Every Photo Is A Metaphor

Saw this yesterday on our way back from our day on Santa Cruz Island:


Infowars is that loon Alex Jones’ group. Like the Ron Paulites, Jones’ followers are nothing if not energetic. I see these bumper stickers plastered over utility poles and road signs all over Nashville. How interesting that way out here in Southern California you have the same loons with way too much time on their hands and a love of public rights-of-way. Then again, “tinfoil hate” is a national disease.

I’m not sure that this particular utility pole with all of the “DON’T” signage was the best place to spread their message, however. The message I get is, If you’re tempted to explore any of Alex Jones’ bizarre-o world ideas, don’t.

You know this conspiracy disease has jumped the shark when Donald Trump, that purveyor of the ludicrous, becomes the brand’s most visible spokesloon. This morning we’re enjoying our morning coffee, watching the news, when along comes Donald Trump, newly charged with fraud by the New York Attorney General. It’s all a big conspiracy, see! A “mini-IRS,” he says, pointing to the fact that AG Eric Schneiderman had lunch with President Obama and later that same day the charges are filed! Sure, ’cause we all know fraud cases are put together in a matter of minutes.


Darrell Issa’s House hearings start in 5… 4… 3…


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10 responses to “Every Photo Is A Metaphor

  1. yutsano

    Sigh. I kan haz meteor naow plz?

  2. The Ron Paul guys went all out with public signage last summer. Every traffic median. Every busy intersection right on the corner. Big, beautiful hand-lettered signs. My favorite was Ron Paul’s Got the Weed, with a nice, big green leaf. The first time I saw the clever REVOLUTION with the backwards “L” was on a homemade sign.

  3. democommie

    Ron Paul’s brown(shirt) roots are showing:


    It’s hard to understand how otherwise decent people (including a few of my friends) can support such an asshole.

  4. democommie

    “Ron Paul can never fail, he can only be failed.”

    Hey, wadeafuggin’minit! Wasn’t there another anti-Semitic guy, back in the mid 40’s who said somethin’ like that?

  5. Bitter Scribe

    The first “libertarian” (I’m sorry, but that word just doesn’t look right to me without quote marks) I ever knew was this incredibly annoying seven-year undergraduate who kept not getting his degree because he spent most of his time hanging around the college paper and never went to class. He occasionally wrote a headline and edited a story, but his major function at the paper seemed to be arguing with anybody who would listen. He would argue any time, about anything, and often take the most preposterous positions: He spent most of one evening loudly insisting that the Holocaust was executed entirely without Adolf Hitler’s knowledge. His favorite tactic, when cornered, was to shriek, “I don’t know what books you’ve read!”

    By now, this guy’s probably freshly retired from his nice, cushy GS-12 job.

    • GregH

      Nah, I think he is teaching as an adjunct at Podunk State Technical & Vocational College (the satellite campus at Smith’s Junction), freshly divorced after his wife sobered up in rehab, and living in a trailer…DOWN BY THE RIVER! (you knew it was coming!). His favorite shriek now is “Ted Cruz for President!”