Wait I Thought Socialized Medicine Was EVIL

Oh, the irony:

Troops provide free medical care in KY, TN

July 28, 2013 18:35 EDT

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) — Licensed medical professionals serving in the military are on a mission to provide free medical care to residents in western Kentucky and Tennessee.

The Paducah Sun reports (http://bit.ly/15ppIjQ ) that a program called Innovative Readiness Training provides medical screening, non-emergency medical treatment, minor lab tests, optometry exams and free glasses.

Services also include prescription assistance services, educational information and dental exams.

The program wrapped up a deployment in Martin, Tenn., on July 17. More than 3,200 patients received services ranging from general health and optical care to oral care in Martin.

The program will begin taking patients Aug. 5 in Mayfield, Ky. The mission also will visit Hayti, Mo., Dyersburg, Tenn., and Blytheville, Ark.

The mission is part of a partnership with the Delta Regional Authority and the Department of Defense.

First of all, yay. This service is really needed in this part of the country, so good on them.

Second of all, if you’re out there waving misspelled signs about the evils of socialized medicine while cheering free healthcare provided by the most socialized agency of the U.S. government then I have a cup of STFU with your name on it. Seriously, y’all: yesterday at the grocery store I saw a car plastered with Tea Party bumper stickers (“Don’t Tread On Me,” “Liberty And Freedom!,” “End Socialism,” “Abolish The IRS,” etc. etc. along with a lovely U.S. Army specialty license plate. I didn’t think it was possible for that much stupid to fit on the back of one vehicle.)

Thirdly, if this is your solution to the nation’s healthcare crisis, then you are out of ideas and need to get to the back of the line and shut up.

Fourthly, if you can’t at least admit that “the best healthcare system in the world” wouldn’t have stuff like this going on somewhere every weekend, then you shouldn’t be crafting healthcare policy:

Sampson was one of an estimated 3,000 uninsured or under insured patients who lined up for hours — even days — to receive free medical, dental and eye care at the 14th annual Remote Area Medical clinic at the Wise County Fairgrounds in far Southwest Virginia.

The three-day event draws thousands every year from the coalfields of Appalachia for charity health care and is staffed by a small army of nearly 2,000 volunteers.

Sampson, 47, from Hiltons , arrived Saturday with her boyfriend, his son and a friend and slept overnight in a compact Kia Sephia so they could be seen Sunday. They waited in line more than eight hours Saturday just to wake up and be back at 5 a.m. Sunday.

The best healthcare in the world ain’t worth a fart in the breeze if the people who need it can’t access it. And there is no way on earth you can convince me that a compassionate, “Christian” nation would treat its sick and poor this way.

This is the sign of a broken system, not a functioning one. I read stories like this and I know I’m supposed to get the warm fuzzies, aww ain’t it sweet this medical student is volunteering his time! Yes, it’s sweet, good for him, good for all of them. Thank God for them. But dammit, people! He shouldn’t have to!

It shouldn’t have to be this way!

Get a damn clue.


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15 responses to “Wait I Thought Socialized Medicine Was EVIL

  1. I work for the NHS here in the UK; and while it’s far from perfect, it is one of the least bad systems I’ve experienced from both an employee and a users perspective.
    A couple of articles which may interest you:
    Both written prior to the credit crunch, so I’m sure both the UK and Canada will have made some cuts to their health services. But, from what I see and experience, it is always more expensive NOT to treat sick people than it is to treat them. Sick people a). cannot work and earn to their full potential, b). spread illness and disease if not treated, c). will invariably continue to deteriorate causing increasing cost and disruption. Much better to catch and deal with the ailments sooner rather than later, and keep the general populace in the best health possible!
    I also agree with the statement in the first article that countries with nationalised healthcare programmes tend to have lower rates of abortion, because the prospective parents don’t have to worry about the medical costs incurred with having a child, even one with disabilities or special needs. Strangely, my US friends who are most strongly anti-abortion/pro-life, are also those who are most anti-national health systems!

    • …it is always more expensive NOT to treat sick people than it is to treat them..

      Well, yes but, you don’t take into account the deep satisfaction gained from punishing people who are poor, blaming them for their illness, forcing them to beg and grovel and plead to get their children healthcare, and in every other way kicking people when they are down, which as the American Tea Party can tell you is PRICELESS!

