Your Modern Conservative Movement, Summed Up In One Pseudonym

Alrighty, then:

Howie Felterbush stood on the outskirts of the demonstration crowd, watching.

“Justice was rendered,” he said. “That’s why we have trials instead of (verdicts based on) public opinion.”

Felterbush was in Orlando earlier in the day and came to the courthouse to offer an opposing view. “That wasn’t to be had,” he said. “There was 95% Trayvon supporters.”

The Melbourne resident believes the jury made the right decision, but he didn’t say it very loudly. The 49-year old declined to be interviewed on video, saying he was uncomfortable because of the “state of things.”

Seriously? “Howie Felterbush” is too scared of black people rioting that he came up with a misogynist pseudonym? Because that’s so much better?

Also: “Howie Felterbush” is 49 years old? This just says everything you need to know about your modern conservative movement. Racist, misogynist, paranoid, and with the emotional maturity of a 14-year-old.

I’m trying to figure out what’s more offensive: the Zimmerman verdict itself, or the raging paranoia from right-wingers convinced that every black person is gonna git the white folk. Seriously, get over your damn selves. It’s not like black people haven’t been on the receiving end of judicial injustice for, oh, a couple hundreds years now.

I’d also like to thank the state of Florida for reminding me why I’ve boycotted it for 10 years now. That ain’t changing.

Florida is officially a vigilante state. Not the kind of place I want to go on vacation. God forbid someone should get scared of me for some unknown reason that needs no explanation. Of course, since I’m a white person I probably don’t have anything to worry about.

Lucky me.



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22 responses to “Your Modern Conservative Movement, Summed Up In One Pseudonym

  1. democommie

    I was in a bar last night when the verdict was confirmed by the bartender (the wife of a retired State Trooper) who was somewhat pissed off about it.

    I said to a gent at the bar that the way to get FL to change the stand your ground law would be for dozens of black men to shoot white men in the same way as Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. A guy a few stools down from him said, “Yeah, wel, that’s probably gonna happen; Zimmerman’s going to have to go into hiding, cuz’ some pissed off guy’s gonna punch his ticket. Seriously, dude? George Zimmerman is gonna be touring with Mama Griz, soon’s as they can work out the details on the %ages of speaking fees each will get. Zimmerman will be on every whackaloon talkshow for the next couple of weeks and probably get a “consulting” gig with FuckTheNew’sCorpse as an expert on “Neighborhood Counter-terrorism in Gated Communities”.

    George Zimmerman is a murdering piece-of-shit.

  2. And to think Florida wants so much to get everything that California has, wooing Hollywood, urging movie companies to leave california and move to Florida, etc., etc. Texas too has been doing that, urging businesses to leave California with incentives like no regulations ( California’s are very strict ).

    Dad said in a man to man fight, the one with the gun should shoot and make sure the other one is dead, then prooclaim self-defense, even if the shooter is the instigator. dad said they should have gotten an all male jury coz they’d find Zimmerman a coward who thought he was brave coz he had a gun.

    • dad said they should have gotten an all male jury coz they’d find Zimmerman a coward who thought he was brave coz he had a gun.

      Interesting. I wondered what the male perspective might be, if they’d think Zimmerman was a coward or if they’d be more sympathetic.

  3. I’m going to quote something I read on Gawker:

    “If you want to get into a technical argument that it’s only murder if it’s “unlawful,” and that if this trial by jury fails to produce a conviction, then the killing is not unlawful and therefore is not murder—well, presumably you also would argue that O.J. Simpson did not murder his wife. But why are you trying to make the argument at all? Why do you want to believe that an armed man shooting and killing an unarmed 17-year-old boy is lawful? What makes you think this way?”

    • democommie

      Laci The Dog:

      I’m sure that the babbling gunzloonz over at Mikeb’s are ecstatic about this.

      • We’ll find out–I posted a couple of items there about this.

        Of course, I can’t reason with unreasonable people. That said, I don’t bother with reading the comments. I’m sure campy will say something moronic couched in hi-fallutin’ phrases to make him sound smarter than I am.

    • I was shocked at the defense’s closing argument tactic, bringing in a cement block and proclaiming that Trayvon Martin was NOT unarmed.

      I found that outrageous and a gross mischaracterization of what happened.

      • democommie

        I didn’t follow the trial. If the prosecution did not object or if they did, and the judge did not sustain the objection, to such a non-evidentiary mischaracterization of the event, shame on them.

      • I also didn’t really follow the trial. I’m sure I would be totally upset at how screwed up it was.

        It doesn’t take too much brainpower to realise that Zimmerman was the aggressor and guilty of murder.

        Would he have followed Martin had Zimmerman not had a gun?

  4. ThresherK

    Tangent: The linked story was filed after 11pm EST Saturday night.

    Twenty four hours earlier, the LATimes (among others) carried apologies for the San Francisco TV station and NTSB report which got pranked for fake airline employee names in the SFO crash last week. You’d think every media pro everywhere would be on the lookout.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to remind my substance-counselor spouse that she has a new client, an Al Cahallic, scheduled for tomorrow morning.

  5. democommie

    Well, I’m happy to see that Charlie Pierce has not learned to put a muzzle on that pitbull intellect of his. This is a day when I’m glad to not own a television.

  6. I don’t know if this is “The Male” perspective but it’s a male perspective. Growing up in Birmingham, Al in the 60’s-not exactly a center of personal tolerance-my Mama and Daddy used to tell me “If you go looking for trouble you’ll probably find it.” Zimmerman was looking for a chest-thumping moment. He stays in the car no one dies. Beyond a reasonable doubt. I fear desires for a civil society are futile. The best we seem to be able to do is just stay in our little personal circle of friends and avoid the lunatics.

    • thomas

      I have to comment here.. But first let me say that this verdict is a very bad sign of our times and where we stand as a nation… we are close to the end if this is not corrected. A man who kills another should not for any reason go free without some kind of payment to the family for their loss. We have excused a crime… no other way to say it..

      now. when you said that if you go looking for trouble you will find it…
      One of the first jokes I learned (maybe the first)..
      A brother and sister were named Shut Up (older sister) and Trouble (younger brother) One day Trouble wondered off and got lost, so Shut Up went looking for him. During her search she encounter a policeman. He noticed her and asked her; “What is your name, little girl? She politely said, “Shut up”. He asked again and got the same answer. Then, becoming angry, said, “Alright are you looking for trouble?! To which she quickly replied; “yes! Do you know where he is?!

      Sorry, But that is what I thought of….

  7. democommie

    Perhaps a better nom de coward for the interviewee you mention; Mr. Ike Antgeddidup would prolly be apt.

  8. GregH

    There are just no words for the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. So very sad for my country. It’s like the continuing travesty that is Gitmo or the NSA warrantless wire-tap-athon. SOOOO very *NOT* what I want for my country or what America is supposed to be about. (Ample historical evidence of betraying our ideals at the drop of a hat notwithstanding.)

  9. democommie

    Looks like Ms. Southern Beale is not the only person boycotting Floreeks-o-racist-shit: