My Left Hand

Yesterday while filling a bird feeder I got stung by a wasp on my left hand. My hand has since swollen to grotesque proportions, despite baking soda paste, Zyrtec, ice, elevating it, Benadryl and finally a cortisone shot from the doctor this morning.

I have a Frankenhand. It looks like someone took one of Rush Limbaugh’s pudgy hands and sewed it to the end of my wrist.

I’ve been stung by red wasps, brown wasps, black wasps and bees numerous times before. This has never happened to me before. It’s been almost 24 hours and if anything, it’s gotten worse.

Even worse, I’ll never play the violin again. Well, okay so I don’t play the violin now but seriously, this is making me nuts.

The nurse said they’ve seen a lot of wasp stings lately and apparently they’re more virulent then usual because of the warm winter or some such. Not sure what one has to do with the other but if this is our climate change future, count me out.


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17 responses to “My Left Hand

  1. LOL 🙂 Healing thoughts from me to you!

  2. Min

    Bless your heart. And your hand.

  3. I hope your hand’s okay now.

  4. Raven

    Any news on your paw?


  5. 2aimai

    Just saw this, Southern Beale, I’m so very sorry! I burned myself with hot oil two nights ago and really thought the pain would never die down. It did but while it was going on it was horrible! Ihope everything gets better.

  6. CB

    If you haven’t yet gone to the ER, do so NOW, please. That is all.

  7. democommie


    I was “stung” some years back by a hornet that was in the “must” of a wine press I was cleaning. The doctor who owned the little vineyard looked at it and said, (I paraphrase):

    “The swelling you’ve got there is not, likely, allergic reaction. What you probably have is an infected bite. Wasps and hornets don’t eat just sweets; they eat decaying carrion and, um, poop. They also don’t just sting, they bite as well and a bite is likely to get infected more easily than a sting.”

    I concur with those who suggest a trip to the ER.

  8. I hope it’s not too late. If you rub meat tenderizer into a bee sting or insect bite the enzyme in it will break down the venom in the sting, reducing the pain enormously and the reaction – if you get it soon enough. Take some benadryl if you don’t have to drive or operate power equipment, too.

    I get stung at least several times a year and am always getting bitten by something or other.

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  10. ThresherK

    Also, vinegar is supposed to be great for jellyfish stings, so it “couldn’t hoit” a wasp sting, right?

    (In the “now you tell me” dept: I’m just getting to this thread now. Glad you’re feeling better.)

    • I thought of that but I didn’t do it because I know a paste made of baking soda works on bee stings — I’ve used that before — and at the time I was thinking back to my high school chemistry and how baking soda and vinegar are on completely opposite ends of the pH scale and I thought, I don’t want one to counteract the other but NOW I realize pH probably doesn’t have anything to do with wasp stings anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered.


  11. Mary Wilson

    I love the part about the ‘non-playing the violin!’  Seriously, that sort of happened to me years ago…stepped on a bunch of wasps around persimmons and the nurse told me the same thing as my foot swelled triple size.  But glad it is getting better as from your update this morning!