Why I Quit Googling

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago Google held a fundraiser for notorious climate denier/oil company shill/all around nutbar Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe.

Considering the great lengths Google has gone to present itself as a “green” company, more than a few people consider this a gross display of hypocrisy. You simply can’t claim to have any sort of green ethos while raising money for the Senate’s most vocal and active climate denier.

And no, saying you have a data center in Oklahoma is not sufficient explanation. You don’t get off with that trite “we don’t agree with all of their policies” bullshit. This isn’t just any policy. This is a major policy on which you’ve hinged a whole boatload of your feel-good PR, and Inhofe is probably this country’s most powerful activist working to obstruct any policy action related to climate change.

You do not get a pass on this. This is not, we have a minor disagreement on this one trivial thing but can find common ground elsewhere. This is, we are galaxies apart on a major fundamental issue of cataclysmic proportions. So, fuck you, Google. We’re not that stupid.

There’s simply no excuse for this. I mean, I guess they’re bowing and scraping for some kind of favorable tax treatment or whatever? To which I again say: fuck you. How many bazillions in profits do you people need, anyway? I just don’t get Corporate America, I really don’t. You’re all, oooh we want Americans to love us and feel good about us! but you act like such dicks all the time, spending bazillions of dollars on lobbying and PACs and greenwashing and PR campaigns and fundraising for asshole Republicans and groups like ALEC which support legislation that oppress your customers. Why not just spend all that money on doing the right thing in the first place? Instead of spending money on being assholes and then spending more money on a PR/marketing campaign trying to convince us you’re not assholes?

Wouldn’t that just be easier?

Anyway, comedian Andy Cobb put together a hilarious video clip mocking Google for its hypocrisy. Give it a look-see:

But I have to tell you guys, this isn’t the reason I stopped Googling. I stopped Googling a while ago and here’s why: they started sucking. It’s true!

I use search engines when looking up stories for my weekly gun report, and about six weeks ago I noticed that suddenly a news search for something like, “gun accident, Memphis” would yield a whole string of Daily Caller stories having nothing to do with guns, accidents or even Memphis. Don’t believe me? Look, this is Bing’s search:


And this is Google’s:


If you click on the picture you’ll see that other than CNN’s top story, the rest is some Daily Caller BS that has nothing to do with what I’m searching for. (Daily Caller is that far-right rag Tucker Carlson started which peddles wingnut crack. Notorious for firing and missing, repeatedly, we’ve nicknamed them the “Daily Failure.”)

Anyway, I’m not tech-savvy and I can’t pretend to understand all of the algorithms and other crap which goes into making a search engine do its job. I’ve heard of Google Bombing and all that, so I’m gonna guess the people at Tucker’s Daily Failure embedded some SEO terms in their codes or whatever it is they do to make sure anyone searching for “guns,” “Tennessee” and maybe some other redneck-y sounding terms will land on Tucker’s Little Shoppe Of Internet Rumours.

Anyway, that ain’t working for me so I switched to Bing. So far, no problems.

You know, I’m not naive. Despite Corporate America’s Herculean efforts to put forth a huggsy-wuggsy image and to make sure its Twitter feed is full of Nice Time, I know they’re all evil to some extent, the difference is just in degrees. And I can handle some evil, it’s part of life in America today. But when you become both evil and you stop working? You’re dead to me.


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21 responses to “Why I Quit Googling

  1. Yup. I sometimes fall back into the G, especially on Safari, but mostly I use DuckDuckGo.

    Remember when there were all those search engines one could use? I miss ’em.

  2. I didn’t know that, and I didn’t notice. I’ll check it out and maybe use Bing. What happened to Google, anyway ?

  3. I hate to say this, but the problem is that there are not enough people like you, who care enough about the fundamentals of humanity to change their habits. And those that do care, might not be able to change their habits, making the pool of influencers even smaller. That is not to say what you are doing doesn’t matter. It does. But I think more focus is needed on how to get the average person to realize the importance of these matters. Finally, +1 for DDG.

  4. Wayne

    startpage.com is the best because they let you use google results anonymously.

