Guns In Restaurants FAIL


Here’s another one. No charges filed.


Expect to see more like this as the number of firearms in eating establishments increases:

DANBURY, Conn. – A call about shots fired inside a restaurant sent Danbury officers to The Market Place Restaurant on Mill Plain Road on Sunday evening, police said.

Witnesses said they had been eating at their table when they heard a loud popping noise and debris fell on their table, police said. Officers then located a bullet hole in a rear booth and determined the bullet had come from the direction of the restaurant office, police said.

Officers interviewed the owner, Elias Hawli, 29, who initially denied firing the gun, the police report said. But a plaque had been placed on the wall to cover the bullet hole in the office, the police report said.

Hawli, a Danbury resident, later admitted that the gun had accidentally gone off, police said. He was charged with interfering with a police officer and released on a written promise to appear. Hawli was due to appear at Danbury Superior Court on July 18.

Just another responsible gun owner, accidentally firing his gun, risking bodily harm to his customers, then lying about it! Considering Hawli’s lies and the way he covered up the evidence, I’d say his “written promise to appear” is worthless.


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11 responses to “Guns In Restaurants FAIL

  1. deep

    People should be REQUIRED BY LAW to patronize businesses of gun owners. We can’t have people running away from them, now can we? Let’s pass a law! Small government wharblgarbl

  2. GregH

    People should be required to own a gun to receive any government support! Want food stamps? Prove you own a gun. Want a farm subsidy? Prove you own a gun. Want assistance from FEMA, Sandy survivors and folks in Moore, OK? Prove you own a gun.
    Coming soon: Want to vote? Show your photo-ID…and your gun!

  3. democommie

    I have left yet another blog, because I am rude to lying asshole commentrtolls. Prior to my doing so, I read the latest post on the blog.

    It was about the case of a Mr. James Mitchell v Las Vegas PD (a suit that contains about 50 counts of alleged Constitutional and NV state law violations. The writer of the blog, who is, imo, a good guy is a proponent of 2nd Amendment remedies for those who would violate the 3rd, 4th and other Amendments. My comment said, among other things that if the plaintiff had been armed and attempted to defend himself when the police “requisitioned” his domicile he would, in all likelihood, have been killed.

    Gunz are only a solution to all of your problems if all of your problems are armed to the teeth and hellbent on killing you. In the real world, where the majority of us live? Not so much.

    • deep

      what the what now? 3rd?? Please tell me you’re kidding.

      Oh fuck I looked it up. Is that shit for real????

      • democommie

        Yes, it is only one of several Constitutional violations that are alleged. I haven’t read the whole complaint but I hope, for the plaintiffs’ sake that the law firm is working for no retainer or, better yet, pro bono.

    • I read that over at Gawker this weekend:

      A Nevada man is suing the city of Henderson and its police under the rarely-used Third Amendment, claiming that they unconstitutionally arrested him for obstruction of justice when he refused to let them commandeer his home.

      Interesting case. He must be a lawyer, or at least have a really good one.

    • I think the 3rd Amendment claim is going to fall flat. 3rd is specifically about soldiers, and a police officer simply isn’t a soldier. You could make a very good case that commandeering a private residence for police use without compensation is an impermissible taking under the 5th Amendment, though.

      And guns aren’t a solution to your problems if your problems are armed to the teeth. They work a lot better when your problems are unarmed and helpless.

  4. Will this finally qualify as a reason to bar Hawli from possessing a gun? Is there any way to follow up on these incidents to find out if the numbskulls who cannot properly control their guns get off-listed?

    • democommie

      Considering Connecticut’s recent unforeseeable tragedy at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary, Hawli may lose his license. Now, if he lived in TN or any of a bunch of other states, the judge might force him to attend firearms training classes or maybe just get a bumper sticker that says, “Gun Control means using both hands!”.

    • Far too few of these cases are prosecuted. But since Hawli was arrested, I’d say he stands a good chance of losing his guns, at least for a while…