Racist “Rallies” Coming To Middle Tennessee


In case I haven’t made myself abundantly clear, I am under zero obligation to provide an open forum for hate speech here. Racists and members of the League of Extraordinarily White Southern Whites can get their own damn blogs. You’re not welcome here.



Welcome, Wonketteers!


I hesitate to use the word “rallies” because these events tend to draw in the tens not hundreds these days. But lookie what’s coming to Murfreesboro and Shelbyville:


Maybe that racist Red Lobster customer was just scouting locations for this event. /snark

We’re getting an awful lot of this activity in Tennessee these days. What is it about Tennessee that draws the hatemongers out of the woodwork? Thinking … thinking ….

Anyway, you can read all about it here, but if you’re a sane person who doesn’t want to click on over to The League of the South, I’ve done it for you and posted some excerpts. Apparently these loons seem to think the U.S. is waging war in brown countries so they can bring the refugees over here and “dehomogenize” our communities, because George W. Bush and Barack Obama all hate white people or something. I dunno, doesn’t make a lot of sense but here ya go:

Southern nationalists are going to make the case that what the US Federal Government is doing, with the full support of Left-wing groups and the US media, is morally wrong. It is displacing a unique people and culture. It is replacing one people with another, actively opposing the interests of Southerners. And it is funding this action with the tax money of the people of Tennessee and at the same time restricting their right of free speech and free association. The entire fiasco is wrong and immoral. We invite those concerned about these troubling developments to stand with us in Tennessee. Make your voice heard; don’t passively accept being replaced in your own land.

The event will be held on 12 October in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. We will meet for a pre-demonstration briefing the morning of 12th at 9 AM in the parking lot of Best Western Plus in Shelbyville, where we are staying (see information below on lodging). From there we will travel to Murfreesboro. More information will be forthcoming on the exact area where we will gather to hold the demonstration in Murfreesboro. After the Murfreesboro, TN demonstration we will head back to nearby Shelbyville, TN, enjoy dinner together, spread the word about Southern demographic displacement there and then retire for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. One does not have to be a League member to attend the demonstration. We just ask that everyone follow the guidelines we have established for the event.

Your land? Native Americans might have something to say about that. Also, their guidelines are funny. No untucked shirts! No T-shirts! No holes in your jeans, hippie!

And hello, but I think the management and ownership of the Best Western Plus in Shelbyville might want to hear from some folks. I can’t imagine how having the League of the South staying at their establishment and gathering in their parking lot with their hate-filled signs will make their brown-skinned employees feel.

Also, here’s a screen-grab of more of their screed. Notice the use of the Murfreesboro city logo. Are they trying to give the impression that the City of Murfreesboro has endorsed this event?


As Vince Gill said, if y’all want to know what hate looks like, come on out and see for yourselves.


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64 responses to “Racist “Rallies” Coming To Middle Tennessee

  1. democommie

    “demographic displacement”, wtf? I know about demographics and I know about displacement; the only reference I find, when I google “demographic displacement” are the asshats at the “League of the South”. Fucking TN Nazis, I hate TN Nazis, they’re the worst.

  2. Mack

    Fucking Health Assist Tennessee!

    • democommie


      Por que?

      My pony, btw, has gone the way of all shiny, election year ponies. He is now dogfood. Buddy says he’s good with that.

  3. I figured as a born Yankee, I am one doing the displacement of the locals. If you don’t know the origin and goals of that group, it is hard to tell what they are talking about and I’m sure that’s the way they prefer it.

  4. “Hello, League of the South? There’s a man calling himself Sitting Bull out in the lobby who’d like to discuss ‘displacement” with you.”

  5. GregH

    I would just LOVE to have a multi-culti love-in right next door – maybe a concert featuring Carlos Santana, Wu-Tang Clan and the P-Funk All Stars – then top if off with David Chappelle and those “Axis of Evil Comedy Tour” guys – let Jon Stewart be the emcee. What a wonderful thing that would be – 25,000 people having a race&religion-mixing good time together and all those redneck assholes next door missing out!

  6. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    Is it just me or does it seem that the Venn Diagram for Gunzloonz and Racistfukwadz has a fair amount of overlap?

    I’m beginning to wonder if these idiots have any notion of what will happen when they attempt to apply a “2ndmendments’lushun” to ALL of the black-o-perps (that would be EVERY person of color–in their atrophied brains) whom they have scared into buying semi-auto rifles and pistols and every other kind of firearm that they can find. Well, I really don’t wonder that much.

    Fucking racism.

    • GregH

      Everybody’s racist in some way. It’s just a matter of degree. Take the test and you may be (unpleasantly) surprised. I was.
      http://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit /

      • democommie

        I went to that link and the first two tests had nothing, afaia, to do with racism.

        We ARE all racists, it’s in our DNA. What a lot of us are not is racists who accept that as a default and don’t try to rise above it.

      • Everybody’s racist in some way.

