Sarah Palin Is Not Running For Anything, Idiots

Good lord, every time that woman burps the national news media has to rush to cover it. I find it very annoying. Now, in addition to the ridiculous speculation about a Hillary-Palin rematch (like this nonsense from USA Today) we have the breathless reports about Palin running for Senate in Alaska.

Please. Palin isn’t running for anything. Ever. That is the last thing this woman wants to do. But the endless, fawning attachment to the idea of her running for something is certainly a useful fundraising tool for the political-industrial complex. And I’m not surprised to see the corporate media dutifully playing its part to help the Great Palin Grift Machine chug into Grand Profit Station.

It’s sorta like the unholy alliance that gave us those ridiculous TV ads featuring Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calling to abolish the IRS. Inexplicably, the ads are running on MSNBC and Bravo (probably Fox too, but I don’t watch that channel), and Cruz comes off like an utter loon. But what better way to pick the wallets and amass a mailing list of fellow anti-tax loons before the midterms, right? Anyone who calls that 800 number is an idiot. Not sure how many anti-tax extremists watch those channels, but whatever.

But as far as Palin goes, finally someone besides us lefty bloggers is onto her:

Whatever you think of Palin, you have to give her this: She is a genius marketer of the “Sarah Palin” brand. She has turned herself into a celebrity. She is a well-compensated speaker, author and now, again, Fox News Channel political analyst.

And, to Nelson’s point above, Palin knows that the worst thing for that brand would be to return to the political arena as a candidate and lose. To run would be to risk the cachet and marketability she has built up in conservative circles. And Palin is plenty smart enough to know that.

Which is a nice way of saying, she’s not running for anything except to be Sarah Palin.


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7 responses to “Sarah Palin Is Not Running For Anything, Idiots

  1. GregH

    There is a long and venerable history of demagoguery and media-politico whoredom (for either gender, although historically mostly male) in our country, so people should stop pretending this is something new and fresh…and OH SO FASCINATING [barf!]. The only new thing is that Palin is a successful, popular *female* demagogue (Ann Coulter notwithstanding)….and not a successful, popular televangelist (like Aimee Semple McPherson). Given time…and enough rope, the outcome is predictable.

  2. deep

    Same thing I’ve been saying about Paula Deen. It doesn’t matter whether her career is ruined or not, someone ELSE is making a lot of money off of mocking her, supporting her, condemning her, or just plain talking about her.

    These people generate media buzz and buzz equals money.

  3. Palin won’t run for Senate because on the off chance she won, she’d have to show up and do some work. She might run if the Senate would build a studio in her house and let her legislate via Skype.

  4. democommie

    Isn’t it about time for Miss Wasillabilly 2008 to start shillin’ for either the NRA or Bowflex?

  5. Mary Wilson

    And since she is now the unsuccessful paid shill for the Koch brothers and their TEA PARTY dogs, she doesn’t have a chance in holy hell of running as a Republican nor under the ‘TEA Party’ banner. And the candidates she pushed for in 2010 LOST in 2012.