[UPDATE]: Word in some corners is that the “some idiot” in question is named Erick Erickson.


Some GOP idiot started this Twitter hashtag today, to universal derision:

Sit Down

This, of course, referencing the heroic fillibuster of Texas state senator Wendy Davis. They just don’t get it, do they?

Republicans still think if they find female mouthpieces to spout their crap, they’ll endear themselves to women voters. And they have no idea how insulting that is.

Wendy Davis galvanized more women voters than any S.E. Cupp repeating Frank Luntz-written talking points ever will.


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11 responses to “Idiots

  1. Beale,

    Enjoyed reading about Wendy. Awesome American. Lots of love and truth in Texas. Nothing worse than people who are willing to write off an entire state.
    BTW, Did you expect wordpress to run an ad for Malibu spiced rum on your site? You watch the entire ordeal expecting to see something of value when it finishes. Then you click play and it runs again. Kids don’t need hard alcohol. They need marijuana to get a party started. I don’t mean to be a prude, but it did offend me.

    • An ad on my site??? I haven’t authorized any such thing. It doesn’t show up on my version. Where is it? On the homepage? In comments????

    • Wow, just went to WordPress Support and got this:

      No Ads
      We sometimes display advertisements on your blog to help pay the bills. This keeps free features free! We only run them in limited places, and we do not show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads. To eliminate ads on your blog entirely, you can purchase the No-Ads Upgrade for a single blog (per year).

      So I have to pay to not get ads. God, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. I’ve never monetized.

  2. sneaky underhanded shite like that is why I employ NoScript and AdBlock Plus.

  3. I bow to Wendy Davis. I wonder how she did that. Maybe she didn’t drink any liquid hours before that. Defintely no coffee, which is diuretic. Whoever made those rules are cruel and tyrranical, as expected of Texas.

    • deep

      Relic from the days when government was the province of the good ol’ boys club–when a gentleman whiled away the time writing poetry and figuring out new and exciting drinking games.

      • GregH

        Back in the day, some good ole boys were not above peeing in a Coke bottle to keep their filibuster going. I wonder if the Texas Senate rules allow that! LOL Maybe you get youself a catheter put in before you take the floor now. That would be true dedication! Anyhoo, Senator Wendy is awesome and inspirational and much beloved among the denizens of the “blue dot in a writhing, angry sea of red” that is Austin. Too bad the bill isn’t dead. Gov. “Good Hair” Perry could always call a special session so’s he can control them womens’ bodies.

      • Min

        Yes, but that was when all you had to do was just keep talking, no matter what you were saying or reading. The Texas rules required all the commentary to be “on-topic”, which makes what Wendy Davis did even more extraordinary.

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