Sacred & Profane

From my local fishwrap, today:

John Paul II’s ski jacket, displayed at local high school, will become a holy relic


A ski jacket once owned by the former pontiff was donated to the school by the Vatican years ago and is prominently displayed at the school. It’s a reminder of John Paul II’s human side, Weber said, and a sign that an ordinary person can change the world.

“His consistent message was to have the courage to aspire to greatness and not be weighed down by mediocrity,” Weber said, “and to make Christ known in the world.”

John Paul II’s ski jacket will become what’s known as a second-class relic once he becomes a saint. First-class relics are usually things such as a piece of bone or hair from a saint. A second-class relic is something that a saint once owned, said Robert O’Gorman, a Nashville resident and professor emeritus of the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chicago.

Praying near a relic brings a person closer to a saint on both a physical and a spiritual level, he said.

Sorry, Catholics, no disrespect intended, but a sacred ski jacket just smacks of the ridiculous to this Presbyterian. But y’know, whatever floats y’all’s boats.

Here it is:

Once Worn By A Skiing Saint

Once Worn By A Skiing Saint


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8 responses to “Sacred & Profane

  1. If the relic results in hundreds of injured skiers coming to Nashville to be cured of their breaks and sprains, I will call it a win for local tourism.

    Then France, Nashville and Madonna will all have their own Lourdes.

  2. This reminds me of the bit in Monty Python’s Life of Brian where the followers are debating whether the gourd or the sandal is more important a sign.

  3. democommie

    Puke John Paul the Deuce is being fast-tracked for saintification. If I was a cynic, I might think that it was because they want to make certain that he’s a saint before he’s indicted posthumously. Fuck religions.

  4. Mary Wilson

    Hey, people, here is a modern miracle that does not require any relics….only changing the black heart of our (insurance company owned) Governor…so he will accept the MILLIONs of free money for EXPANDING TennCare. the Benefits to TN will include 300,000 people will be able to afford to get medical care, hospitals WON’t close, 90,000 jobs WILL be created, and the bastards who ran for office to “repeal Obamacare” will have to shut the hell up.
    Address for the Gov’nah: 1st Floor, State Capitol, Nashville 37243, phone: 615-741-2001, e-mail:
    He still has until Aug 31 to change his mind, per his own schedule. Let me know if you can do this ONE thing to help our uninsured…please.

  5. Bitter Scribe

    The Chicago Tribune, which never misses a chance to suck up to Chicago’s huge Polish population, covered the incipient sainthood and dragged out, once more, that line about JPII being a staunch anti-Communist. That’s a dog-bites-man story if ever I heard one. If the RCC was ever not anti-Communist, that would be news.