

Centerville, Utah, company Management and Training Corp. operates the prison, but is not named as a defendant.

No, the defendant is the Mississippi Department of Corrections. But fine, the operator is based out of Utah, so there’s a local angle to the story. I get that. But the LESBIAN LESBIAN LESBIAN photo thing? Seems weird.

Is it me?


I just threw this post up last night, but the more I think about it, the weirder this is. Why didn’t they use a picture of this dude?


That’s Bob Marquardt, the company’s founder. I’m guessing he’s the father or some other relative of Jane Marquardt, the LESBIAN in the picture they did use.

Or how about this dude:


That’s Scott Marquardt, the actual president of the company.

According to the MTC website, Jane Marquardt is vice chair of the company’s board of directors, and the company’s “international business development director.” She’s also an attorney, so maybe that’s why they used her photo in this story? But it really seems odd editorial judgment to me. Again, the company isn’t even a defendant in the Mississippi case. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Salt Lake Tribune is trying to draw some nefarious connection between a “barbaric” prison in Mississippi and ZOMG LESBIANS.

It’s that liberal media again.


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19 responses to “Things That Make Me Go Hmmm….

  1. pat

    no it’s not you.

  2. In fairness, this does strike me as an odd angle to the story. Somehow I thought lesbians tended to be, you know, good liberals. Dumb, I know. Another prejudice shot to hell.

  3. Flying Junior

    Stranger still…

    From Wiki

    In response to the 1993 Baehr v. Miike court case on same-sex marriage in Hawaii, Utah Rep. Norm L. Nielsen, R-Utah, sponsored the bill H.B. 366 “Recognition of Marriages” successfully in 1995. The law prohibits state recognition of same-sex marriages which are performed in other states and nations. It was the first such law in the United States.[4]

    Utah voters approved the ballot referendum Utah Constitutional Amendment 3 in 2004 to define marriage as the legal union between a man and a woman, and restricts unmarried domestic unions. The referendum was approved by a margin of 65.8 percent to 33.2 percent.[

  4. Bob

    I had the exact opposite impression. I figured they used the ladies picture because they looked less barbaric than the guys. Those are some creepy looking dudes.

    But maybe they were trying to make the point that lesbians can be good republicans too.

    Who knows what P.R. people are up to these days? In Tennessee, they’re trying to get us to believe that the governor had no inside knowledge of anything going on in the family business. Some people will believe anything.

  5. 2aimai

    Stupid wordpress ate my comment and then my memory and I couldn’t log in. Its not just you. Creepy old white dudes run everything in Utah so they must be used to running their pictures, and/or suppressing their pictures and blaming other people lower on the food chain or more likely to “look” evil to their readers. There is no way you’d run a picture of a junior partner when you could/should run a picture of a senior partner, owner, or corporate head. This was deliberate.

  6. 2aimai

    Oh, you missed it, SB: If you click on the “photo gallery” of two photos you find this out from the byline in the picture:

    Leah Bryner Jane Marquardt, the vice chairwoman of the Democratic Party, is also vice chair of Management Training Corporation. MTC operates a Mississippi prison the ACLU calls “barbaric.”

    Not only is she pictured with a black person in the second picture but she is identified as the “vice chairwoman of the Democratic Party.”

    The comment thread correctly identifies the problem as prison privatization and notes that this Utah company is pushing it, through donations to both sides of the aisle, on Utah itself. I wonder why the managment training corporation wasn’t named to the ACLU suit?

    • Wow verrrry interesting. So, it’s gay … democrats … BARBARIC.

      I’m no fan of privatized prisons, not by a long shot, we’ve got CCA here in Tennessee, though they are firmly in the GOP camp. I’d say Jane Marquardt is probably the only liberal in that family, but who knows. Anyway, as for your other question about the lawsuit, I’d guess MTC wasn’t named because the plaintiffs couldn’t sufficiently link them the atrocities happening in Mississippi with the evidence they’d compiled at the time of the filing.

  7. Mike G

    Being that it was Utah, I’m just surprised it wasn’t a puff piece on how awesome it is to have prisons that are both barbaric and corporate-owned.

  8. democommie

    Massah Bob, he’s dead. ScottyBoy, not a lot of info I could find. Considering it’s UT, they’re prolly both LDS and Bishops or higher up in the Moron food chain.

    • GregH

      LDS lesbos (ESPECIALLY Democrats!) don’t go to heaven or get to rule their own planet in the Mormon afterlife, because they are interfering with getting all those LDS kids born and baptized into the church ASAP.

      • I don’t think LDS women — Democrats, Republicans, gay, striaght, bi, transgendered, etc. — get to rule their own planet in Mormon theology. Pretty sure all that comes through the Mister.

  9. If women work they become lesbian prison guards, just ask Erick Erickson.

  10. Fran Rossano

    I thought the original story was disgusting in its content and totally agree about the follow up being weird, besides the point though. Something needs to be done regarding the atrocities at that prison. I hope this doesn’t become another case of finger pointing and nothing being done. Today the President made a speech where he specifically cited the need for more attention being paid to the condition of the mentally ill in this country. I live in Florida and we certainly have our issues here, but it does sound like an outside body needs to be overseeing conditions at that prison. Is there no ombudsman for these souls? Fran Rossano/Occupy Democrats – Florida

    • I would think the lawsuit filed by the ACLU and SPLC will ensure something is done. Personally, the idea that we have privatized prisons in this country is a moral failing. We should not attach the profit motive to these things.

  11. BTW – is that profile picture a rabid raccoon?

  12. democommie

    Saying the raccoon is rabid is soooooooooooooooo judgmental. Can’t we just agree that he’s got issues?