    • I have been using Duck Go and not very happy with their limited number of results (usually a total of 10-15) and no image search and no video search. With your suggesting, am trying startpage.com as my home page and search engine. So far, so good,looks OK. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Bernard

    yes, it’s good to see your rant about Google and it’s being EVIL with nuts like Inhofe, Coburn, etc. making your statement about supporting evil is great . more people get upset and stop supporting these “BAD” Corporations who are determined to sell us out for the next quarter’s earning record chart statistics. Google support of Inhofe is long term permanent climate change, greed from the word “GOOGLE.”

  6. The thing I find very odd is that you get fairly reasonable results from Google if you just use their web search rather than the news search. There seems to be something specifically messing with their news search that isn’t hurting when you don’t ask for news.

  7. Bob

    I do a bit of writing myself and I googled the history of the second amendment. The first several pages (all I bothered to go through) all were written with a right wing slant and virtually all misrepresented some aspect of American History of the era. (Thank God for Dr.Susan Becker (r.i.p.) who taught us to go ahead and look at the footnotes. Historians lie too.) Anyway, I remembered that a friend of mine got her name listed first in a google search of her name by paying google, and it hit me like a sledgehammer between my eyeballs. The NRA and her sister organizations were essentially paying google to rewrite history.

    When I crosschecked this theory in other search engines, viola’, real academic papers from accredited universities started showing up.

    It’s not the government that we should fear. It’s the shills of our corporate overlords.

    • democommie

      That, and the violas!

      I am sorry, but that was hanging too low. {;>)

      I quit googling most gunzstuff a long time ago (except for technical information) because teh Google is teh shit on that subject. Same-o,same-o for the Pauls.

  8. IxQuick. only way to go. 🙂

    • …what they WANT is for us to love them for acting like dicks. They may have the most high-tech socially-connected corporate network on the face of the planet Earth, but what they want is typical for rich conservatives:

      “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
      –John Kenneth Galbraith

  9. Looks like giving up Google will be necesssary. Which will mean moving my blogspot blog. Damn, that’s going to take an effort. The e-mail, too.

    I remember when i-God had died, in the days between that and his official biography coming out, showing that he was a total creep, though is real sin for his true-believers was that he’d engaged in “woo” to treat his cancer. Someone who’d had enough of it as I had had the wit to point out how much more wonderful his admirers found it for Steve Jobs to produce ever newer and shinier toys for them than to eradicate malaria in the 3rd world. Damn, I wish I’d said that.

    Bing it is.

  10. deep


    for those of you who don’t want to cave in to Micro$oft.

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  13. Fine rant. Summarizes the Corporartocracy.

  14. Kathie

    … and the whole time Google was one of them, the sheep in wolves clothing haha. What a lame excuse, it is not excuse. If you have to support this guy to get along in Oklahoma, move your offices. Manipulating our searches, taking money from those who are brainwashing our less intelligent population. This is very scary indeed. Google has shown their true colors. Yup, we’ve been had. Bing it is for me as well

  15. Min

    I changed my home page to Bing, just for you. And because you pissed me off at Google.

  16. CB

    If you look for it, and they don’t make it obvious, Google actually has a fairly sophisticated advanced web search. Look at the bottom of your first screen of results, and there will be a link to it. You can limit by domain, and exclude terms. It’s built on field-labeled implied Boolean search logic, only you don’t have to nest with punctuation, which is easy to get wrong. I dislike their news search for the same reasons you indicated. It’s definitely a weak spot.

  17. CB

    … and just ftr, Bing is from Microsoft, the Great Evil.

  18. Bitter Scribe

    I’d give Bing a try except for one thing: They don’t seem to have an equivalent of Google’s Advanced Search function, mentioned above by CB, where you can enter multiple terms. If you can’t get everything into one word or phrase with Bing, you’re SOL. (Or am I doing it wrong?)

    If you really want to hate Google, read the recent New Yorker piece about how they’re basically taking over the Bay Area, to the extent of running their own private bus service for employees. (No link, sorry. I read it in the dead-tree version and couldn’t find it on their website.)