Recipe Wanted


Ribs came out beautifully. Falling-off-the-bone tender, flavorful, a bit of crisp on the outside but juicy and delicious on the inside.

No thanks to you ingrates. Geez, I ask for ONE thing, just ONE….


Pork ribs were on sale at the grocery store. I bought some and plan to smoke ’em on my stove-top smoker tomorrow.

However, I cannot find my favorite marinade and spice rub recipe. So, if you have a good recipe for pork ribs, lay it on me.

The smoker is non-negotiable though. I just love what it does to the meat (not to mention how yummy it makes the house smell at this time of year.)


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  1. democommie

    I just like to mix tomato puree or diced tomatoes with saut√©ed garlic and onions, some dark corn syrup, honey or brown sugar, pepper, salt, worcestshire, tabasco or other liquid heat, vinegar and stone ground mustard and simmer it for a while. I don’t usually measure because then I would have to remember what I did.


    Hi, SB: I sent my cousin Dave the recipe Tybee provided (removed the superfluous paprika). Dave is a professional BBQ judge (he has been a judge at Memphis in May for several years, and travels to competitions all over the eastern US and Canada) and he had a couple of tips:

    This is good. Can adjust the cayenne for heat,more or less. Might want to try turbinado sugar instead of brown….a wee bit less sweet, doesn’t burn/caramelize as easy……

    Also, take membrane off the back of the ribs….accepts smoke better. And…too late for this weekend……rub ribs night before & wrap TIGHTLY in cellophane/Saranwrap, refrigerate & cook the next day. Tender, flavourful……

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  3. Flying Junior

    I only made ribs one time, but I remember the secret was CARROTS!>/B>

  4. Since they turned out so great, post your recipe! :)

  5. ThresherK

    As an aside, do you have a full (goes outside) exhaust?

    I’d like the idea of experimenting with a stovetop smoker, but without somewhere for it to go, I’m at a loss.

    • I do have a hood exhaust system but honestly, the stovetop smoker gives off very little smoke. I can’t imagine it setting off a fire alarm, though if you’re worried you can crack open a window.

      I have a Cameron’s. They’re awesome!!!!

  6. democommie

    Recipes, You want some STEENKEEN recipes?! Aieeeeeeeeee, here ya go:

    I’d try the “Beaumont Inn” recipe and work up to the “Elza Perry” recipe. And when you get there, best send us all invites!

    I actually had some burgoo made by my neighbor from Kentucky about a week ago. It was pretty damned good, even though there was no possum, woodchuck, skwerlz or coon in it.