God Pwns Christians, Has Last Laugh

Okay, Christians: God’s just fucking with you now.

Exhibit A:

Staffer shocked by lightning on Creation Museum attraction
Worker injured while clearing guests from zip line

PETERSBURG, Ky. — A staff member was injured Wednesday while clearing guests from a zip line at the Creation Museum.

Staffers had cleared the lines before 1:20 p.m. as storms moved into Boone County.

Museum officials said a male staffer touched an object that had been energized by lightning and was injured.

Images: Staffer hurt when lightning hits zip line

He was taken to an area hospital as a precaution, but his injuries were not considered to be serious.

The zip line attraction opened this spring to help the religion-themed museum attract a wider audience.

Which is worse: that a staffer at the Creation Museum was struck by lightning, or that they had to open a zip line “to attract a wider audience”?

Exhibit B:

So, it seems that in their exuberance about America, the brainiacs at ORU decided to release a bald eagle inside chapel this week. Also, the chapel has glass walls. Guess what happens next…

Video at the link.


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9 responses to “God Pwns Christians, Has Last Laugh

  1. yutsano

    Uhh…the bald eagle stunt is gonna get someone in big trouble. They are still on the endangered list, and harming one in any way is a felony.

  2. And in another God’s Gonna Get Ya, sports edition: http://kozmedia.com/scouts-say-tim-tebow-is-not-fit-for-nfl/2215676/
    Who said prayer “always” changes things???

  3. Wait –

    I thought you were a Christian?!?


  4. democommie

    More like horse chestnuts or pig nuts.

  5. They’re not Christians. There, I said it.