Zombie WMDs


And on NPR this evening, I heard national political correspondent Mara Liasson refer to Syria’s Bashir as “Saddam.” NPR is really harshing my post-vacation mellow.


In the car this morning I caught about 10 minutes of On Point’s discussion of Syria. It’s a call-in show and if you were listening you heard an Ohio Teanut phone in to ramble something bizarre about “Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood” and advising John McCain to talk to Sarah Palin. But the kicker was when he said, I shit you not,

“Those Iraq WMD’s? Looks like they ended up in Syria.”

You gotta give ’em credit: there’s no true believer like a conservative true believer.

This idea that Saddam’s WMDs ended up in Syria has cropped up occasionally on wingnut websites over the past 10 years. It’s one of those zombie lies that just won’t die. I figured it was only a matter of time before some Breit Bulb suggested maybe there’s a connection between Iraq and Syria, and it looks like the chain e-mail FWDs have begun.

Iraq’s WMDs did not end up in Syria. It’s been debunked aplenty, but officially by the Iraq Survey Group. But the Breitbarts and Freepers have kept the myth alive because they need it to be true. Desperately and pathetically, they need to believe Saddam Hussein had WMD. It’s crucial to their entire worldview to believe our intelligence wasn’t faulty (or our Administration didn’t lie us into war). If the WMD thing is false, it all unravels — every bit of it. It is the worst institutional failure conceivable. That the mighty U.S. intelligence apparatus we’re always told rules the world like a master puppeteer is not just incompetent but irresponsible? Even dangerous? Not possible. We’re the good guys! We’re AMERICA, man! We’re Big Daddy and Big Daddy is not incompetent.

I get the need to hold onto this thing, I really do. So much of the conservative worldview has to be taken on faith anyway — evolution is false, peace through war, tax cuts create budget surpluses, feminism killed the American family. At least if the WMDs had been found there could be one tangible thing they could hold on to proving their worldview correct.

Now even a Republican Congress Critter is bringing this zombie lie back to life:

WASHINGTON — Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) said on Thursday that he is against military intervention in Syria, even though his “gut feeling” is that the Syrian government now possesses chemical weapons that came from fallen Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain.

“The theory then and the evidence was that Iraq was an enemy of the United States and had direct plans in either support of al Qaeda and/or with other weapons that we found out weren’t there — which I still think they were moved to Syria,” said Terry. “And it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the chemical weapons that have been used by Syria actually came from Iraq.”

There is no evidence that Hussein sent weapons of mass destruction to Syria. When Becka asked whether Terry’s claim about the transfer of weapons was based on information he had received as a member of Congress, Terry replied, “Gut feeling. Yeah, I have not had any classified briefing, but all we know that Iraq had … chemical and biological weapons and then they weren’t there. … It wasn’t that the U.S. was guessing; that was something that they had actually declared. But they went someplace.”

Hilarious. Rep. Terry has been in Congress since 1999, and was a gung-ho supporter of the Iraq invasion. Now he says he doesn’t support military intervention in Syria. Why, Rep. Terry? If having WMD was good enough to take out Saddam, why not Assad? Don’t bothering answering that one. We all know the difference: only Republican presidents are given their pet wars!

By the way, that On Point radio show I was telling you about? The Teanut caller’s comments about WMD and “Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood” were both completely ignored by Tom Ashbrook and the rest of the panel. Instead, they addressed the guy’s belief that President Obama wants to pass all responsibility/blame related to Syria onto the Republicans. Which is a heads-we-win-tails-you-lose proposition, since certain Tea Party Republicans have been yammering for President Obama to bring any action on Syria before the U.S. Congress for a full debate.

I guess it makes sense to ignore the truly nutty stuff on the air, but seriously: when even a member of Congress starts bringing back the Zombie WMD lie? Maybe y’all need to start paying attention to it. “We’re going to have to leave it there” on WMDs is kinda how we got into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?


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7 responses to “Zombie WMDs

  1. democommie

    Lee Terry, from my hometown, is, was and always will be a fucking piece-of-shit. He’s lied about everything else during his political “career”, he has no reason not to. The sheeple will vote him in, regardless.

  2. Geez, it’s hard to keep up. I thought the wingnuts thought [ok, what am I thinking?] that Obama gave the Syrians the chemweaps.

    • democommie

      Obama giving the Syrians the chemweps? Would that have been while he was on Ramadan Break from the Indonesian Madrassa in 1972 or after he stole a degree from Columbia in 1983, a degree that his taking it, cheated a good KKKristian whiteboy out of?

      • GregH

        Wow. Didn’t know how we were going to get back to cheating on entrance, birth certificates & elections after that comment about Obama giving chemical weapons to Syria. Thanks democommie!

  3. democommie

    Greg H.:

    De nada. It’s a gift that I can only use for hyperbole.

  4. So, Southern Belle, are you for, or againys intervention? I’m conflicted. =_=”

    • Right now I’m against it, no one has made the case. Let’s offer some humanitarian aid, yes, and let’s take in refugees, yes, but military action? I don’t see how our getting involved in another country’s civil war will ever end well, and this “well he said it was a red line so now we’re beholden to that” makes no sense.

      If it were an international effort, I’d feel differently. If UN troops or NATO or some other organization could do it, then I’d be in favor. Apparently Syria doesn’t have oil so the international community doesn’t give a shit.

      On a global scale, when a brutal dictator gasses his own people, I think in principle there should be an international response. Not an American response, but an international one. That said, brutal dictators around the world do shit all the time and no one blinks an eye. Kim Jong Un just had his ex-girlfriend and a host of other artists and musicians executed, it didn’t even make the evening news here.