Reality Blasts Hole Through NRA Talking Point

By now you’ve probably heard the incredibly sad story of Iraq War veteran Justin Thomas, a Green Beret who survived the Iraq War only to be killed by his 4-year-old son. It’s a tragic tale: the two were visiting a friend who had left a loaded gun lying on the living room TV stand like it was the goddamn remote control. The kid found it, and the predictable happened.

Charges, naturally, were not filed because hey, shit happens! Get over it! Survive a brutal war and get killed by your own kid because a friend left a gun lying around? Circle of life, y’all! It’s their own fault for arriving unannounced! Personal responsibility, people! Next time, call first!


Now, Thomas’ mother has come forward to plead for gun safety.

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona — A Tampa-area grandmother is urging people to keep firearms safely away from children after her four-year-old grandson picked up a gun and accidentally fired it, killing his father in Arizona last week.

“When I Googled this story on my son, I couldn’t even count the number of pages,” says Marilyn Andreatta about her son, 35-year-old Justin Thomas. “It was infinite — children shooting fathers, children shooting other children, children picking up a gun out of curiosity.”

Thomas was living in Phoenix and had taken his son for a surprise visit to a former roommate’s house about an hour and a half away.

Almost immediately, on a TV stand, police say the boy found the roommate’s gun, something he may have thought was a toy.

“It was loaded,” Andreatta told 10 News. “It was sitting out in the living room and he just didn’t think to put it away when my grandson entered the house.”

Who leaves a loaded gun lying around on the living room TV stand? An irresponsible idiot who should be prosecuted, that’s who. So what if you didn’t think anyone was going to drop by? People drop by all the damn time. What if your house was robbed? You’ve left a loaded gun lying out in the open where thieves can steal it, sending it out onto the streets to be involved in lord knows how many crimes.

This isn’t just the DFH peaceniks talking; it’s firearms safety instructors:

“Every day, I’m seeing something out there, some kind of accidental discharge,” he says. “To me, it’s almost not an accident at that point. It’s just neglect.

To prevent that, Krawtshenko urges people to unload their guns, take them apart and store the parts across different areas of the house, put guns in a safe, or use the lock that comes with the gun.

Almost not an accident? Drop the “almost,” buddy.

After the Newtown shootings, someone (I can’t remember where) wrote, “We don’t want to control your guns. We want you to control your guns.” But the fact of the matter is, gun owners are not controlling their guns. They’re leaving them lying around out in the open where children can find them. They’re leaving them in unlocked cars, where they are stolen.

You aren’t controlling your guns. We’re going to have to pass some laws and prosecute your negligence because too many of you aren’t being responsible.

Some facts to ponder:

• More than 5,0000 people have been killed by guns in the U.S. since the Newtown shootings. More than 360 of them were children and teenagers.

• There have been 14 mass shootings in the six months since Newtown.

• Guns killed more preschoolers in one year than they did law-enforcement officers in the line of duty.


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9 responses to “Reality Blasts Hole Through NRA Talking Point

  1. Mary Wilson

    SB, about 2 weeks ago, here in one of our Black neighborhoods, there were 2 ‘drive-by’ shootings. A young mother, who had 4 children, twins delivered the week before, was shot and killed standing in her front yard. Another female, sitting in her car, two miles away was shot and wounded by a different ‘gang’. I attended a rally on Thursday IN THAT neighborhood and will attend another today in my neighborhood…but the organizers’ focus was to take petitions to Alexander/Corker’s offices. They did NOT even mention our fools in the Legislature who should be the focus of ANY attempt of getting guns OUT of our communities…Ramsey, Campfield, the idiot Curry Todd, the fool in Greene County that waved his gun at his wife…all must be the target of CONSTANT, LOUD protests. Our Senators DO NOT CARE…and our State Government DOES NOT Care about our children. Period.

  2. democommie

    Mary Wilson:

    They “care” about you folks, just not in a benign way, knoI’msane? I mean, if you’re too poor and black and OTHER to live in a safe neighborhood, whose fault is that? IT’S YOUR’S, that’s who!!

  3. Ariando

    40 years ago drunk driving was no big deal, In fact if someone was killed, it was just an accident. Now drunk driving is recognized for the criminally irresponsible behavior it always has been. When will irresponsible gun owners are prosecuted and jailed? Or is it because in this Country, guns are a Religion; irrational, beyond criticism, and protected?

  4. Chris V

    At this point, I’m waiting for the next mass shooting. It’s inevitable. When it happens, we can predict the reaction. We’ll listen to the news in shocked silence. Some will get angry. Some will get depressed. Some will offer prayers for the deceased. The families will mourn their dead. All throughout, the right-wing will say it isn’t the time to talk about gun control. The left will put forth some half-hearted effort to change the law, which will get blocked by conservatives and “moderates.” Afterwards, life will continue for the living. And yet again, nothing will change.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    We do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Our society is insane. Our attitude toward gun control is the evidence.

  5. deep

    Beale, you need to keep your gun on your living room table because you never know when President Baraka Saddam Hussein O’bomba, the kenyan muslum usurper, will come in your door and try to take away your FREEEEEEDOM!!!!!

    Safety is for wussies.

    • GregH

      Yep. And now we know the American people simple cannot trust that famous Black Muslim Communist. Yesterday I saw a great bumper sticker: “Support Our Troops: We’ll need them to overthrow the government.”
      Yes, this level of idiocy is openly espoused in my neighborhood.

      • “Support Our Troops: We’ll need them to overthrow the government.”

        OMG that ranks up there with “keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” for cognitive dissonance….

  6. Bitter Scribe

    I just can’t imagine what life will be like for that poor little boy, growing up knowing he killed his father. I just hope this doesn’t leave him too screwed up.