Good News Friday

Good Friday, y’all! I have to share with you the best news I’ve discovered in my life. It’s called organic virgin coconut oil, and I use it on everything. I cook with it (great for popcorn), but the best use I’ve found is as a skin lotion. Folks, if you have any dermatological issue at all, organic virgin coconut oil will fix it. I had these funky bumps of unknown origin (granulomas, my dermatologist called them), and the doctor said there was nothing she could do about them. A couple weeks of coconut oil and they were gone! That was back in the fall and they haven’t been back.

This summer I’ve found organic virgin coconut oil works wonders on chigger and mosquito bites. They stop the itching and the bites go away in about two or three days. It’s a miracle, y’all.

You get it at the grocery store. But be sure to get the virgin coconut oil. Something apparently nasty happens to it when it gets refined.

You can thank me later. Other good news:

• A California effort to control black-carbon soot, the number two greenhouse gas agent causing global warming, led to a significant reduction in the state’s carbon footprint. Scientists hope the California experiment can be replicated elsewhere, which could slow global warming by as much as 15%.

• Connecticut passes a homeless persons’ bill of rights.

• Happy Birthday, Grand Central Station. Every time Mr. Beale and I visit New York City we make sure we stop by Grand Central. It’s incredible.

• SCOTUS strikes down patents on human genes. I’m actually trying to decide if this is good or bad since they left in place patents for modified genes. If I can’t patent my own DNA but a corporation can patent a modified version of my DNA I’m SOL. Also, if anyone hasn’t read the book, The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, I highly recommend it. Seems to apply here.

• Despite setbacks, gun control is gaining ground.

• Southern Baptists won’t boycott the Boy Scouts after the organization’s decision to allow gay scouts. This is a big deal; seems like not too long ago, the SBC would have jumped at any chance to grandstand on this issue.

• Cockfighting is now a first-offense felony in the state of Nevada.

• The mayor of Carrboro, N.C. and 150 protestors were arrested protesting the North Carolina State Legislatures reactionary right-wing policies. There’s video.

• A Canadian company is fighting counterfeiters by emulating the iridescent wings of a South American butterfly. Just as an aside, this is why it’s important we protect even the smallest species. It makes me nuts when people say, “who cares about a snail darter? Build that dam!” Yeah, well no one thought much about slime molds until penicillin was invented.

• A San Francisco elementary school held a toy gun “buyback” event, where kids exchanged their toy guns for a book and a chance to win a bike.

• Secret life of the cat: very cool interractive look at what our feline friends do when we’re at work. You can select a cat and get a quickie video of what they are doing. Purely at random I clicked on Orlando, who promptly yakked up something nasty. OF COURSE I GOT ORLANDO. You guys, this is my life.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• A Federal judge has ruled in favor of the Occupy Nashville protestors who were arrested at War Memorial Plaza in October 2011.

• The cost of living in Nashville is at 88% of the national average, while the per capita income is at 109% of the national average. Sure there are some crackpot wingnuts in the rest of the state, but Nashville trends true blue. So, y’all come.

• A clean energy project successfully converts biowaste into electricity using gasification technology.

• What does it cost to drive an electric car in Tennessee? How about 97-cents a gallon? Some of us with solar panels on the roof pay less. Jealous, much?

• Gift Cards For Guns event in Nashville called a success.

• Despite efforts to legislatively marginalize GLBT people in Tennessee, businesses have embraced the GLBT community and are actively marketing to them. Money talks.


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13 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. deep


    Google image search.



    I am ill.

    • Okay you made me look. Mine were not nearly that bad. I guess there are granulomas and then there are granulomas.

    • deep

      yep, before you know it we’ll start voting Republican and complaining that teh gubbermint is taking away our medicare.

    • C B

      I had what looked more like the stuff on the hand on one of my arms a few years ago. IOW, not that bad, either. Went to a dermatologist and everything. Used prescribed treatment, but an not entirely convinced that it didn’t just go away on its own. No re-occurrences. Still, good to know about the coconut oil, especially that it works in pastry. Cheese straws are my best effort there; not good with the stuff you have to handle.

      • My derm said these granulomas were a symptom of something else wrong with me, that there’s nothing she could do and I’d have to find the cause by going to a GP. Which is totally NOT what you want to hear, I can just imagine going to a regular doctor and saying “hey something is wrong with me but I don’t know what, I feel just fine except for these bumps on my skin.” For which they’d tell me to see a dermatologist. And I’d had them for YEARS. But 2 weeks of coconut oil and they went away.

        Maybe I need to find a new dermatologist.

  2. ThresherK

    Do you use coconut oil for baking? Or am I thinking of the refined stuff?

    I’m asking seriously, as I run with some of the crowd (gluten allergies, etc) who are always on the lookout for reworking “Fanny Farmer” recipes to use ingredients that Monsanto and ConAgra have yet to get their hands on, and have tasted some pretty good results.

    • Yes I have used coconut oil in baking. It’s especially good in pastries as it gives you that really light, flaky crust that you usually only get with stuff like lard. A lot of vegan bakers use coconut oil, it’s superb. But again: be sure to get the organic virgin variety. Something toxic happens to coconut oil when it gets refined.

      • ThresherK

        Thanks. When a Southerner says I can replicate something with unrefined coconut oil that only lard used to provide, this Yankee pays attention.

        I’ll try it. My pie crust skills are, to say the least, lagging the rest of my baking.

      • I’ve used it to make shortcake. Delicious!

  3. democommie

    Coconut oil shortcake just doesn’t sound THAT tempting! {;>)