They Don’t Need No Education

The Teapublican Clown Car has arrived at the station, folks:

A Republican lawmaker in Utah outlined a proposal last week to abolish compulsory education in the state.

State Sen. Aaron Osmond (R) argued that certain “parents act as if the responsibility to educate, and even care for their child, is primarily the responsibility of the public school system.”

“As a result, our teachers and schools have been forced to become surrogate parents, expected to do everything from behavioral counseling, to providing adequate nutrition, to teaching sex education, as well as ensuring full college and career readiness,” he wrote in a post on the state senate’s blog.

Osmond told the Deseret News that he wants the public to view education as an opportunity rather than a requirement.

“Let’s let them choose it, let’s not force them to do it,” Osmond said.


This is such an unbelievably bone-headed idea, Stacy Campfield must be kicking himself for not thinking of it first.

And yes, Osmond is related to “those” Osmonds. His father was one of the “unsung” Osmond brothers. Now we know why.

While I appreciate that Osmond seems to at least recognize an important issue faced by educators, I’m not sure how ending mandatory education is supposed to solve the problem. I don’t see how not educating the state’s kids serves the needs of the state or of the country as a whole. And I really don’t get how you go from Point A (teachers and schools are having to act as surrogate parents) to Point B (maybe those kids’ parents just don’t want them in school).

I repeat: Huh?

This, my friends, is the utterly predictable place where Teapublican logic leads. Instead of addressing the hard issues, let’s just continue to punish those suffering from said problems while pretending ignorance and illiteracy are virtues.

You know, this country has always been a diverse place, but I remember when there were at least some things on which we could all agree. And one of those things was that education was good. The highest hope parents had for their kids was that they’d get a college education. If you were the first in your family to graduate high school or to get a college degree, this was a good thing. You were proud of it.

WTF, America? Is this what we have to thank for 30 years of conservative talk radio and phony populism?

From the Deseret News link:

Utah’s public education system is currently the lowest-funded in the nation in terms of per-pupil spending.

Looks like Utah lawmakers have already made that choice for the state’s kids. This also explains how someone like Osmond got elected to the state senate in the first place.

Here’s a question: if your own damn legislature doesn’t value education, why the hell do you think your citizens should?


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11 responses to “They Don’t Need No Education

  1. They’ve already let parents opt their kids out of having to hear about controversial topics like evolution and sex education. This is just the next illogical step.

  2. Min

    He ignores one of the most important societal benefits of compulsory public education. Public schools act as a safety net for the society’s children by identifying students who are abused or neglected, who have hearing or sight issues, or who have learning disabilities.

    • I don’t think he’s ignoring those things; he just doesn’t believe that it’s the government’s job to them. He’s a believer in the daddy state that hurts and punishes criminals and enemies, not the mommy state that helps and nurtures its citizens.

  3. lol, Stacy C is probably kicking himself right now…or calling Osmond for some pointers.

  4. Seeker

    Remember, Utah is the state where the FLDS have abolished school altogether for their cult’s children, and also the state where parents can claim to homeschool and it’s illegal for anyone to ask any questions whatsoever about it. The parents are completely free to do whatever they like without repercussion. The Mormon religion finds unquestioning obedience more important than knowledge, which might lead their flock to start examining their faith and all its insane “theology”.

  5. Ariando

    Every teacher is a union thug, storm trooper who conspires to instill critical thinking skills into a child’s mind . . . and don’t forget that teacher salaries crashed the economy in 2008, etc. Bwahahaha

    • democommie

      And you know what’s even worser? They get paid for 12 months a year and they only work 9-10 months. And they get paid for 40 hours a week and schools, like, what, 8-3 with an hour for lunch, so they only work 30 hours a week? I know a teacher who told me that’s not true, that they work more hours and they only get paid for the months that school is in session and I’m like, OMFG, so the huge paychecks you steal would be even more biggerer if you got paid for those months?!

      Boy, what a ripoff, thank GOD that we have brave legiliars like Aaron Osmond to rip the cover off this story!!

  6. GregH

    I’m having a problem with this story and with the current assault on TN teachers. As a product of the public schools, I think back over all the teachers I had over the years, and I can recall nice teachers, mean teachers, organized teachers, teachers who sometimes spazzed out a bit, teachers who loved their students, teachers who were really into the subject…..but I can’t recall ever having a teacher who was lazy and didn’t work hard. I’m probably just lucky and everyone else had a bunch of lazy-assed, do-nothings….SO, please abolish the public educational system. We’ll save money now, plus an ignorant public is the key to growing the economy!

  7. Thus has it ever been:

    In early 1950, Congressman Harold Velde of Illinois, rising in the House of Representatives to oppose mobile library service to rural areas, told his colleagues:

    “The basis of communism and socialistic influence is education of the people.”

    • “The basis of communism and socialistic influence is education of the people.”

      Well, the plutocrats and overlords have always been the ones to benefit from an ignorant populace. Thus is has ever been, indeed. Ever since the invention of movable type they’ve been trying to figure out how to stuff the genie back in the bottle.

  8. Never met a kid, (Myself excepted, given the fact that I fell utterly in love with my Kindergarden teacher) who wouldn’t let out a big loud Yahooo! at the news “Today is Saturday, you don’t have to go to school”. So, when the advocates of No School decided on this issue, the very first supporters were : The kids themselves! Yeah, let them stay home and forget about Math,Lenguage and Science; “Let the Indians (From India) and the Orientals worry about that stuff that we dont need anyway, “‘Cause we’ll all be Models, Stars or Computer wizards”…….And let them play their video games all day (No need to take showers either) Let the Chinese and the Japanese take over our Industry. We have to worry about more imortant things, like the next level on the latest Game. Let the little devils make up their own rules and let’s not worry about a thing, The gravy Train is long and takes forever……Our pensions are eternal…And America is Number 1 Mhmmmm………The wake up call was given a few years ago, We just choose not to mind.
    (By the way: I believe Education is thaugt at home; School teaches discipline and hopefuly, how to think and organize)