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Here’s your weekly roundup of loonery.

• July 10, 2013:

In Nashville, a man knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask him to turn down his music, only to be threatened by the neighbors’ gun cache, which included a sawed-off shotgun. Dude should have kept his music turned down ‘cuz now he’s in jail.

• July 9, 2013:

1- Saw a TV report of a woman walking into a Downtown Nashville Waffle House waving gun, claiming to be followed or threatened in some way. Turns out she was just really high on something. I haven’t seen a written report anywhere I can link to.

2- Some accidental shootings are more accidental than others. Terence Greer is sentenced in the accidental shooting death of his friend last year; Greer moved a gun on the sofa where he and his friend were sitting and it accidentally fired, killing his friend. Unfortunate accident? Apparently only sometimes!

• July 8, 2013:

21-year-old Joseph “Cody” Leath of Mount Carmel, Tennessee: you’re our Second Amendment Defender of the week!

Heath was stupidly, violently drunk and in possession of a loaded assault rifle and 150 rounds of ammo, trashing his home and scaring all the neighbors when he was finally arrested — on the cops’ second trip to his apartment. On their first trip, they made the “command decision” to let Leath “sleep it off” — after evacuating the apartment building. That, naturally, went as well as you’d expect:

By that time Leath had allegedly graduated to marijuana. Moffitt said he smelled marijuana, and Leath admitted he’d just smoked some and a pipe was in his pocket.

When asked if he knew what was going on, Leath reportedly replied, “I don’t know. Did I hurt someone?”

Moffitt asked Leath if he still felt intoxicated. and Leath reportedly relied, “I am still f—– up.”

Yes, gun loonz. Do tell me how we’re all so much safer with people like this armed to the teeth. I’m all ears.

• July 7, 2013:

Confused about state reciprocity rules, a Tennessee CCW holder was arrested for carrying his gun in Delaware.

• July 5, 2013:

In Humboldt, two brothers were arguing over a pair of shoes. Somehow a gun got involved and a 17-year-old shot his 21-year-old brother, sending him to the hospital. Although family members say the shooting was accidental, charges have been filed and the 17-year-old is being tried as an adult. Because some accidental shootings are always more accidental than others, when “certain people” are involved (click on the link to see what I mean).

• July 3, 2013:

A 15-year-old Nashville boy has been arrested after shooting out the window of a passing Metro school bus with a BB gun.


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10 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. democommie

    The Humboldt thing? easily explained; SWB (Shooting While Black or, for that matter, Shot While Black) is ALWAYS a crime.

    The other day a LAGO (Law Abiding Gun Owner), after doing some NRAtourette rant about the “…cold, dead hands…” thing, told me that he’s killed about a thousand squirrel (everyone knows that I loathe squirrels. Then he tells me that he uses a pellet gun that is as powerful as a .22–in the city–a violation of both city and NYS law.

    • Scary vagina, indeed! Maybe it’s her way of getting Republicans to give a shit about her reproductive rights.

      Oh, and extra points for the reporter who called her “bush league.”


  2. I don’t get it. I really, really don’t get it.
    I’ll buy a gun if there’s a Zombie Apocalypse.

    • democommie

      Why is it that the zombeez never haz teh gunz? I mean the drooling, snarling and dead eyes…

  3. went to read the Terence Greer story, and before I even clicked I bet myself that he was not-white; gee, go figure…


  4. democommie

    The story about your 2nd Amendment defender of the week link is broken.

    Anyway, it warnt teh gunz, it war teh maryjewwanna!

    Gunz–GOOD; drugs–BAD; Gunz’n’drugs–not teh gunz fawltz.

  5. democommie

    That story is pretty hard to believe–oh, wait, it would be hard to believe here, not someplace where whiteguyz wit teh gunz are, like, cool. I can see ‘zackly the same thing not happnin’ if the gent was, um, dusky hued.

    I wonder how long before we find out that the party animal is related to somebody on the PD or maybe used to be a cop himself.


    “Leath was charged with vandalism, domestic abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication. He was released from the Hawkins County jail on Monday following a court appearance in Sessions Court.”

    shows that he had no firearms charges filed, Apparently 50 round mags are good in TN.