First Draft Tuesday

Blind Fox News Squirrel Finds Nut.


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12 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. GregH

    A woman who isn’t a feminist is either inexperienced in the real world or just in denial. Women still only get paid $0.77 for every $1.00 paid to male colleagues doing the same job, and the top echelons of management are a bastion of white maleness reminiscent of “Mad Men.” And some stupid male politicians STILL talk about something called “legitimate rape”! What WOULDN’T any woman in the USA be a feminist today? Do some people just oppose fairness and equality under the law?

    • deep

      Greg, didncha know that feminists have hairy armpits? It’s true! So when a woman says “I’m not a feminist but…” it means, “I’m not hairy under there.”

  2. deep

    Preach it Beale!

  3. If these ‘hairy armpits’ comments were supposed to be sarcasm, it just ain’t working. The following famous women are feminists: Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Sandra Bullock, Pat Summitt, and most likely, yo Mammas! I totally agree with SB. Kelly will not have earned her ‘feminist’ title until she resigns, quits, leaves the women haters club at FAUX. That’s just the way with us feminists. WE just will not tolerate this war against us and our daughters.

    • GregH

      Remind me NEVER EVER to comment on a feminism story again, because 1) I am a man and 2) I am a man and 3) whatever I or some other man thinks is funny invariably isn’t. Whoa, the internet is just like home! (See, that wasn’t funny either.) Meh.

      • Don’t worry, I understood your comment was sarcastic. I thought it was hilarious because it’s true! That is the image the misogynists try to portray of feminists: ugly, hairy armpits, etc.

      • deep

        Well, admittedly it wasn’t 100% sarcastic since I’m sure Kelly probably genuinely believes or some other equally ridiculous stereotype, hence her moronic caveat.

        It’s a Classic example of Poe’s Law though. Here I am being sarcastic, and yet there are douchebags out there who genuinely believe this shit.

      • GregH

        Yeah, well. I think brains and independence are sexy. If hairy legs and armpits are part of the bargain, I’m good with that. But wait, there I go again…OBJECTIFYING all my smokin’ hot, brainiac, opinionated, independent feminist friends from grad school! What a Male Chauvinist Pig I am!

  4. deep

    Speaking of feminism, saw this today and it gave me a chuckle.

    As a hetero WASP male, I really often try my hardest to be open minded of women, minorities, people with different sexuality, and yet sometimes I get paralyzed fearing that my AWARENESS of differences is somehow wrong too.

    And of course conservative trolls are always good at exploiting that fear. “I’m not racist! You are racist for CALLING me racist!”