Divide & Conquer

Pretty sure Laurie Cardoza Moore would have a stroke if this were taught in our public schools.

This guy is from Nashville, BTW. Was student body vice president at Hillsboro High School, right here in Green Hills, back in the day. His Kickstarter-funded film, “White Like Me,” is supposed to come out later this summer.


(h/t, Balloon Juice)


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5 responses to “Divide & Conquer

  1. democommie

    Fucking WOW! That man has the fire in his belly.

    Racism, not Fauxpatriotism, is the last refuse of the scoundrel.

  2. democommie

    Should have been refuge, or maybe it’s just Freudian.

  3. Ariando

    OMG – Speak the Truth Brother!