Good News Friday

Getting ready to hit the road, which means blogging will be light next week … probably won’t have time to compile a gun report or Good News Friday, so this will have to hold you over for a while.

On the upside, get ready for some travel blogging! Until then, some good news for you:

• Mark Ruffalo’s defense of women’s reproductive rights is a must-read.

• In reaction to Russia’s anti-gay laws, “Prison Break” actor Wentworth Miller declined an invitation to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival by coming out.

• This non-profit group brings rooftop solar systems to the homes of the poor, giving them a big break on their utility bills. They’ve been so successful that they’re expanding into Colorado, New York and New Jersey this year.

• A 15-year-old Georgia boy removed from a hospital’s heart transplant list for reasons that are specious at best, racist at worst, has successfully received a new heart.

• The four State Dept. officials who were suspended following the attacks in Benghazi, Egypt have returned to active service.

• Welcome Sunny, the newest member of the Obama family!


Adorable video of Sunny and Bo frolicking on the White House lawn at the link.

• The Oregon Supreme Court upheld a Portland law that makes it illegal to carry guns in public places.

• Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill banning so-called “gay conversion therapy.”

• Jamaica’s murder rate has apparently dropped 40% in just four years.

• So cool! A 73-year-old Virginia cattle farmer has transformed his 1972 VW Beetle into an all-electric car. He calls it the “Lightning Bug.”

• Booneville, MS adopts a city-wide ordinance banning the open carry of firearms and other weapons from public facilities and events.

• Beautiful and amazing pictures of the sun, courtesy of NASA.

• RWE, Germany’s second-largest electric utility, announced it will take 3.1 GW of fossil fuel generating capacity off the market as it’s no longer competitive, a significant nail in the fossil fuel coffin:

If RWE can’t even run fossil fuel power plants that have paid back their investment already at these low wholesale market prices, it follows that it doesn’t make any sense to start building new fossil fuel capacity now. Any new plant would need to earn back its capital cost, which is of course impossible.

In related news, Germany has broken yet another monthly solar generating record.

• The writer in me finds this fascinating: 11 untranslatable words from other cultures.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Jack Daniel’s distillery, located just outside of Nashville, announced its $100 million expansion. Yay! Whiskey! Oh, and um, jobs! Yeah, jobs…

• On a related note, Dolly Parton announced a $300 million expansion of her East Tennessee theme park.

• Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke is getting some national attention for his tech initiative.

• Gun stores are closing because they don’t have enough ammo to sell. Playing the world’s tiniest violin…


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4 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. GregH

    In the not-so-nice news, a TN church boots a mom because her daughter is a lesbian. Gad! 😦

  2. Bitter Scribe

    I don’t see this ammo-shortage thing ending well.

    Over the long term, the ammo manufacturers will just crank it up to meet demand. And what’s causing that demand? Are the gun nuts just hoarding piles of bullets because Black President or something? The thoughts of hundreds of thousands of bullets being pumped into America’s cellars and attics does not inspire me with confidence.

    • Over the long term, the ammo manufacturers will just crank it up to meet demand.

      Oddly, I’ve read the ammo manufacturers are the ones who have created this shortage so they can jack up prices.

    • democommie

      “The thoughts of hundreds of thousands of bullets being pumped into America’s cellars”

      I wish. It’s BILLIONS of bullets over the last several years.