      { Written with deep sarcasm and tremendous sadness ….}

      • Kyle

        Yeah, cost-benefit analysis is for pointy-headed librul indoctrination college professors. Rethug government is all about punishing “bad” people.

  2. democommie

    It’s only socializmical when THEY say it’s socialismical.

    Walmart strives to keep unions out of their business by any means fair or foul and tries to externalize the cost of treatment for the people who work for them by sending them to ER’s, instead of offering them some sort of reasonable plan for healthcare. Fuck the Waltons, every last one of them–even those who give to charity, because they’re just donating back a %age of the money they’ve stolen.

    • GregH

      Isn’t this just like power companies trying to “externalize” the true economic cost of generating power with coal (dirty air, acid rain, global warming, etc.)? Or paper companies not charging us for the added service of dumping dioxin in lakes and rivers? As long as companies don’t pay the true economic cost of production, the rest of us have to pay it.

      • Well, sure! Just like Walmart paying their people crap wages so the rest of us have to pick up the tab in the form of food stamps and such. I’m sorry, but if you have a job you shouldn’t be on food stamps. There’s something wrong with that, and it ain’t the person with the job.

        I can’t even belieeeeeve we have to argue this shit anymore.

    • Bitter Scribe

      But the Walmart heiress is building a big-ass art museum in Arkansas. And I bet Walmart employees get 10% off admission.

  3. Mary Wilson

    Well, I have been working for months now supporting this Stoopid State Governor to stop stalling and accept $1 BILLION in tax dollars to expand our TennCare/Medicaid. The military’s efforts to help seriously ill is putting a bandaid on the problem since they will only help the immediate need for the most vulnerable, the sickest who have no health insurance. And of course, RAM has been around for years and has served millions around this country with immediate needs. And although it/they have provided quality care, it is NOT a long term solution. Since the ACA was initiated in 2010, thousands of folks have been provided access to quality care…kids listed on their parents’ policies til age 26, Medicare patients who receive pre-cancer screenings, annual physicals, breaks on meds, AND thousands have received rebates/refunds where Insurance companies are FORCED to give back any co-pays paid over 80% of charges. The bottom line is that the KOch brothers are paying about $2 million PER day to stall or ‘repeal’ this law…as are big insurance, big pharmaceutical companies, etc.
    Oh, and with Haslam’s ‘TN Plan’, he would only accept 1/2 of the money, and give it to insurance companies for ‘stipends’ for the uninsured to “help” them buy coverage…and the patients would have to pay ‘co-pays’. Our poorest DO NOT HAVE THE money to pay. THIS is the bottom line.

  4. Ariando

    Fast on our way to third world status.

  5. democommie

    I just skimmed a story about elderly protestors being arrested at the NC lege after refusing to leave the chambers. That, this story, the other stories about the attacks on voters’ rights, a woman’s freedom of choice, education, science and the old stand-byes of race and poverty gives me an idea for a graphic that I, unfortunately, cannot do myself.

    Anybody’s got the mad skilz at graphics is welcome to this idea.

    A group of robed and hooded figures with crosses and confederate battle flag logos, standing at the base of a tree. The tree is festooned with the hanged and broken bodies of black men, “illegals”, women, children, the infirm, the elderly, welfare recipients, scientists, muslims, democrats and other people who are the subjects of the GOP & SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front vitriolic and hyperbolic hatred.

    A legend under the image would read, “Strange fruit–it ain’t just black, anymore” and, emanating from the mouth of one the hooded figures in the foreground:

    “We’re gonna need BIGGER trees!”.

    I really have fucking had it with the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, illogical assholes who comprise the ReiKKKwing and all of its various factions.

    Somebody out there has to be able to make this image.

  6. democommie

    Damn it! I forgot; they should have gunz, too, LOTS of gunz and maybe a few Wholly Babbles.

  7. democommie

    As long as I’m off on a disjointed rant….

    I think that the NRA, Walmart, HCA, Chick-fil-Aholes and the the like are missing an opportunity. They could have sponsorship deals with the hate groups whom they enable/use. It could be like the NASCAR of misanthropy.

  8. kosh III

    We have government-run health care in this country: the VA.

    Still waiting for the reich-wingers to object to that bit of socialized medicine…….

  9. democommie

    @ kosh III:

    As soon as all of the mercs–I mean, er, the troops–are home they will be looking to gut the VA budget.