Where In The World Is Southern Beale?

It took a plane, a car, a boat and a pair of hiking boots to end up at a place this isolated, with water this clear and a sky this blue:



Did you ever imagine a place this beautiful could be part of the United States? I’m still dazzled by all the different shades of blue I saw today.

Well, I’m off to find a margarita, maybe some fish tacos … How did you spend your weekend?


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16 responses to “Where In The World Is Southern Beale?

  1. Is this in Channel Islands National Park? It looks like some of the cliffs on the California Coast, and if you need to take a boat and a hike to get there, that seems like the best guess.

  2. We have to see the beauty of our country first before going anywhere in the world. * better said than done*

    • We have to see the beauty of our country first before going anywhere in the world.

      I’ve heard that before and similar thoughts, but I don’t agree. I think traveling to other countries gives one a wonderful perspective about their own country, what is great and what needs improvement.

      It’s been a few years since we’ve been overseas, would like to again as soon as time and finances allow …

      • * ponders*

        On second thought, you’re right ! ! For example, rhe food in Europe was so expensive my mom said she’d never complain about food prices here in the US, ever.

      • Enjoy the vacation. It’s good to travel abroad as well as explore the US. Last time I was there I visited Bryce Canyon, not far from Las Vegas where my family lives.

        When you come to Italy I’ll meet you for a cappucino in front of the Coliseum..

      • You can count on it! We’ve been meaning to go back there for years.

    • Maybe see some of it, but there’s no way to see everything our country has to offer in less than a lifetime of travel. If you demand people exhaust the US before looking elsewhere, they’ll never get a chance to leave.

      • And that is often the excuse so many right-wingers use. I can’t tell you how many far-right people I know say they don’t want to travel overseas “until I’ve seen all of America,” { wave flag-patriotism-boorah ). Oh, so in other words, they’re choosing to remain ignorant of the rest of the world. Got it.

  3. …How did you spend =my= weekend?

    scraping up money for car insurance…

  4. democommie

    How did I spend my weekend? The same way I spend every day; when you’ve got a four-legged roommate and no job you pretty much have the day’s schedule dictated by said four-legger. Just think if you had the brain of a dog (at least a dog like Buddy) you’d see every WALK as a great adventure!

    • GregH

      We had a horse with the brain of a dog for 19 years (he broke his hip last fall and we had to euthanize him – waaah!). Every trailride was a great adventure and any time we went into the pasture, he would come and hang out with us just to see what was going on. Pets are a great humanizing influence on human beings.

      • democommie

        Buddy is definitely not a PET (he made me say that, too!). He’s sulking on his couch at the moment because I told him that he needs to stay there so I don’t step on him while I’m trying to get some work done. Oh, what am I DOING right now? It’s the human equivalent of having somebody throw the ball.

      • GregH

        My bad. Sooo true! How about “animal friends and companions.” That’s more like it.

  5. Kosh III

    We ARE too human. If you say we ain’t I’ll pee on the bed and Marmaduke will chew up your slippers.