Women Are Not Right OR Left

So, yesterday the old white dudes who make up the Republican Party emerged from some smoke-filled room with their cool new idea to show how much they {heart} us ladies. Is it endorsing gender pay equity? Workplace childcare? Or giving up the stupid fight over the birth control mandate?

No! Don’t be silly.

It’s a hashtag, ladies! C’mon, isn’t that what you always wanted? And it’s so awesome, it goes like this:


I saw that on Twitter yesterday and really had to struggle to figure out what the fuck it means.

#WomenAreRight … which is why we keep telling them to sit down and shut up?

#WomenAreRight …. which is why we didn’t appoint a single one of them to chair a committee in the 113th Congress?

#WomenAreRight…. except when they’re wrong, which is every time they come to a difficult decision a Republican man doesn’t agree with?

Anyway, the GOP started sending out cutesy little hashtag bromides about how much they love us ladies, for example:

….which prompted the Democrats to respond:

… and it all went downhill from there.

Predictably, Tennessee’s own Marsha Blackburn is involved in this “Women are right” effort, which appears to be a female candidate recruitment thing. And let’s remember how well that worked last time. We got a bunch of Tea Party wacko losers like Sarah Palin, Julia Hurley (of the carving-her-name-on-her-desk/dog surfing fame) and Christian singer CeCe Heil. Marsha Blackburn was last in the news for making the ludicrous claim on Meet The Press that women don’t want fair pay, we just want recognition for a job well done! So, y’know, this will go swimmingly, I predict.

Look, Republicans. Here’s the deal. It’s not the gender or race of your mouthpieces which is the problem. It’s your policies.

Women are not right or left. Women are people, with jobs and families and responsibilities. We are not electoral marbles for you to horde to keep your political future alive. We want our needs addressed by our representatives in Congress. You know, the same way you address the needs of ExxonMobil and Koch Industries and Raytheon?

Address our needs. Don’t just give us a new face to recite the same BS talking points. Just something to think about.


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5 responses to “Women Are Not Right OR Left

  1. onyxpnina

    Fair pay is “recognition of a job well done.” At least on this planet, and probably the other inhabited worlds with capitalist systems.I don’t see Republicans “allowing” talented women to rise. I do see them promoting women who espouse creepy “right-wing” ideology, are cosmetically acceptable, and can speak publicly. I also see that the women promoted by the Democrats are talented, smart, and not moonbats.If they really thought women were right, wouldn’t they have to dissolve the organization?But that’s Republicans all over: They seem to believe that if they say something often enough, it will magically become true. That didn’t work, even for Goebbels.

  2. ThresherK

    No female House committee chairs? On one hand it doesn’t surprise me. On the other hand, who do they have to chose from? Blackburn and Foxx?

    I remember when “TFOTGOP” (the future of the GOP) were folks like black Congressmen Gary Franks, and later, J.C. Watts. Total legislative non-entities who rode the escalator by virtue of being in “the short line”. Watts was, at one time, the #4 Congressional Republican. (To be fair, I think a Grey Cup was in his future if he didn’t get injured.)

    That the GOP doesn’t even Peters Principle their women to positions of seeming power like they did Franks and Watts is pretty telling.

  3. Min

    Marsha Blackburn is a traitor to her gender.

  4. Ruben F. Ford

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is encouraging her colleagues in the House GOP to once again attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, even though in the last election 59% of voters said they were pro-choice and 53% opposed efforts to defund the women’s health organization. But not according to Blackburn, who told Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council yesterday that “the majority of the American people,” and “the majority of American women,” oppose abortion rights and Planned Parenthood funding.