American Moran: Joe Carr

Welcome to the American Morans club, State Rep. Joe Carr! Your primary challenge to Senator Lamar Alexander is off to a stereotypically brilliant Tea Party start:


(h/t, Out Of The Blue’s Daily Buzz.)

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9 responses to “American Moran: Joe Carr

  1. Jim in Memphis

    So which is more disappointing – this picture or the fact that the TN Democratic Party nominee would not beat him in an election?

    • GregH

      Neither – the fact that if, by some miracle, Scott DesJarlais squeaks out a victory in the primary, he would defeat any Democratic opponent. The voting puplic gets EXACTLY what it deserves.

    • You’re both wrong. The most disappointing thing is the TN Democratic Party can’t find anyone to run against him.

      • deep

        On the bright side, the GOP hasn’t found anyone to run for Governor in Massachusetts yet. (Or was it senator? Maybe both, I can’t remember.)

        Anyway, Scott Brown announced yesterday that he’s not bothering with the governor’s race.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Yes, well, as a Knox County Dem elected Officer, I do agree that we do have a problem finding a suitable opponent for either Corker, Alexander or Haslam. The job description would include: Being a loyal, outspoken Democrat, with great leadership skills, and an ability to get things done by compromise and upholding our belief in equality for all…male or female, a billionaire not ‘beholden’ to people like Alexander’s backers…he already has, per his own records over $3 million SO FAR in his ‘war chest’. The Democrat would also have to be a moderate who knows their records of NO actions, now laws they voted on that would have improved our lives, including JOBS, access to affordable health care, improving our public education system, and supporting our rights to vote, decide our own medical decisions. So we need all your help if finding that perfect person…who has the courage and a great sense of humor to take on the TEA LOONS.

  3. democommie

    No, Mary Wilson; what you need is to have George Soros fund the campaign and have Bill Gates or Warren Buffet run it.

    I have a better idea, have Warren Buffett buy out the Kochsuckers and then have Mitt Romney suck the company dry and throw them out with nothing. A fella can dream, can’t he?

    • Bah, just read Warren Buffett is all in on the tar sands …

      • UU4077

        I hate to say this but, at least Suncor is a very transparent and environmentally friendly Tar Sands participant. If that development is going to happen (and, it is) at least Suncor is better than CNOOC (and its unfortunate takeover of Nexen, another – formally – great company).

  4. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I never met Warren although I grew up a mile or two from his house. He used to eat at The French CafĂ© in Omaha’s Old Market with his wife, Susan, back when I worked around the corner in another restaurant. I DID meet his second wife, Astrid, when she was waiting tables in yet another restaurant in the same area. She was a nice person and I think every guy in the area (including the gay ones that I worked with) had a crush on her.

    I don’t think of Warren (or Soros, or Bill Gates or any of the rest of the billionaires) as some sort of hero. I do see him as someone who knows that fried chicken tonight means no eggs tomorrow.