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It’s so gorgeous here today, like the prettiest fall day you can imagine. Breezy, low humidity, and mid-70s. Did I mention it’s mid-August? The weather this summer has been crazy, but my utility bills love it. Trying to remember when I’ve had open windows in August? That would be, never.

All of which is to say, it’s way too pretty to be looking for gun news on the internet. I spent the morning taking a long, leisurely run and then cleaned out my koi pond. You people are the furthest thing from my mind today, and I say that with all the love in my heart.

So, here’s the smidgen of gun lunacy I picked up during the week and I’m headed back outside to enjoy a freakishly mild summer day.

• August 13, 2013:

A McMinnville man has been arrested after firing a gun to scare off a community softball league he’s been feuding with:

According to the incident report, participants of the game said 49-year-old Herbert Crockett Conley, who they said complained to league officials for months about softballs being hit on his property, heard several gunshots being fired from his home.

Softball league officials explained once they heard the gunshots, nearly 150 adults and children quickly sought shelter at a neighboring community center, fearing for their lives.

“It was chaos,” said Derrick Carter, Director of Newtown CIC Softball League.

Soooo glad people wound this tight have access to firearms. Don’t you feel safer now? Also: I nominate Herbert Crockett Conley to be our Second Amendment Hero of the week.

• August 12, 2013:

1- The curious case of the 11-year-old Nashville boy shot in the leg in the nighttime:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Metro Police are trying to determine if a late night shooting of an 11-year-old boy inside his home was accidental.

The boy initially told police that he was riding his bike when he was shot on 10th Avenue North. He later told police that he and a teenage family friend were handling a pistol when it discharged around 9:45 p.m. inside his home in the 1700 block of 10th Avenue North.

The boy was hit in the leg, and taken to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt with non-life threatening injuries.

The friend was not at the scene when officers arrived, and the gun has not been recovered.

The 11-year-old’s grandmother was in another room of the house when the shooting happened.


2- Looks like Sullivan County Commissioner Baxter Hood is trying to overturn a ban on weapons at the Sullivan County Courthouse in a sneaky, backdoor sort of way:

BLOUNTVILLE — What was introduced as simply a housekeeping measure, to make clear who has authority over such things as who cleans the historic Sullivan County Courthouse, is now recognized as an effort “to take those signs off the doors.”

“Those signs” are warnings that all weapons, including guns, are prohibited from the building, which houses several county government offices frequented by the public.


Commissioner Kit McGlothlin asked Hood exactly what a “yes” vote on the resolution indicates someone would be supporting.

Hood said a “yes” vote means “take those signs off the door” and “this is no longer a courthouse.”

McGlothlin asked if Hood meant the resolution aims to let people carry their guns into the building. He said people sometimes get upset during public meetings.

Pointing at a sheriff’s deputy in the room, McGlothlin said, “He’s the only one I want having a gun.”

• August 9, 2013:

The owner of a Memphis cookie store inside a shopping mall where no guns are allowed chased three thieves who stole $45 from his cash register with a 9mm, firing shots into the air as he did so. Now he may lose his lease:

The signs on the doors of Southland Mall warn no guns allowed inside.

That includes everyone, even tenants who lease space in the mall.

Still, the owner of a cookie store inside the mall brought one to work anyway and used it.

“Bringing a gun and then pulling it out in front of a bunch of people that’s setting a bad example for your company,” said Phil Ross of Memphis.

The police report says three guys grabbed $45 out of the cash register.

They reportedly never produced a gun, but according to the police report, the store owner did.

Again, it really gets me how these gun loons are utterly lacking in any common sense about when it’s appropriate to use a deadly weapon. Brandishing a gun inside a shopping mall and firing out in a parking lot? That’s reckless. Any innocent bystander could have been hurt. You’re going to put everyone around you at risk over the loss of $45? Get some damn perspective, dude. You’re the asshole. YOU. And despite your big manly penis substitute you still didn’t catch the thieves.


• August 7, 2013:


CLINTON — A loaded .38-caliber pistol was found wedged into the handicapped brace bar in a stall in the men’s restroom at the McDonald’s restaurant on North Charles Seivers Boulevard, according to a Clinton Police Department report.

A check of the serial number indicated the weapon, which was in a holster and contained five shells, hadn’t been stolen. A customer found the pistol Tuesday night, according to the report.

No one has come forward to claim the weapon, said Assistant Chief Vaughn Becker, who speculated the owner accidentally left it while using the facilities.

Not stolen? Hmm… just another responsible gun owner forgetting where he put his gun, I guess.

• August 4, 2013:

A loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag by the TSA at Nashville’s airport, one of 77 firearms discovered in U.S. airports over a 2-week period.


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10 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Mary Wilson

    HA, SB! “big manly penis substitute”…I have been wanting to say that somewhere, for months…tho’ you beat me to the punch, I hope I can use it one day soon…Here in Knoxville the carnage, intentional shootings continue. We don’t have many of the loons here, mostly revenge, “I’ll get you back…for….whatever?” shootings of relatives of those who have ‘offended’ the shooters….but, really, ALL those who aim firearms and shoot them in PUBLIC do qualify as gun loons, right?

  2. democommie

    A local dirtbag, Eric Gardner, was sentenced by Judge Walter Haffner of Oswego County to 15 years in prison for a drive-by shooting at an occupied home. The judge did cite his priors as one reason for the length of sentence, another reason being that he’s not showing the least remorse. Fortunately for Mr. Gardner, if and when he gets out of stir, he can drive about 110 miles down to PA and go to a gun show where he’ll be able to buy as many gunz as he can afford.

    People who like to say that states who have restrictive laws for possession of firearms don’t keep people from gettin’ teh gunz conveniently ignore the fact that such states almost always abut (and in some cases are surrounded by) states that have much less restrictive laws and allow unregulated “private” sales.

  3. I think the key lesson here is that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and when you have a gun, everything looks like a target.

    • GregH

      Thankfully for the gun manufacturers, for many people, once they get a gun, they find they need another gun, and then a bigger gun…with a bigger clip…and more ammo…and then body armor….etc. Boyz and their toyz.

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