Is This A Joke? Part 2

House Republicans have an awesome new idea on how to be super effective and not obstructionist at all with their time in Washington. It’s … wait for it … repealing Obamacare!!!

I know, betcha didn’t see that one coming, right? It’s only, like, the eleventybillionth time they’ve done that. And they say Democrats don’t have any new ideas?

But what makes this one super-awesome is that it’s called the SAW Act, which is supposed to stand for “Save American Workers,” but since it’s a healthcare-related thing, instead makes everyone think of barbaric Civil War-era field amputations — you know, the kind without anesthesia or antibiotics. Which is kinda how a lot of people without healthcare feel, right? Also: sawing off your access to healthcare is supposed to somehow make you a better worker? I guess!

Here’s the idea:

The bill would raise the number of hours employees could work each week before their employers would have to extend them health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act — Obamacare, if you will — sets the threshold at 30 hours a week; the SAW Act would raise it to 40 hours.

That’s a great idea, because Walmart and Home Depot and those crappy call centers in La Vergne don’t have enough incentive already to under-employ Tennessee workers (read: benefits and healthcare). Now that Obamacare at least gives some workers access to health insurance, House Republicans are trying to snatch that away, too.

Do y’all get the feeling that Republicans just aren’t happy unless workers are completely miserable? I do.

Naturally, Tennessee’s own Rep. Marsha Blackburn has signed on to this going-nowhere-evah atrocity, probably because as she observed this spring, she’s pretty sure people don’t want good wages and benefits, just recognition! The ol’ pat on the back, that’s the incentive we’ve been waiting for!

Um, yeah. Don’t think so, honey.

So Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare again, and they’ve come up with a truly wretched anagram to sell their idea.

Keep trying, folks!


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15 responses to “Is This A Joke? Part 2

  1. deep

    The first thing that popped into my head when I heard the name of that bill were those horror movies.

    REALLY? Don’t these idiots have anyone in PR who would tell them that naming it SAW might not be such a good idea??

  2. chrome agnomen

    good thing for congress there’s no minimum number of hours they have to work in order to qualify, since they average single digits week in, week out.

  3. democommie

    chrome agnomen:

    Well, not if you’re only talking about what they were ELECTED to do then it’s no more than a few hours a month. But, sucking up to/sucking off the big donors, that’s JOB ONE, and it’s full time.

    Southern Beale:

    You’re gonna love this one:

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  5. Jim in Memphis

    Seems Obama is a bit worried about the mid term elections and has decided to hold off another year before forcing his insurance mandate on employers. I wonder if this means the individual mandate is also put on hold?,0,7981644.story

    • The individual mandate is not on hold (and actually neither is the business mandate if you’re wanting to be technical, it’s just enforcement.)

      If you want to claim Obama is “worried about midterms” which I know is the talking point from inside the right-wing bubble, you’ll have to back that up with some facts. And I don’t mean op-eds from WingNut Daily and Clownhall where righties reinforce their worldview with fact-free opinion.

      The alternate worldview is that the Administration is being responsive to concerns from businesses over the law’s reporting requirements, which they say is an administrative nightmare for them and needs to be simplified. But of course, that doesn’t fit the RW’s creation of an “anti-business Obama” who is a Socialist and Communist and hates capitalism (despite every economic indicator showing the contrary: record corporate profits, the stock exchanges hitting record highs, record CEO pay … etc. …. ).

      And since this only applies to those with 50 or more employees, which I think far exceeds yours (didn’t you say you have 15 employees?) I don’t know why you’d even care.

      • Jim in Memphis

        So we are only allowed to comment on things that directly affect us?

        Lets get real – the reason for the delay is to try to garner support for the bill which has been dropping the closer it gets to being fully implemented. there are problems all over the place and the administration has failed to address them in the 2 plus years they have had to implement this great new system. The democrats are looking for cover after they forced this monstrous bill onto the public and are afraid they will be wiped out during the 2014 midterm elections.

        Did you also see the report where no companies have decided to offer plans on the public exchange for parts of MS? The insurance companies see that it will be a loser to offer insurance under the guidelines so they are just not participating.

        36 out of 82 counties will have no insurance plans to choose from when the federal exchange system starts in October.

      • So we are only allowed to comment on things that directly affect us?

        Don’t be ridiculous. I’m just pointing out that you keep talking about how you’re a small business person and everyting Obama does sucks for you, yet you’re too small for any of this to even apply.

