Birds Of A Feather

Yes of course if I were a gun loon notorious for my profanity-laden, inflammatory YouTube videos I would most certainly seek out another YouTube loving gun loon after losing my job. And yes of course there’s a Tennessee connection, why would you ask?

Looks like the “libtard”-hating and profanity-loving police chief of Gilberton Borough, Pa., has been suspended indefinitely. According to The Patriot News, the Gilberton City Council voted unanimously to keep Mark Kessler on suspension for “using borough property for non-borough purposes without prior borough permission.” The paper reports that this situation will hold until council members can meet with Kessler’s attorney, Joseph Nahas.

Kessler’s own website says without offering any supporting evidence that “[b]orough officials plan on full termination within the first week of September” and that these circumstances came about “because elites in Washington D.C. demanded his JOB.” Though it is unclear what will happen in the end to Kessler, he does appear to have another business proposition already in the works. His website reports that Kessler is now conducting firearms training for Tactical Response, which is run by James Yeager out of Camden, Tenn.

You may remember Yeager, an antigovernment extremist who went on his own crazed, profanity-laden rant after new gun regulations were considered by Congress and the White House in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting late last year. Yeager said on a YouTube video posted early this year that if President Obama used executive orders to ban assault rifles, “I’m going to start killing people.”

It’s only a matter of time before these two shoot their own eyes out.

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10 responses to “Birds Of A Feather

  1. It’s only a matter of time before these two shoot their own eyes out.

    From your mouth to FSM’s noodly appendage.

  2. jazzbumpa

    It’s only a matter of time before these two shoot their own eyes out.

    Or each other’s.
    That would be awesome.


  3. “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a bee-you-tiful friendship.”

  4. Thanks for posting about this match made in heaven. I’ll borrow it.

  5. Those people aren’t amassing an enormous arsenal and whipping up gun nuts into a psychotic level of paranoid frenzy without expecting to use them. This is part of the greatest danger to democracy, the greatest of dangers of terrorism and it is aided and abetted by the free press and other media and the corporations who control them. When it comes here, it won’t be done with machetes like it was done in Rwanda, it will be done with automatic weapons and rockets.

    • democommie


      These bozos and others like them WILL cause a lot of heartache and carnage when they lose their minds completely. They will also lose their property and lives in a hail of gunfire and realize that there ain’t no bright light at the end of the tunnel; there ain’t no tunnel; there ain’t no “do over”.

      “…is it evil of me to hope for an outcome like this?”

      It would be evil not, jmo.

  6. democommie

    The Pittsburgh edition of “The Examiner” is running a story about this, here:

    I tried to leave the following comment on their thread but any site that uses disqus either won’t let me post or uses my contact info in the address that shows. Needless to say, I don’t need gunzloonz jammin’ up my inbox.

    “You’re kidding, right? Kessler is a rage-fueled paranoic shithead who has fever dreams about solving MurKKKa’s problems with his (donated to the borough according to some accounts) automatic weapons.

    IF he was misusing a police cruiser to deliver his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies, his behavior would be unprofessional and worthy of suspension.

    When a guy makes videos under some semblance of “color of authority” and punctuates his threatenng, profanity laced tirade with bursts from one of several automatic weapons, such behavior is unprofessional and worthy of suspension AND a psych evaluation before allowing the individual to return to duty.

    Kessler is now hangin’ with James Yeager, the TN shithead who threatened earlier this year to start killing people if President Obama used an executive order to introduce gun control.

    The two of them are gunzloonz who, sooner or later, will do something that will make their defenders say things along the lines of, “Nobody could have seen THAT coming, he was always a quiet man.”.

    Your lack of journalistic integrity is not shocking, it is depressing.”

    K-Y Gelling. that’s what those two assholes are.