Is This A Joke?

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Is someone at the New York Times getting pwned or is this for real?

The 2016 election may be far off, but one theme is becoming clear: Republican strategists and presidential hopefuls, in ways subtle and overt, are eager to focus a spotlight on Mrs. Clinton’s age. The former secretary of state will be 69 by the next presidential election, a generation removed from most of the possible Republican candidates.

Despite her enduring popularity, a formidable fund-raising network and near unanimous support from her party, Mrs. Clinton, Republican leaders believe, is vulnerable to appearing a has-been.

“Perhaps in the Democratic primary and certainly in the general election, there’s going to be an argument that the time for a change of leadership has come,” said the Republican strategist Karl Rove. “The idea that we’re at the end of her generation and that it’s time for another to step forward is certainly going to be compelling.”

For a party trying to make inroads with women voters, calling Hillary Clinton’s age into question seems a dubious strategy. But also:

• The party that ran John McCain, born in 1936, for president in the 2008 election questions the age of Hillary Clinton, born in 1947?

• The party that constantly invokes the sainted name of the long-dead Ronald Reagan, the oldest president ever elected, questions Hillary Clinton’s age?

• The party whose base shows up wearing Revolutionary War costumes is questioning how current the likely Democratic Party candidates are?

• The party whose White House hopes rest with Jeb Bush, brother of the last failed Republican president and son of a failed Republican president before that, is throwing around words like “change of leadership” and “end of a generation”?

• The party whose unofficial motto is “party like it’s 1954” is calling the Democratic Party old-fashioned?

• The party whose pick for governor of Virginia is actively trying to bring back long outmoded anti-sodomy and anti-oral sex laws dares question the modernity of the Democratic Party?

[ADDING … the party which is trying to repeal Obamacare for the gazillionth time says Democrats don’t have new ideas?]


Seriously, they just don’t have a clue, do they?


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16 responses to “Is This A Joke?

  1. To answer your question….uh, NO.

  2. democommie

    I wonder ; has it been pointed out to that group of good ‘ol boys that the GOP’s most identifiable symbol is that of a animal whose dominant social structure is a matriarchy?

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  4. chrome agnomen

    but…but…good old (white) boys. boys, i said. who like young girls (and boys) once again…old white (R) men=good; old (D) women=bad.

    see how easy that was?

  5. Kevskos

    If Hillary Clinton is elected President she would be the 2nd oldest at her inauguration. Only Ronnie Raygun above her and only by a few days. Sounds like it is a valid argument. McCain was to old, RR was to old and from her last year working at the State Department Mrs. Clinton seems to be getting pretty old. I would prefer someone younger in that job. Go Liz Warren.

    • That’s not even the point. How can the party which thought Ronald Reagan and John McCain WEREN’T too old say that Hillary Clinton IS?

      And if Clinton isn’t the nominee (hell, we don’t even know if she’s running!) who do we have that’s viable? I know we all love Elizabeth Warren but she wouldn’t stand a chance. So who do we have if not Hillary?

      Also, wouldn’t Elizabeth Warren still have 2 years left in the Senate? Keep her in Senate where we need a strong progressive voice.

      • Kevskos

        We know they are hypocrits.

        How can someone like me who said McCain and RR was to old support someone of the same age and be able to truthful reply to their concerns about her age.

        I think we need to find somebody outside of the Beltway because inside is to toxic right now. A short list, Maggie Hassen, Lincoln Chafee, John Hickenlooper, Brian Schweitzer, or Wendy Davis (She would be much stronger if she won TX Gov first). I do agree with you that Elizabeth Warren is just being so useful in the Senate we probably do want her to stay and stay for decades.

      • None of those people could get elected nationally right now. No one’s even heard of Maggie Hassan, she’s been governor for 6 months. Maybe Brian Schweitzer. Hick is in his first term as Governor, prior to that he was mayor of Denver. Plus there’s cannabis legalization and gun control which the righties will use to scare away the mushy middle. And Lincoln Chafee doesn’t qualify as “outside the beltway,” he was a U.S. Senator for 8 years! A REPUBLICAN Senator, I might add. He only switched parties when the GOP went full-frontal Bircher. Plus, Chaffee is only 6 years younger than Hillary. If he were to run and win, when he runs for reelection would you say, no can do, you’ll be too old halfway through your second term?

        Please, that’s ridiculous.

  6. These are all valid and rational arguments about the consistency of the Republicans suggestion that Hillary is too old. I don’t believe she is although, because of her age, her choice for V.P. will need to be someone who the American people can imagine as president. (Hint: Don’t choose Sarah Palin.)

    Having said this, the Republican meme and supporting strategy is sound. Much of the electorate is not swayed by rational arguments. If they were, the Republican Party would have disappeared a long time ago. Voters vote their emotions. An appeal to the next generation could.persuade some younger voters to consider the Republican ticket. This could especially be true if the Republicans can heal the rift between the evangelicals and the Libertarians and fit Rand Paul on the ticket as VP. He polls well with young voters.

  7. Rich (In Name Only) in Reno

    The Party that in 2012 ran Mitt Romney (Oct. 26, 1947) is saying that Hilary Clinton (Mar. 12, 1947) is too old to run in 2016. Right.

  8. Add to your list, the party of “family values” serial adulterers attacking Hillary Clinton, still in her first marriage.

  9. Obviously, it’s okay for old white men to rule the world, but the mere question of an elderly woman steering the ship of state has these people apoplectic. Misogyny at it’s finest…

    • I know. I can’t BELIEVE we’re even having this discussion.

      Remember before 2008 when Rush Limbaugh told his listeners how ugly women get when they age, “and do you really want to see that on your TeeVee at night?”

      Get a fucking grip, guys.

  10. timr

    to my mind the entire gop wants to punish women for having sex for fun. Which is why they want to deny the RU486 and to keep women from having an abortion. Their claims about abortion simply say to me that the male run RTL simply to not think that women have the intelligence to make decisions about their own bodies(and isn’t it funny how, even tho the rethuglicians want every pregnancy to result in birth, they want to get rid of WIC and cut SNAP.) but they can, because they are men.
    The only way they will be stopped is if women, who while registered do not vote as much as men or who simply vote the way their husbands do, make up thei own minds and vote.
    That is the only way to stop the gop from continuing is war on women.
    PS, here in Texas gov “good hair” and his gop party leaders showed that 20 years in power has pretty much corrupted the entire party as they showed great contempt for all who oppose them. Hmm, american fascism anyone?