Tennessee Gun Report

Here’s your weekly gun report:

• July 30, 2013:

1- Notorious Nashville gun loon parades around downtown Nashville in a bullet-proof vest and semi-automatic weapon (with silencer), gets arrested:

Police questioned the man, identified later as 41-year-old Leonard Embody, and said he was uncooperative. An affidavit said he refused to show identification, and also would not answer whether the weapon was loaded.

The weapon he was carrying was inside a case, and appeared to be similar to an AR-15 with a suppressor.

Embody has previously been arrested for similar stunts at Nashville’s Radnor Lake and in Belle Meade, all of which appear to be lawsuit-bait so he can challenge gun laws in court. I’d love to know which wingnut “non-profit” is financing his forays through our legal system, but that would require our local media to actually do some work.

So far, his challenges have not been successful. Dude, even the Supreme Court agrees that there are restrictions to the Second Amendment.

2- In Shelbyville, 64-year-old Michael Greer pulled a shotgun on a car after telling the occupants to turn their loud music down:

“(The victims) were driving down Ray Street to take their little brother home when a man yelled from his porch at them to turn their music down,” Sanders said. “After dropping him off they drove back down Ray Street to go to the store. Greer was sitting on his porch with a double-barrel shotgun. They said as they passed by his house he got up and pointed the shotgun at them.”

Greer claims that one of the occupants pointed his finger at him like a gun. Oh, well, that makes it alright, then.

3- Calling Alfred Hitchcock: in Columbia, a 20-year-old sheriff’s deputy says he shot his gun into the air to scare off a flock of wild turkey which had taken over his patrol vehicle. The situation is under investigation.

• July 29, 2013:

Two homes in Murfreesboro were damaged by gunfire over the weekend:

A man who lives in the area told officers he heard multiple gunshots and soon realized that a bullet had traveled through his bedroom, kitchen and living room walls before exiting the side of the house.

A woman who lives next door discovered that a bullet had struck her house as well.

Police have no clue who did this or why.

• July 28, 2013:

This story put me in irony overload:

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – Two security officers at the Y-12 National Security Complex were injured Saturday in an accidental shooting.

A Y-12 spokesperson says an employee’s gun accidentally discharged Saturday night, injuring the two security officers.

If security guards at the freaking National Security Complex aren’t safe from gun accidents, nobody is.

• July 26, 2013:

TSA reports on July 23, a passenger was stopped at the Nashville airport with a loaded 9mm in their carry-on. Meanwhile on July 20, a Memphis passenger tried to travel with a loaded .380 pistol in their carry-on. Neither incident was reported in the local news media.

Also at the Memphis airport, a stun gun was found in a traveler’s carry-on bag last week. I have no other information about the incident except I’m guessing the traveler was a woman as the weapon is that purty pink one, third from the left:

Stun Guns 7-26-13Presentation1.bmp

Just a reminder: if you “forget” where you have put your gun, you are not a responsible gun owner.

• July 25, 2013:

1- Eight Metro Nashville Police Dept. vehicles have been burglarized in one week, with weapons and computers among the items stolen.

The suspects are teenagers. Yeah, remind me why it’s a good idea to keep guns in cars again?

2- Lafayette County neighbors are fighting a local gun shop which wants to open the county’s first public shooting range.


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12 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. GregH

    Well, all I know is turkeys are not small birds and I would definitely be afraid if a flock of them tried to carjack me!

  2. democommie

    I think that there was one more turkey than the number claimed.

    I’m no Nimrod the Mighty Hunter but I’ve stepped out the back door of the suburban home I used to live in and shooed a dozen or more turkeys off the raspberry bushes (which they had just completely stripped–of Japanese beetles–thanks, fellas!).

    “A man who lives in the area told officers he heard multiple gunshots and soon realized that a bullet had traveled through his bedroom, kitchen and living room walls before exiting the side of the house.

    A woman who lives next door discovered that a bullet had struck her house as well.”

    That must have been one hell of a slug to go through 4-6 walls and windows. Wonder if it was Teflon coated?

    I wonder if the AMPC* poice chief in PA, Mark Kessler, knows this guy:


    I’ve been doing a little background reading on Kessler. He’s been chief of police in that burg for 14 years. So, it’s not like he’s all of a sudden gotten the power. He’s aso a SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front sortaguy. He’s been on Alex Jones’s show, been interviewed by Teabaggin’ Teddy Nugent and he interviewed Orly Taitz. I’m smellin’ some sorta posse comitatus bullshit comin’ down the road.

    Anger Management Poster Child

    • GregH

      Ya know, if a guy like Kessler screws around with the anti-government BS long enough, the ATF or FBI or someone will come and visit him….in a tank. Perhaps he will have the opportunity to become another martyr to his dipshit cause.

    • Saw this item about Kessler over at Daily Kos … apparently he accidentally shot himself in a bar once. Looks like the Kessler problem may take care of itself by virtue of his own stupidity.

      • GregH

        “Well finally Irving got three slugs in the belly.
        It was right outside of the Frontier Deli.
        He was sittin’ there twirling his gun around,
        And butterfingers Irving gunned himself down!”
        The Ballad of Irving (the 142nd Fastest Gun in the West)

  3. democommie


    You don’t understand “ReiKKKwing/KKKristianist Martyrdom ™”, do you?

    When it’s about gunz, GOD or Whitenessousity, it’s enough to be CRITICIZED for espousing revanchist, misogynytic, racist, or gunzloonerist beliefs or issuing threats against the other side. Actually being punished or killed for said views? Whaddaya, NUTS?

  4. Apparently, here in the UK, we’ve only just worked out that people with anger management issues shouldn’t get gun licences. Well, duh!

    • democommie

      He blasts the one person who’s willing to back him? I see the Chiefchild lookin’ for a new job. I’m sure that FuckTheNew’sCorpse can make room for him.

      After all, it takes a VILLAGE of idiots to raise Fox.

  5. democommie

    I was incorrect in assuming that the Chief was attacking his lone backer. It’s the Mayor who’s also a Teabaggistmoran, not the members of the village council that he’s railing about.

    The rest of my comment stands. He’s a fucking idiot–and a dangerous one.

  6. Guns galore ! * sigh * what else can I say.