A Tale Of Two Federal Budget Items

Wow, to hear House Republicans these days, the food stamp program called SNAP is rife with fraud and corruption, has grown too big and is adding to the budget deficit. It must die.

Meanwhile, the same people overwhelmingly supported a new defense bill which, while offering some good protections to victims of sexual assault, also was padded with lots of extra spending. Such as:

The bill also restricts the transfer of detainees from Guantánamo Bay, funds construction of a new East Coast missile defense site and gives the Pentagon $5 billion more than requested for the war in Afghanistan.

Well isn’t that peachy! Sequester, semeshter! Because we all know the Pentagon is never, ever corrupt, fraud never happens, and the Pentagon would never add to our budget deficit. Hey, empires are expensive, y’all! :


What a bunch of fiscal phonies. Guess they’re going to force Senate Democrats to vote against this, so they can run those lovely ads accusing such-and-such liberal of voting against helping sexual assault victims in the military. I can hear it now: “They accuse us of waging a war on women, but look what Senator McLefty CommieHippie did!”

Assholes. Two can play at that game. Look who took food out of the mouth of a hungry child so they can continue to fund wars and killing? And you call yourselves Christians? For shame.


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6 responses to “A Tale Of Two Federal Budget Items

  1. Ann

    Absolutely. I had to quit listening to NPR after hearing about the $9 billion drone planes and the $3,000 per hour it costs to try to keep poor Mexicans from crossing the border. And people are going hungry in this country and they’re trying to reduce the food stamp program?! WTF?!

  2. democommie

    Wow, Jim from Burnin’ Stoopit didn’t do a drive-by here? He must be holdin’ out for a better rate from his paymasters–or maybe he’s just on a paid vacation from his employer.

    • Half the time Jim’s comments end up in my Spam folder and half the time they don’t. And I get so much comment spam these days — hundreds — I can’t possibly review them all. I’ll scan down to see if anyone’s been placed there erroneously but it’s just impossible to keep up with. So he may have come buy and tried to comment but couldn’t.

      • democommie

        I gotta wonder what the fuck he’s saying that gets into “spam” territory, or do you just have a “nonsensical bullshit” filter?

  3. Jim in Memphis

    I have posted several times that I am in favor of cutting the defense spending. I saw an article today where Obama is proposing reductions in our nuclear arsenal. I support that 100%.