Costa Rica Accidentally Legalizes Gay Marriage

In the “ooops” move of the century, the legislature of Costa Rica accidentally voted for a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage. Conservative lawmakers voted for the bill before realizing that it redefined marriage to include same-sex civil unions:

José María Villalta, a lawmaker from San José, inserted the language into the bill. Villalta is a member of the leftist Broad Front Party. The language confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination, according to La Nación.

Villalta attached the measure to a reform of the Law of Young People, which covers various social services for young people and laws governing marriage.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Conservatives in the legislature are having a hissy fit, demanding that Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla veto the legislation. In 2011 Chinchilla said she wouldn’t oppose same sex marriage if the Costa Rican courts upheld it. [UPDATE: Chinchilla says she won’t veto the bill.]

And I’ve gotta love this from Justo Orozco, of the National Renovation Party, an evangelical Christian political faction:

“That preference is not a right,” Orozco said, according to La Nación. “It’s a stunted development of sexual identity. It can change like alcoholism, tobacco addiction.”

Wow. Just …. wow.

Mr. Beale and I adore Costa Rica. I just think it’s hilarious that a liberal legislator there was able to trick the rabid conservative faction into voting for a bill legalizing gay marriage. Maybe our Dems should take a lesson from this?


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4 responses to “Costa Rica Accidentally Legalizes Gay Marriage

    • democommie

      I can see Ricky Martin doin’ an updated version; “Livin’ La Vida Homo!”, but just for the export market.

  1. Yutsano

    I r amused. And I might have to think about retiring there again.

  2. Yutsano