American Morans: Corporate Edition

‘shopped or not? You decide:


Apparently this was seen on a New York City bus sometime this week (hence, “Big Apple meet …”) Doesn’t look ‘shopped to me, and nothing came up on Snopes. I’ve heard of truth in advertising but this hits new levels for honesty in marketing.

Oh, the irony.

(Original American Moran here, other Morans here.)


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20 responses to “American Morans: Corporate Edition

  1. Jim in Memphis

    that is funny!

  2. democommie

    Shit DOES happen. The company who had the contract for printing this year’s banners for the College World Series in Omaha had one banner (the most prominent, IIR, which spelled “COLLLEGE”.

    • CB

      dc, my newly merged, hallowed institution of higher learning spelled college the same way on their first batch of DIPLOMAS! >.<

  3. Jim in Memphis

    Off topic, but here is a story for your good news friday –

    • Betting 90% of those donations go to churches…

      • Bitter Scribe

        Exactly, which is why I take those “conservatives are more generous than liberals” tropes with a shaker of salt. To my mind, contributing to your church is more like a country-club fee than a charitable donation.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I just noticed the headline saying Memphis was the 2nd most generous city. Sounded like good news to me…

      • Unless you’re the FIRST most generous city … Poor Memphis, always #2.


      • GregH

        “To my mind, contributing to your church is more like a country-club fee than a charitable donation.”
        Not to mine. Seems like a gross generalization and a cheap shot. My church supports Habitat and a drug rehab center and a food pantry and a free clinic and we rent space for the Boys & Girls Club for $1 a year, and host a ton of meetings by different community groups…and…and…
        well, I don’t belong to a country club, because I don’t play golf or tennis.

      • A lot of churches do a lot of good, and then there are a lot of churches which do not, for every church operating a soup kitchen or helping the homeless there’s a place like Nashville’s Cornerstone Church which spreads intolerance and hate toward gays, lesbians, Muslims, etc.

        There are church capital campaigns which finance buildings not programs, there are mission trips to teach Bible study instead of giving the people what they really need: clean water, medical care, etc.

        In my view, too much of the modern church is all about building and maintaining the institution. And so when hear such-and-such state is “most generous” or “the Romney’s gave 20% of their income to charity” and I know it’s the Mormon church? I kinda go, pfft.

      • GregH

        “In my view, too much of the modern church is all about building and maintaining the institution” Agree that this is too often the case. But I don’t find spirituality in a vacuum very satisfying. Just don’t want to take the hit for Cornerstone’s bigotry and self-centeredness, when my church is building clean water systems in the highlands of Guatemala.

      • My church is building clean water systems in Guatemala too. We probably go to the same church. LOL.

      • GregH

        Same synod – PCUSA Synod of Living Waters. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • GregH

        Prolly just the same PCUSA synod – Living Waters. LOL You’re in Nashvegas proper, but I’m outside the metro area out in the Kun-Tree.

      • Yup, PCUSA, Living Waters! We had that guy from Clean Water U. down in Mississippi give a workshop.

        We actually don’t attend a church anymore. I have a lot of pretty concrete ideas about what it means to be Christian in the post-Christian world, too many to get into in a comment thread, but I think basically traditional congregations and churches are over….

      • GregH

        “post-Christian world” Huh? Post-Christian maybe for Northern Europe – and maybe New York or LA. Latin America not so much. But enough of this on a comment thread. Peace be with you. LOL

      • Well, I don’t live in Latin America but I’ve traveled a little bit — not the whole continent, so what can I say, but even there the culture is moving post-Christian. In the big cities, especially.

        Anyway, certainly America is post-Christian. Yes, even the heartland. Even here in Tennessee, where church services are moved to accommodate a high school football game. Nashville changed its laws concerning beer sales when we got an NFL team, so people could drink beer on Sundays at the game. We’re nothing if not pragmatic here.

        No, you can tell we are in post-Christian world when those who are supposedly the most faithful and ardent believers put their politics before their religion. When conservative American politics inevitably is at odds with the Bible, it’s always the Bible which is wrong.

        I’ve written a lot about theology over here. It’s not all poking fun at fundies.

  4. Bitter Scribe

    That’s got to be ‘Shopped, but I’ve heard of jokers stealing the G out of ANGUS on McD signs made with movable type.

  5. gotta be shopped. McD’s dropped all the Angus burgers over a month ago in favor of Gourmet Quarter-Pounders.


  6. democommie

    “Gourmet Quarter-Pounder”?

    If “Pulp Fiction” was updated/re-made–think UFC instead of the boxing match, that sortathing–then John Travolta’s character could ask Samuel Jackson:

    “You know what they call a “Gourmet Quarter-Pounder” in France?”

    Jackson would reply, “No, I don’t.”

    “Merde. That’s what they call it, “Merde”.