        Reminds me of that song from Avenue Q. There’s “a little bit racist” and then there’s writing “Nigger” on a receipt or rallying the White Sheet brigade to protest “white displacement.” Sorry but that’s just a little too much of a false equivalency to me.

      • GregH

        Way to put me in my place, SB. I was NOT saying that being a little racist implicitly is the same as writing “Nigger” on a receipt. I just love how all my lefty-liberal friends jump me all the time for a statement that is in fact true, but misleading when they take the bus down the slippery slope! (No wait, I don’t love it.)

      • Well what were you trying to say, then? Everybody’s racist to some degree so …? So, what? What does that have to do with the fact that a hate group is planning to protest in Murfreesboro and spread some cockamamie idea about being “displaced” simply because they refuse to accept their neighbors? The League of the South isn’t some degree, they’re full-bore in the racist wagon.

        So I really don’t understand what your point was or why you chose to make it on this thread.

      • GregH

        My point, dear SB, was that groups of Yahoos like the League of the South are *EASY* to deal with because they are openly, viciously racist and everyone with any sense agrees they are fools. However, to paraphrase Ingeborg Bachmann about Fascism, “Racism begins at home.” We all have to think broadly and differently if we want our community and ourselves to be less racist. Sorry if this thought cluttered up the easy (and justified) outrage over the meeting of Nutjobs in the Boro.

      • I don’t think anyone would argue with that point.

        I hope you liked the Avenue Q clip. Peace out.

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  8. Billy Goat

    Wow just Wow!

    “Whether in Iraq, Libya, Egypt or Syria, Western governments seem always to support radical forces and champion the ethnic cleansing of Christians. And on every such occasion, Western intervention triggers a flood of mainly Muslim refugees to Europe and North America that the same Western elites tell us we must let into our countries. In essence, the Western ruling elites are supporting the Islamization of both the Middle East and Europe. Whether this is done by design or just by plain stupidity and ideological blindness is hard to determine, but this is nevertheless the actual result.”

    I’m speechless.

  9. democommie

    1960’s era, “Nigger lover” = 2000’s “Western Ruling Elites”.

  10. Hahaha! Ask the Native Americans?
    Well, the Native Americans in Oklahoma fought in the Confederacy against the USA in the War Between the States… plus, several Native American tribes have their own secession movement, so I don’t think they would object to ours.
    Also, this article is very poorly written. “Also, their guidelines are funny. No untucked shirts! No T-shirts! No holes in your jeans, hippie!” It’s called being professional. Unlike the quality of this article. I’d even go as far to say that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL write more professional articles than this!
    Oh well, you’ll probably remove my comment because you liberals cannot tolerate anything other than your own beliefs.
    Nothing new here.

  11. Certainly one wants to look professional when they’re rallying against brown people and non-European folk. Though how it matters beneath the white sheet I have no clue …

    • We’re rallying against the US federal government which 1.) refuses to enforce its own immigration laws and 2.) which uses places like Middle Tennessee and Northern Virginia as dumping grounds for refugees from the various wars it always stirring up overseas.

      • Aaand thank you for that. As someone who works with these refugees and knows how much they strengthen this state and our nation, let me say, unequivocally, Fuck you, you racist, hatemongering pieces of shit. And, goodbye.

  12. On a more positive note, I recently learned of the story of the amazing Stetson Kennedy, who infiltrated the KKK back in the late 1940s and exposed their juvenile “rituals” for public mocking:


  13. It is interesting that some commenters here openly call for the extinction of the Southern people, who they ridicule and use slurs to describe. Yet they think we are the low-lives. Any thinking person can see that the real barbarians here are those calling for the extinction of my people. The US Left is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

    • Comedy gold, y’all. Because living alongside refugees from war-torn parts of the world is totally the same thing as EXTINCTION. Just amazing, the butthurt and hubris. “Oh wah, some person with nothing who saw his whole village ripped apart is working for peanuts at the Smithfield meat packing plant slaughtering the hogs for my bacon and I’m opressssed.”

      • You invoke the sufferings of foreign peoples to justify replacement of my people.

      • Dumbass you’re only “displaced” because you’re so intolerant you refuse to live alongside people who are different from you.

      • Dumbass you’re only “displaced” because you’re so intolerant you refuse to live alongside people who are different from you.

      • Billy Goat

        To be fair there are huge amounts of refugees arriving in places like Italy and Sweden from the Syrian war. It’s not just in the deep south or redneckistan. It’s also in places like Stockholm and London, Marsailles and Paris, even places like Cork in Ireland.

      • This is true, and there are racists in those countries protesting as well.

        It’s also true that Tennessee is on the State Department’s list of refugee resettlement sites. The idea being, we have so many churches and other non-profit do-gooder organizations here, there is a built-in support for these newcomers. And this is true, you won’t find a more generous group of people than the folks here in Tennessee. BUT we also have a strong undercurrent of nativist hate, which really breaks my heart. Why it should matter one iota to anyone that the Smithfield plant lets Muslim immigrants take one of their religious holidays off instead Labor Day or whatever it was, I have no idea. It’s none of anyone’s damn business.

