Good News Friday

Happy Summer Solstice, y’all. Anyone dancing naked around a bonfire tonight?

• Walgreens stores announced it will build more than 200 new solar arrays on its stores in six U.S. states. Sadly, Tennessee is not among them. I blame TVA, but what do I know.

• Five wilderness and conservation bills passed the U.S. Senate, the first of the 113th Congress. The 112th Congress was the first since 1966 to not designate a single new acre of wilderness, according to the Wilderness Society.

• Emissions limits on power plants are coming! That’s good news for solar providers.

• Ex-gay therapy group Exodus International has folded, and its former president has offered an apology to those he says have been hurt by its “treatment.”

• A bill allowing limited abortion is making its way through Ireland’s
parliament, bringing clarity to a murky legal framework which led to the death of Savita Halappanavar last fall.

• SCOTUS struck down Arizona’s law requiring proof of citizenship to vote.

• Salt Lake City Boy Scout leaders who marched in the Utah Pride Parade to celebrate the group’s inclusion of gay youth refused to sign an apology letter for their action.

• Fewer Americans are smoking.

• A once-a-day pill to prevent HIV infection in IV drug users seems to be effective.

• Israel’s top businessmen pressure Netanyahu to restart the peace process; apparently permanent war is bad for Israel’s economy.

• Chicago may ban plastic bags.

• Afghans have taken back control of their national security from NATO forces.

• The Pentagon is putting together a plan that would allow female service members to join the special forces as well as serve in combat.

• Nevada passes a landmark bill closing dirty coal-fired Reid Gardner and moving Nevada toward renewable energy.

• Michigan Republicans find their spine, tell the Tea Party to stuff it.

• Tesla will announced a battery-swapping scheme for its Model S.

By the way, get a load of this report about Westar Energy Executive Vice President/COO Doug Sterbenz and engineering intern Robert Forkner test-driving a Model S. Apparently they had so much fun, they missed their flight back to Kansas. They write:

There is nothing like stepping on a gas pedal and hearing an engine roar to life. That’s what I thought, as a car enthusiast, until I drove the Tesla Model S, a fully electric luxury sports sedan.

I’ve changed my thinking, and now I say, “There is nothing like stepping on the accelerator pedal and hearing nothing while being catapulted forward into future world.”

Dudes, you have no idea.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• There won’t be any fracking on Tennessee state land … for now.

• In what was an otherwise grim report for the nation’s education colleges which train teachers, education programs at Nashville’s Lipscomb University and Vanderbilt University ranked in the top 4 nationally.

• The Smoky Mountains are a little less smoky thanks to pollution control efforts over the past few decades.

This week’s cool video shows a young fox who got its head stuck in a jar coming up to some hikers and asking for help. Bonus points to commenter Endofcivilization, who observed:

glad that fox wasn’t here in the U.S., would’ve been killed by some redneck hillbilly


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5 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Joe

    One Republican lawmaker remarked, apparently with a bit of amazement, that it made sense to vote for the bill “after you spend time on this issue … and really look at the issue.”

    Well duh.

  2. democommie

    “Anyone dancing naked around a bonfire tonight?”

    Umm, do you mean, “just” tonight, um, I’m asking the question for a, er, ahh, a friend, yeah, that’s the ticket, I’m asking for a friend.

    Per the fox with it’s head in the jar. Without the sound you’d have to know that the video was made outside the U.S. All you are legs and arms in combat camo. no holster, no gunz. It’s outdoors and it involves animals and somebody in camos; “no gunz” = furriners!

  3. I guess I’ll set a marker for the northernmost axis of the sun and moon for my Stonehenge project at sunset. The only other marker to date is the central focus point and a radius to the winter solstice. From what I have observed casually they are very far apart.

    Oh yeah… and party like it’s 1999 with my hippie girlfriend!