Go Back To Your Man Cave, Asshole

Via Twitter, scenes from the anti-choice protests at the Texas state capitol today:




Dudes who regret their abortions? This is a new thing!

Here’s an idea. When you can carry that fetus 9 months and not have to worry about how you’re going to a) care for it and yourself and whatever other progeny you have while you’re pregnant and after giving birth and, b) figure out how you can care for it for 18 years amid all the challenges and life issues you may be dealing with right now? Come talk to me. Until then, STFU.


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12 responses to “Go Back To Your Man Cave, Asshole

  1. cheshire

    Even if a women is carrying that sign, it doesn’t make sense. Regretting an abortion is not the same thing is regretting that you had to choice to have one.

  2. cheshire

    “as” regretting that you had the choice. I’ve got to start proofing stuff!

  3. Mary Hackett Graham

    I’m inclined to regret the one his momma couldn’t get. Or is that too cold?

  4. Also: the “Silent No More” bit is a nice touch. These people haven’t shut their yaps in 50 years. The National Right to Life Committee was formed in 1968 — 5 years BEFORE Roe v Wade.

  5. Ariando

    Why is it always the woman who has the regrets? I bet we could rustle up thousands of unhappy fathers and fathers-to-be whose signs would be:
    “I should have used a condom”
    “I regret not having pulled out earlier”
    “What was I thinking?”

  6. *makes inarticulate jaw-gnashing sounds*

  7. Nutella

    I regret that hot fudge sundae I had yesterday so we must ban ice cream for everyone. I regret that bad haircut I got last week so we must ban hair cuts for everyone. I regret that sunburn I got over the weekend so we must ban sunbathing for everyone.

    Makes sense.

  8. democommie

    I regret that I’m a member of a sub-group of humans, men, that includes such assholes as those two fuckdouches with the signs.

    • Nutella

      Yes, a closer analogy for them would be: I heard that some woman once had a sundae and regretted it. I hate sundaes and I hate women so let’s use that as a reason to make it illegal for any woman to ever have ice cream again.

  9. Mike

    Wait… is he implying that he was aborted, survived, and now regrets it? If so, I am sure a lot of other people regret it as well.

    • democommie

      Well, he does look a bit of a mess.

      Boy, it would be icing on the cake to see that both of these guys belong to some “Right to take a life” organization like Minutemen or oneathem nice, “Heritage” groups like the Texas chapter of “Aryan Brotherhood”. You just know that these guys would have common cause with the Taliban, ‘cept for that “n—— ain’t human and everone who ain’t WHITE is a n——-!” thing.