        But, haters gotta hate.

  14. democommie

    Oh, gosh, I see Southern Beale forgot to put out the Bigot-Be-Gone for this thread.

    Dear Palmetto Pinhead,Sheetow and Hunter Clueless:

    As a glaringly white boy who actually did serve in the military let me say a hearty, “Fuck you, you racist pieces of shit.”. You guys are still pissed that you lost the War of Southern Treachery and are taking it out on the only people you can. The WHITE people who are not assholes like you pretty much laugh at your nonsense, until they begin to understand that your earnest indignorance is harming others.

    • Billy Goat

      You should counter protest. Might be interesting.

    • Yeah I’m getting trolled by the League of the South now. I’m a racist because I hate white people or something.

    • Billy Goat

      It’s more to do with seeing scenes like this and the apologetics by commentators like this. London has no particularly obvious history of oppressing it’s citizens. It’s got a lot of free stuff to do. Yet…

      …here one can easily argue that mass migration brought it to the brink. Coincidentally this is the year that London became minority white. The general zeitgeist of 2011 was about riots a protests of course but it was also a marker for a huge demographic shift in a very old capital.

      • .. this is the year that London became minority white ….

        I honestly do not get peoples’ obsession with that. I really do not. So the fuck what. Why does it matter?

      • Billy Goat

        Human beings are tribal and are increasingly re tribalising in places like Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya… These places used to have civic nationalism until it was shattered. Anything that could encourage the possibility of this tribalization of civic society is a serious policy issue. I think that you could ask yourself this: how can liberalizing policy be realized without falling into the atavistic reversion to the anarchic scenes we have seen in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia? How can we avoid importing those breakdowns in civilized Behaviour?

  15. If any of y’all decide to come to this demonstration, please register at the desk that will be set up for that purpose. We’ll have special name tags for you that reflect your political persuasion. We’ll have most political philosophies cover, but if you’re a Jacobin, we may have an issue.

  16. karloff13

    I cant tell if Mr Hines is serious or not……

  17. Hang in there, Southern Beale. You’re doing good work exposing these pieces of shit to the light and air.

  18. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    Considering that you still tolerate me (and a few others I could name) I’m gonna say that you’re extremely tolerant.

  19. democommie

    “this is the year that London became minority white ….

    I honestly do not get peoples’ obsession with that. I really do not. So the fuck what. Why does it matter?”

    When you and your ancestors have been deliberately hurting people for centuries there IS gonna be some projection about how they might treat you when the tables are turned.

    • Billy Goat

      The problem with this idea is that we have seen such rioting in Stockholm, Italy, Hamburg, Oslo and even places in Canada. This isn’t about “Imperial Payback”. If it were you’d have Dutch rioting in Aachen and Brussels. American Expats throwing Molotov cocktails in London, or Poles going berserk in Berlin and Serbs burning down Vienna.

      • democommie

        Billy Goat:

        Am I missing something in your comment above?

        My comment is that the people who are xenophobes and racists ARE gonna get increasingly unhinged as they become a smaller part of the whole population. That they are delusional and paranoid never occurs to them..

      • Dan

        Well, that ignores the actual successes of the hard right in Australia, Norway, Greece, Israel
        and the Russian nationalism we see today. I don’t think racism or xenophobia is going extinct. It’s actually going through a rebirth.
        You clearly don’t understand that the politics can lead to wars and that will disrupt your assumptions about demographic inevitability.

      • I think those successes are only possible because of the parliamentary systems under which these countries operate. If America had a parliamentary system we’d have much different representation.

  20. democommie


    And your prescription is what? to ignore them and hope that they save us for last? Racism, xenophobia, homophobia and the like WILL be with us forever; enabling those assholes who don’t just harbor such sentiments but use them for justification for their hateful politics is a recipe for disaster.

    • Billy Goat

      Speaking of hoping to be the last on the Chopping block, isn’t that a danger for the left too? One can see the ethnic and religious cleansing going on in Iraq, Somalia and Syria and conclude that allowing Muslim refugees into the US is a recipe for disaster too. At a certain point, as is the case with all creeds, groups seek dominance. It’s quite possible that Syrian Christians thought “what difference could it possibly make to have a few Arabs around? What difference does it make if we are ruled from Constantinople by a Christian Greek or by a an Ummayad Caliph?” We know what the difference is now.

      • democommie

        “Speaking of hoping to be the last on the Chopping block, isn’t that a danger for the left too? One can see the ethnic and religious cleansing going on in Iraq, Somalia and Syria and conclude that allowing Muslim refugees into the US is a recipe for disaster too.”

        There’s a whole fuckton of gunzloonz who are itching for a chance to whack them some mooslims. I’m pretty sure that the muslims are aware of it. Is your vision of apocoligion possible? Yeah. Likely, here in the U.S.? Not unless it involves the KKKristian ReiKKKwing.