Dear GOP: Please Stop Talking About Rape


While the Texas House debated an anti-abortion omnibus bill for 15 hours Sunday night, Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) called for an exemption for victims of rape and incest, the Associated Press reported. Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) objected, saying “rape kits” make that exemption unneccessary:

“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out,” [Laubenberg] said, comparing the procedure to an abortion. “The woman had five months to make that decision, at this point we are looking at a baby that is very far along in its development.”

Her apparent confusion about “rape kits” β€” a phrase generally used to describe the equipment used by medical personnel during forensic examinations to gather physical evidence following allegations of rape or sexual assault β€” sparked widespread ridicule on social media sites. Laubenberg then simply rejected all proposed changes to her bill without speaking until the end of the debate.

Jesus, the ignorance of these people, to actually think a “rape kit” is an abortion. I’m trying to wrap my head around how this idiot in Texas can support anti-abortion legislation while thinking that abortions occur regularly whenever a woman goes to the police to report a rape.

Dumber than a box of hammers. This is scary shit. This isn’t the first time an elected representative who is tasked with making laws has shown such sheer ignorance about the issues he or she is legislating.


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9 responses to “Dear GOP: Please Stop Talking About Rape

  1. Bert Woodall

    It seems like waiting 5 months to use a rape kit would make prosecution pretty tough.

  2. Ariando

    The GOP is always suspicious that some where, some woman is having a good time. And that cannot be allowed. The punishment is death or eighteen years of servitude.

  3. Eykis

    Unbelievable stupidity from any adult – as a Native Texan this idiocy truly shows the EvangeliBaggers are imbecilic beyond words and makes the rest of us ashamed that people voted morons into powerful state offices.

  4. …Oh, btw? The House passed it. Now it goes to the Senate, where they will be looking to take advantage of having =one= Democratic member be absent (father killed in car wreck) to mash it through there.

    • democommie

      KKKristianity and racism is what gets idiots like Laubenberg into the TX lege.

      Gerrymandering gets idiots like Laubenberg into the U.S. Congress–that is fucking scary.

      That democratic legislator should honor their father’s memory by showing up for the vote and telling the chamber why.

  5. I can’t help but think this extremism by the GOP isn’t going to do them more harm than good down the road.

    • GregH

      I can’t help but think this extremism by the GOP is going to do US more harm than good down the road. πŸ™‚

  6. Mary Wilson

    And apparently the rest of the dumb asses did not even question WHY a female who is raped and brutalized would even need a rape kit! This is Todd Akin ‘bull’ magnified 10 times. NO FEMALE waits ‘5 months’ to report a rape and seek help. Women MUST be educated by medical professionals, NOT these women haters, to protect themselves. THIS ‘kit’ will actually reveal WHO raped them so HE can be prosecuted. Medical professionals should somehow get access to public MEDIA and start telling the truth about RAPE, INCEST, and the fact that womens’ bodies do NOT BELONG to ass holes like this creep. They apparently do not care about any female relative they have ever had. I feel sorry for this lunatic’s mother, wife, or female family members. He intends to embarrass the mortal hell out of all of them.

  7. democommie

    I get it now. Since the assholes can’t have “Jim Crow” anymore, they’re gonna go with “Jill Crow”. It’s not as nice a two-tiered system of humanity as what they had before, but it’s better than not bein’ able to force ANYBODY to do what you want them to do. Oh, they must be pissed that lynching pregnant women won’t be a good PR stunt, either, too, also.