Williamson County You Still Suck A Thousand Ways

God, I am so over the good, white Republican Christian folk of Williamson County. You people suck:


A waitress at a Red Lobster in Tennessee posted this photograph of a receipt left from her customers with a special, racist note written in the total portion.

This was, as the photo shows, at the Red Lobster in Franklin, just south of Nashville. To be more specific: it’s the Red Lobster in Cool Springs, a very prosperous shopping community dominated by a gigantic mall, dozens of strip malls, and every restaurant chain ending in apostrophe-S you can think of. Cool Springs used to be farmland but decades ago it got developed and now it’s a shining ode to Consumer America. It is severely conservative, hard-right Republican, sanitized, cookie-cutter, mega-church, soccer mom suburbia: the kind of place people move to because “it’s a good place to raise a family.”

Yes, because racism is such a great family value. /sarcasm

It’s the kind of place where both the chair and first vice chair of the county Republican Party can openly and vocally speak out against a school breakfast program for poor kids, and feel no shame whatsoever.

There are places like it all across America, but I daresay Williamson County is both petri dish and microphone for the conservative worldview. Its Congressmonster Rep. Marsha Blackburn is a regular on Fox News. It’s the home of the Christian music industry, the Gospel Music Assn., and Thomas Nelson Publishers. Dave Ramsey is headquartered here. TCOT got founded here. Hell, Victoria Jackson lives here. ’nuff said.

So let’s not fein surprise that it’s racist as hell, too. Racism, intolerance and contempt for the poor are not Christian values but they sure do seem to be widespread in the modern conservative movement.


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11 responses to “Williamson County You Still Suck A Thousand Ways

  1. GregH

    Not to defend Franklin and Williamson County from the charge of being conservative tight-asses, but this Dead Lobster is close enough to I-65 that this particular dumbass redneck white-power loser could have been from anywhere really.

  2. democommie


    I thought of that possibility as well. However, on second thought, in order for some racist, piece-of-shit asshole to feel SAFE dissin’ teh black-o-perp waitslave, they would have to have more than passing familiarity with “community standards”.

    You amember asking me if my mom was scared by a fundie (or something along those lines)? KKKristians don’t scare me, they fucking disgust me.

    • GregH

      I bet 99% of the decent, God-fearing fundies of Williamson County would be aghast at this display of overt racism….as they ask the black towel boy at the country club for a fresh towel and look out at Manuel trimming the hedges. 🙂

  3. Waitress will probably get fired for posting the receipt online.

  4. Southern Belle, I’m Asian, brown…. this post is scaring me. Do you know my brother preferred to resign ( he’s an engineer, and has been assigned to work in North dakota ) rather than work in North Dakota. Another engineer, a white guy, resigned too.

    • I am not surprised, not in the least. Women have a hard time of it in North Dakota, too. Can you imagine if we didn’t have civil rights protections under the Civil Rights Act? There’d be pockets of Jim Crow all over the country.

      Smart, creative, educated talented people of ALL colors are going to avoid states where intolerance is the norm. And that’s going to have a very real economic impact on those places. As I said a year ago, states don’t need religious nuts. We need scientists and engineers.

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  6. I haven’t visited here in a few years, but I see you’re as hate filled and irrational as always. Way to condemn a entire population of a county for the actions of someone who may not even live there. You need to learn to combat distorted thinking (of your own). Items 3 and 13 particularly apply to this instances.

    Did you notice, as did some at Gawker, how the signature and other handwriting do not seem to match at all? Hoax?

    Plus, if you look at events through out the country, stop and frisk in NYC for instance or North Dakota apparently, the South is no more racist than any where else. Heck, my Southern (Kentucky) son took a black girl to his senior prom and my daughter dated a black guy for close to a year. And, I’m a registered REPUBLICAN!! (with strong libertarian leanings. Her mother, my ex-wife, went nuts over our daughter dating a black though.)