Good News Friday

Here’s your weekly progress report. Enjoy:

• Florida police nice time! A Sarasota police officer, with the help of hotel guests, saved nearly 100 disoriented sea turtle hatchlings. Awwwww, thanks officer!

• I thought this story about how Paducah, Kentucky transformed its downtrodden Lowertown neighborhood into a thriving artist’s colony was awesome.

• A major breakthrough in the hunt for a malaria vaccine was announced this week.

• Eight kids who are changing the world.

• Here’s a weird place to get the warm-fuzzies: burglars returned the items they stole from the San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services after they realized they had robbed a charity. And they left a note:

“We had no idea what we were takeing [sic],” the burglars wrote in a note attached to the no-longer-stolen goods. “Here your stuff back we hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in peoples live. God bless.”


• Bill Clinton is now a vegan. Not sure this is “good” news but at least he’s not eating Big Macs anymore.

• Childhood obesity rates fall among low-income Americans for the first time. The bad news is that they’re up in Tennessee.

• NOAA Fisheries denied the Georgia Aquarium’s request to import 18 Beluga whales from Russia to be held in captivity. Belugas do not handle life in captivity well at all, and the Georgia Aquarium has a poor track record with the animals.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• GM announced it will add 1,800 jobs and invest $167 million in its Spring Hill plant. Let’s remember: Sens. Corker, Alexander and Rep. Blackburn all opposed the auto bailout which saved GM.

• More community gardens for Nashville. You know, it would help of the State of Tennessee wasn’t yanking them out. Just sayin’.

• The city of Collegedale now offers benefits to the same-sex spouses of its government employees.

• Related: same-sex couples in three Tennessee counties descended on county clerk offices to request marriage licenses, in an action organized by the Tennessee Equality Project. They were of course denied, setting the stage for a court battle.

• North Carolina-based Strata Solar announced plans to build two, 20-megawatt solar farms in McNairy County, TN. They will be the two largest solar farms in the state.

• Nashville’s Rolf and Daughters is in the running for Bon Appetit magazine’s Best New Restaurant of 2013. No, we’ve never eaten there.

This week’s cool video: drinking water out of thin air? Why not!


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5 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Whatever they’re doing with those generators could be done with solar or wind generated electricity, I suspect. Let’s remove the carbon from that footprint and lets’s figure out a way to use renewable energies for desalinating seawater and sequestering hydrogen from HdeuceO.

    The guys from Paducah were up here in Oswego looking to do something similar. I was out on a Ward Walk last Saturday grading houses (1-6/Love it–burn it). Mine was a strong 5+). The idea is to take neighborhoods that are on the bubble rather than pouring money into shithole neighborhoods whose property owners don’t even live in the city.

    Hey, those three economists from your state’s D.C. delegation? They just didn’t want no fuggin’ GUMMINT money comin’ into their districts. But, hey, GM is usin’ their own money–it’s all good. If there’s more to it than that, shutup, I donwannahearit.

  2. More good news.

    Looks like throwing out Democrats was the way to go. More of it to come in ’14 I am sure.

  3. Southern Beale:

    Jim from Stupid is obviously on vacation (hence Uberdork Stevie having the “coverage”). Lets hope he brings us back some duty-free booze.

    • Jim in Memphis

      I see you miss me when I don’t comment on things Demo. No vacation for me, just busy and not seeing anything particularly noteworthy to comment about.