Gosh, I’m so old, I remember when Republicans were selling their brand as “compassionate conservatism.” Looks like Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais forgot about the “compassion” part here, though. Watch him tell this little girl “sucks to be you,” as a Tea Party crowd cheers along:

The description of the video reads:

When Tennessee Rep. Scott Desjarlais announced he would hold a town hall on immigration, Josie decided to attend to seek his support even though it was at a tea party event of more than 200. Since her father was placed in deportation proceedings, she’s been going to therapy to deal with the anxiety.

Josie rose and took the mic, and in a trembling voice, said “Mr. Desjarlais, I have papers but my daddy doesn’t, what can you do to make sure he can stay?” Rep. Desjarlais rebuked her request to a round of applause from the audience, but Josie and her family will keep on fighting to stop his deportation.

DesJarlais, of course, is the “pro-life,” “family values” Tennessee conservative who became a national laughingstock after it was revealed he had pressured his mistress to have an abortion (I wrote about it here.) That hypocrisy so thoroughly humiliated the TNGOP that DesJarlais has a serious primary contender for 2014, so of course he’s going to toe the Tea Party line. But I never thought I’d see him be so cruel to a little girl right to her face.

This is “family values”? Riiight.

Adding … this is conservatism in a nutshell. A hypocritical serial creep who thinks repeating the bumper sticker slogan is the same thing as solving an issue faced by real families.


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16 responses to “Heartless

  1. Mary Hackett Graham

    God may wish he hasn’t forgiven the adultery. This guy is just begging to be smote. It takes a small, small man to unload in a frightened child.

  2. Mary Wilson

    And we Democrats ran an excellent candidate against him, one who had worked FOR the citizens of that District with integrity AND compassion. But the National TEA Party could not bear to lose that seat so it poured millions into the Evil Doctor’s campaign. DesJarlais now has two Republicans running in the Primary. So he will most likely get whooped but I don’t know those 2…they may be even worse than he…if that is possible!

  3. yutsano

    Ugh. Worst part is he’ll most likely win again.

  4. democommie

    Scott DesJarlais is a piece of shit and the sooner he dies the better for the state of TN. What a scumbag. Gosh, I hope that’s not too harsh.

  5. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I sent you an e-mail about Rep. Markwayne Mullin (Scumbag, Oklastan). He, Des Jarlais and about 275 other reptiliscum in the U.S. Congress make them all seem like scumbags.

  6. when Republicans were selling their brand as “compassionate conservatism”

    They were lying about it then, these were who they really were all along, they just don’t figure they’ve got to cover it up anymore. Have you noticed any of the “compassionate conservatives” condemning and disassociating themselves from them?

    These people are the fascists c. 1930. Hectoring, jeering, attacking people they knew couldn’t hit them back. They are real, honest to God fascists in the United States, speaking English instead of Italian or German or Spanish or Japanese. They are dangerous as hell and will get worse unless stopped.

  7. democommie

    ” They are real, honest to God fascists in the United States, speaking English instead of Italian or German or Spanish or Japanese.”

    They’re not really; they’re just garden variety lowlife thugs who have taken on some of the trappings of the Nazis, the Falangists and the militarists of Japan. Genuine fascists have, at least, some notion of governace. These morons have no idea of what they even WANT to do, beyond the immediate goal of demonizing everyone is not them.

    They don’t deserve any label except “asshole”, “bully” and “nihilist”.

    • These morons have no idea of what they even WANT to do, beyond the immediate goal of demonizing everyone is not them.

      Last night we watched the documentary “The Gatekeepers,” it’s about the Israeli security agency, Shin Bet. Really excellent. One of the chilling quotes is “Our Victory Is to See You Suffer” … which describes conservatives’ approach to those in need, methinks.

  8. Bernard

    these fascists are the same type of people that have allowed the Republicans to do what Hitler did to Germany. the same exact excuses for murder, theft, war, etc. play to the sick perverted people who have been told over and over this is a White’s only country. of course, these same morans sold the US to Business aka the Republicans, and now we see them for what they really are. Dangerous, Amoral and Vicious Hatemongers out for Victims to satisfy their revenge for the way America has been turned in to the Fascist/Corporate/Business State it is. thanks to the Republican game plan, a successful con we taxpayers subsidize.

    the word “moran” needs to saved for these people in particular. at least until a better one comes up for the type of ignorant and vicious thinking they espouse.

  9. kosh III

    Compassionate conservatism really means feeling sympathy for the rich corporate jerk who stubs his toe while trampling on the “sickest and most needy.”

  10. GregH

    The real question is how in the Hell the smugly selfish, Ayn Rand libertarian assholes can stand to hang out with the Bible-thumping, anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-death penalty for poor minorities, “You’re all goin’ to HELL!!!” assholes and then actually elect a bunch of pro-bidness, corporate-lobbyist assholes. But then I guess they all have one thing in common.