Anger Issues

This video clip has already gone viral so you’ve probably seen it, but in case you missed it: I bring you the face of our modern, pro-gun conservative movement. Filled with inchoate rage at their cultural irrelevance, unleashing a testosterone-fueled fury with firearms because we all know that’s what the need for this firepower is really all about: not to protect home and hearth or even to bring down a deer, but to release the stress that comes from constantly having that amygdala tweaked by those who profit handsomely from the chaos they create (Rush, I’m looking at you, buddy).

This is not your typical “responsible gun owner,” of which I know many. Those people are not the ones who see tyranny in gun background checks. This is the face of the gun lobby. This is the “real America” of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent. The only thing scarier than seeing some rage-fueled gun loon get his rocks off firing an array of weapons is the knowledge that he’s the chief of police in some pissant Pennsyltucky town.

All of that firepower and all of that authority still cannot stem the rage of his cultural powerlessness.

Dude, take a pill. You’ve obviously got some serious problems, and “libtards” are not among them. You’re not a Second Amendment hero. You’re what the rest of America recoils in horror at.

Get some help.


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7 responses to “Anger Issues

  1. democommie

    Fully automatic weapons? Oh, Chief, I hope you’re as stupid as you are pissed off. Absent the proper licenses for your penis substitute you’ve just provided the ATF with Exhibit A in your felony firearms violation trial.

    Police Chief? Wow,in a town of 867 I wonder how many cops he’s chief of. what an fucking asshole. If I ever needed a reason not to visit that neck of the woods, he’s provided it. I’m betting that both the ATF the DHS are well aware of who this moron is and what he’s up to. What an embarrassment, for a state that is hard to embarrass when it comes to mixin’ teh gunz with teh burnin’ stoopit.

  2. ThresherK

    You’re more rural than I.

    As a thought experiment, how many responsible gun owners does it take to counteract one of these fellows?

    I keep waiting for the Hank Hills to talk down the Dale Gribbles, but does that happen in real life?

  3. Min

    I can’t watch at work, but I can’t believe a police chief takes this position. The proliferation of weapons just makes the job more dangerous for the police officers under his command. That’s one of the reasons my father, an ex-cop, has no respect for the NRA.

  4. 5,4,3,2…Doubles salary as 2nd Amendment spokesperson. Ain’t America Grand!

  5. GregH

    This has got to be a joke, right?
    BTW, automatic firearms are notoriously inaccurate and hard to control, kind of like this guy’s big mouth.