Tennessee Gun Report

There’s a rally against gun violence in Nashville today; unfortunately, I have to work and will miss it, but I’ll be there in spirit.

And here’s your mid-week look at the most responsible gun owners evah from across the state.

• June 24, 2013:

Some idiot in Williamson County (of course) wants to end the ban on guns at Franklin City Hall. So, next time you walk in there to pick up a permit, duck and cover, y’all.

• June 23, 2013:

A Knoxville teenager handling a gun accidentally shot his teenage friend in the leg. Kids today.

• June 22, 2013:

1- In Memphis, a man has been arrested for shooting his wife in the chest, killing her. He says the shooting occurred when the two were arguing over insurance and fighting over a gun when it accidentally went off. But apparently he has a history of pulling guns on family members, so the “accidental” claim appears dubious.

Wondering how someone with a history of pulling guns on family members during arguments is able to still have a gun. Hey, it’s a logical question. That’s not responsible gun ownership.

2- In Nashville, a 37-year-old man threatened his girlfriend with a handgun, causing a standoff with Metro police officers and evacuation of nearby apartments and Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

• June 21, 2013:

1- In northeast Tennessee, another nominee for Family Man of the Year reportedly fired a gun towards family members, including a one-year-old child, during an argument with his mother-in-law’s boyfriend. All of the victims were standing on the porch of the mother-in-law’s home when he fired at the boyfriend.

Oh yes, do tell me how we’re all so much safer with these loonz running around half-cocked. I’m all ears.


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5 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. deep

    Reminds me of that Ward Bird case in NH. The prosecutor just wanted to take away his guns, but because of the “3-strikes” law, he went to jail instead and got the libertarians all riled up.

    Makes sense though: if you go around flashing guns all the time, then I’d say it’s a prosecutor’s duty to call you in on it.

    • GregH

      “Open Carry” is the real answer. Then no one can be accused of “flashing a gun” since it’s right there on their hip intimidating anyone and everyone. School Board and City Council meetings are especially enlived by Open Carry laws !!! LOL

      • deep

        Even the “wild west” wasn’t that crazy. Weren’t the Earp brothers trying to enforce the gun ordinance in Tombstone? Sheesh.

  2. democommie

    “Weren’t the Earp brothers trying to enforce the gun ordinance in Tombstone?”

    The Clancy brothers were the REAL PATRIOTS & HEEEEROZ!

  3. democommie

    Shoulda said the “Clanton” brothers.