        And okay, you wanna play the “let’s be real” game? I’ll bite: red states opting out of Obamacare exchanges are not exactly a prime example of the law’s failure you guys are praying so hard for. Please. Republicans are acting like whiny babies who got their lollies taken away, dragging their feet on every single part of this law which was upheld by the Supreme Court. Even telling their constituents that if they want information, don’t ask us! We’re not gonna help no sirreeee! They’re doing everything they can to create a disaster when one doesn’t need to exist. But that’s what Republicans do. Big fat babies who LOST and boy they sure can’t handle not getting their way, can they?

        This was a REPUBLICAN idea in the first place. It was REPUBLICANS answer to Hillarycare. It was MITT ROMNEY’s answer to the healthcare problem. He called the mandate a “personal responsibility” law. And now that Obama does it suddenly it’s the worst idea since anthrax? Give me a fucking break, Jim.

        If there are problems with the law’s implementation it’s because of Republican obstructionism. Republicans gerrymandered their way into the house, and any “fix” of this law — hey NO law is perfect, even Bush The Lesser and the Republicans left a fucking donut hole in Medicare Part D which had to be fixed — but no, any fix has to be done with the cooperation of House Republicans who have made it clear they want total repeal or nuthin’. They are children. Yours is a party of children, Jim. Grow the fuck up. Y’all couldn’t lead your way out of a paper bag with a map, compass and a fucking GPS.

        So fixes have to be done another way. Without Republican cooperation — and of course they’ll whine whine whine that they were “left out of the process,” after not even bothering to show up in the first place. So typical.

      • Also, I now see this long rant was basically more eloquently put in an abbreviated 2 sentences:

        Republicans’ response to the Department of Treasury’s announcement that it would delay enactment of the Affordable Care Act’s employer responsibility provision has put the party in the awkward position of attacking the administration for considering the objections and concerns of the business community and not proceeding with implementation quickly enough. This comes after years of Congressional maneuvers to defund the law and repeal it.

        Swear to Godddess I didn’t even read the ThinkProgress item before responding to Jim’s lunacy….

      • Jim in Memphis

        If you read the complaints from Eric Cantor mentioned in the article linked, he was not complaining about the delay in implementing the provisions, he was pointing out that this was another sign that Obamacare is unaffordable and in general is a bad policy.

        What does any of the Republican states not implementing the exchanges have to do with anything? The feds were supposed to be ready to go with their own exchanges. This is a federal program and should be implemented that way. As a Tennessean, I would not want any of my state tax dollars being spent on this program and as I believe my view is in the majority for TN, our legislators rightly decided not to participate. If the feds want to pass this law then let them run it and pay for it. I think it is also a waste of my federal tax dollars, but that was not the majority view when the Democrats managed to pass the law so it is what it is. I fully support the Republican attempts to dismantle the law and my guess is that a majority of their constituents do as well. That is one reason why they will likely be re-elected in 2014. You can say the GOP has gerrymandered their districts to where they can’t lose, but all that means is that there are enough GOP supporters to make up a majority in the majority of the congressional districts in the United States. Doesn’t sound like a party that is fading away anytime soon.

        Medicare Part D needs to be repealed as well. That was a stupid attempt by the GOP to buy votes and is a waste of federal tax dollars.

      • If you read the complaints from Eric Cantor mentioned in the article linked, he was not complaining about the delay in implementing the provisions, he was pointing out that this was another sign that Obamacare is unaffordable and in general is a bad policy.

        Yes, duh. I get that. Republicans have done nothing BUT complain about Obamacare. Get over it, you LOST. It’s the LAW. The facts are not on your side. No actual data says it’s not affordable and is bad policy — it’s just sour grapes from the GOP.

        The feds were supposed to be ready to go with their own exchanges.

        Oh fer fuck’s sake, Jim. Republicans have thrown up one road block after another, from cutting the funds needed to implement to even telling their constituents not to call their offices for information about how to sign up, they’re not going to lift one finger.

        And by the way, what is the Republican Party’s grand plan for fixing the healthcare crisis in this country? Besides a) denying we even have a problem and, b) nonsense like “tort reform” and “buying insurance across state lines,” none of which would actually do squat to make healthcare affordable and improve America’s health stats? We pay more and get less for our healthcare than any other Western country. How are you guys gonna fix it?

        You had an idea, Democrats jumped on it, and now you’re denying it was yours. Got another idea?

        The only thing any Republican elected to office, from dog catcher to Senate Minority Leader, is interested in doing is repeal Obamacare and ban abortion. Anything else and they haven’t the time.

        Lead, follow, or get the fuck outta my way. I don’t have time for this shit.

  6. democommie

    “And since this only applies to those with 50 or more employees, which I think far exceeds yours (didn’t you say you have 15 employees?) I don’t know why you’d even care.”

    Jim said he had 15 employees? And they’re all single?