“I Just Came To See What Hate Looked Like”


I told Mr. Beale “I Just Came To See What Hate Looked Like” sounded like a country song. I guess Democommie read my mind, because he’s fleshed out some lyrics at his place. Not bad for a Yankee.


Westboro Baptist Church protestors targeted Vince Gill’s Kansas City concert this weekend. Gill confronted the church and it was all captured on video:

I normally don’t want to give the Phelps cult the benefit of more exposure but country music artists are always knocked for being right-wing assholes and that stereotype just isn’t true.


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14 responses to ““I Just Came To See What Hate Looked Like”

  1. I’m a long time fan of Vince Gill; I think that he has one of the prettiest tenor voices in the music business. I’m not surprised that he also has a social conscience and no time for the spreading of hate.

  2. I just LOVE this guy…and his music!

  3. democommie

    Vince Gill, I don’t know, but I can tell you that I met up with some folks at a Bluegrass Festival and they impressed me with their kindness, humility, humor and asskickin’ talent. My gripe with “country” is that a lot of it isn’t and a lot of the stuff is so fucking overproduced it sounds like it was done by Phil Specter.

    I may never listen to any of Vince Gills albums but I’ll think of him with fondness.

    Oh, before I forget, fuck filthy Fred and his KKKristian KKKlown posse.

  4. democommie

    If, “I just came to see what hate looked like.” isn’t a song title already, it will be soon.

  5. GregH

    Nice! “Are any of you guys Phelpses, or are you like the C-team?” Not even the B-team! LOL Vince nearly got into a real fist fight at a Belmont basketball game one time when some yahoo got in his ear about “committing adultery” with Amy Grant. Sheesh. We *are* the buckle on that ol’ Bible Belt.

  6. Perry Aubric

    This guy has to be one of the most generous people in public life. You never see a benefit or a need in this are that he and his wife are not right up front in supporting. Good for him. He made a stand for decency, and I for one am proud of him.

    • Amen to that. I’ve interviewed him many times, and he’s a very thoughtful, well-spoken person as well, nothing phony about him.

      He’s also a Nashville Predators hockey fan. 🙂

  7. ThresherK

    Gill I would categorize as bluegrass more than country. Not sure if there’s a “bluegrass star” political stereotype to correlate with the country star. Don’t know if Gill’s ever put on the “Nashville uniform” of western hat and boots.

    Of course, he’s reached the point in his career where he can do whatever he cares to, and since he’s Vince Gill, other folks want to work with him and his talent.

  8. How come I can’t find your WP ‘Like’ button? ‘Cause I really like this.

  9. deep

    FWIW, Fred Phelps is a Democrat. (Probably a dixiecrat, but nonetheless he’s often used by Right Wing trolls as an example of how depraved Democrats are.)

    • Snort. I didn’t know that. Hilarious.

      • deep

        From the wiki:

        Phelps is a disbarred lawyer, founder of the Phelps Chartered law firm, and a former civil rights activist. A member of the Democratic Party, he has occasionally run for political office. In the election for United States Senator for Kansas in 1992, he received 49,416 votes (30.8%) in the Democratic primary, coming in second after Gloria O’Dell (who subsequently lost to later presidential candidate Bob Dole).

        “Former Civil Rights activist???” Sheesh.